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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfbemrqGOtw <iframe width="600" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DfbemrqGOtw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> aha - paste the youtu.be link you get from the share button below a youtube video to get it to insert / appear in your post. im sure everyone else knows how to do that but i couldn't find out from a quick search! anyway : some bradford taxi drivers take a road trip t
  2. In my experience the topmount on these winds up past where the spring is compressed so no fear of spring of death through your head.
  3. Is the little 8 pin chip on the back of the board assploded ? Looks like it might be damaged in your pic
  4. Not strippers. Ocado/sister delivered tobacco , much fine whiskey, coke-nohookers and cupcakes. Bit gobsmacked as I have already charged whiskey tax for the job Christmas is unruined ?
  5. Do not like Unfriend request I hope not. I have a hefty hangover this morning and the thought of doing a brake service fills me with vomit. Oil and filters no worries though?
  6. Transit guilt trip payment update : brother in law has paid the parts and whiskey bill and tried to add an extra tenner which was refused. sister has asked if I am in at 7 tommorrow night for a 'delivery' I'm hoping for strippers *wire type obviously *not obviously but still hoping?
  7. Guess you have already found out that generally these type of Chinesium 200a inverters are not bad for the money as long as you factor in that the display shows about twice the actual current. And of course the 200a rating is nearer 100a.
  8. Warranty? You are joking right? As long as it moves out of the spot my voyager normally parks on I don't give a shit. *possibly warranty until it goes to Portugal, I love my sister and I am a mug.
  9. Sisters poxy rotten transit update: 50 mile round trip to collect a new starter motor this morning. Would have been the afternoon if the ecp guy hadnt phoned ,and woke me up, to tell me they shut at 6pm instead of 8. Bit of a struggle to fit the new starter until I got to the ignition feed to the starter. Last connection and the ring terminal fell off before I even touched it. Trip to my buddy to borrow a box full of useful conectors. Pretty shoddy repair but it was the best I could do due to access issues. Then the poxy top bolt on the starter wouldn't go in. 1 1
  10. Cheers @Skizzer Sadly I expect karma will just bring me more aggro. On the other hand I usually find Xmas family gatherings to be more emotionally draining than transit fettling. And one for the grin thread : I managed to pull my own name out of the hat for family secret santa and, just for once, I got a decent present. 'My' santa massively overspent as well because I/he is such a nice guy? A bottle of Makers mark 46 and a six pack of walnut topped whips. I deserve it because I am special* ?
  11. Although it seems most people only want advice that justifies their already held viewpoint, I still try. I would have posted in the grumpy thread if I had reached my 'go fcuk yourself' limit. They both have been there for me when I have been drowning in my own fuck ups, so it seems reasonable to help out in return. On the flip side when brother in laws sister arrived to ferry them to their next family gathering this afternoon, I stood by watching the chaos as it was realised she had a flat tyre. After 15 munutes I had to take over though because idiots. Then it started
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