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  1. I think the sellers of the V5s etc need arresting and charging, and ebay also dragged in to the chain of prosecuting for aiding and abetting. Quite a few Lannies and Minis have been seized in Septicland where they have found to be fraudulent, and instead of returning them to the UK, they crush them. I think as part of the process, they should chuck the scum involved in the crusher at the same time. Sadly I was involved with someone ringing hooky cars when I was a teen, I was a valeter for a 'home seller' of used motors, and was paid very well, quite a few Cossies went through him, including a few cut n shuts, he taught me to drive aged 13 in some pretty tasty motors. H did end up doing time when his gaff was raided not long after he kicked his wife out.
  2. These twats selling ringing kits deserve setting fire to, they piss me off no end
  3. Hattos's must have got a collection in of Vanguards, as they have a fair few second hand cheapies, Funds are low atm otherwise i could have gone mad and spent a fortune
  4. Well, Hattons have come to the rescue, they had a used Nordic Blue Vanguards Fiesta L in, which goes for mental money on egay for just £14 plus post, which was £2.75 shipping, As Uncle George Takei, everyone's fave gay uncle would say..... 'Oh my'.
  5. The mods clearly aren't listening sadly, anyway, a big favour to ask, anyone selling a Vanguards Ford Fiesta? Not bothered which as I just want it for the glazing, as a kamikazi Lada slammed in to my XR2 when rejigging my cabinet. Boy did I swear! In other news it looks like a few more code 3's will be in my collection when funds allow, a mk5 Ecort Encore, a Sierra Sapphire in base gingercators flavour, and on the bus side, an Ailsa B55 and NC GM standard Atlantean in the livery of my great aint's firm. I think my mate Tony is planning a cardinal red holy grey grille Sierra mk1 5 door. Hmmm as they say, anyhoo, if any folks have a Fiesta going spare as a donor, please drop me a PM, preferrably not Teresa Maybot
  6. They never did an XR3i in the 1/36 scale, but they did a white RS1600i version, which was basically the GL casting with a boot spoiler and different wheels and RS1600i graphics. It was very half arsed, and was just on the cusp of the collapse of the company, which wasn't helped by the ill fated, and frankly shite Dragon 32 venture. I am now firmly taking a back seat as the mods have ignored a PM highlighing how broken this place has become. If anyone wants to stay in touch, PM me, even my Mrs thinks this site is appalling to view
  7. I am sadly finding this site harder and harder to use, forcing the site to try and open the change themes option brings up the forum page again with me logged out, the settings function is in block capitals, highlighted and doesn't work, same goes when trying to search for my topics, it is so thoroughly broken now, Even when changing font sizes, it simply reverts back to the same small font, I could get the mods shafted under disability legislation, but that would bring an end to the forum, and land the mods with a fine. Sadly my disability has made the forum near impossible to use, and when I point out glaring faults, I get shouted down by some windowlicking mate of the mods with a very low post count. I can see why Junkman left, he has a very valid point, BV had the balls to stand up to the mods too, and he got forced off and banned, he too had very valid concerns. I will post on other social media, but not on here
  8. As I posted in it's own thread, the auction of the Ixo Ford Cortina in aid of the local hospice went much better than I expected, netting a grand total of a stonking £150, a handover at the hospice is planned, as the winning bidder was unbelievably Old Ford's sister. Winner, winner chicken dinner as they say
  9. Cheers Ed, and the winner was John's sister Charlotte. I'm in a bit of shock tbh
  10. Well, auction over, and a grand total of £150 will be going to the hospice. Sorted
  11. Bump, we are live on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/2182604001835609/
  12. Skeletons wanking in a biscuit tin time, the brown Solara LS is a replica of my uncle Rob's, bought brand new, and disposed of after just a year, replaced with a brand new Cherry 5 door. the red Horizon is a replica of my uncle Alan's old motor, also bought new, that was run in to the ground, and replaced with a Micra. My family were shiters LOL
  13. I have subscribificated, someone tell Junkman. On the subject of Norev, I think Hornby PLC arte missing a trick here, a range of slightly less deatailed 1/43 British outline shite for under 15 quid would probably sell like hot cakes, rather like the Cararama mk1 Scrote does
  14. Pineapple free, crude Jetcar Norev big bumper GIT, twelve quid, and feck me sideways, unboxed Ailsa in mint nick that cos me a fiver, both from a model shop in Stowmarket
  15. My mate Keith's motor, he was letting someone else do the driving, for me, the Ailsa has to be the best bus from the 70s, everything else just seemed a bit limp, especially the Bristol Very Rubbish(terrible), I love seeing veg gnash their teeth when I rightly point out how utterly half arsed that bus was. I, like the wobbler have driven a prserved es Pennine of Skipton motor, BTL485X, a late ish supreme IV Leopards with a Power Plus in, and it goes like a stabbed rat, stopping however, you need to throw an anchor out the back as it has no retarder, that is now VOR with cooling issues, i.e the rad does a good job as a colander, and the owner is busy having fun with their LT55/Optare. As far as preserved vehicle collections go, heirs is very varied, a basket case Duple Bedford SB/Vega petrol, Fordson Thames/Duple Yeoman, Freight Rover Sherpa Carlyle, Iveco Daily/Robin Hood 2 City Pacers, the Leopard, and a new to WYPTE Land Rover service van, plus an AEC Regent V Orion 30 footer front entrance, talk about varied. Jo & Simon who own that fleet are both bonkers, and if you ever meet Simon, you will not be able to understand a word, as he has Morleyturbowobblegob syndeome, which seems to be common. His dad is just as bad
  16. I've seen that Regent a few times, it messes with the brain a lot when you see it in the metal next to a blighty bus
  17. I would have pissed myself if they'd used a Gemini DAF as the B****t bus.
  18. I would say it was new to Essex county council going by the Essex plate on it, this appears to be an 811 extralong wheelbase chassis cowl, I think they may have overpaid for it though, as when they got it, it was in a bit of a state, being a half arsed lash up with back barn doors off a 3.5 ton luton van, their quest to keep it under 7.5 tonnes fully laden is going to be hard I feel. Lopping the end off the chassis and replacing it with a sloped floor with ally substructure could be their way forwards, BUT they need to watch for corrosion where steel and ally join
  19. It would be interesting to see both versions of the Renner 11 side by side
  20. So the bonnet is being popped, and they are having a bit of a tinker finally after the head gasket blew ages ago, bringing the EML on in the process, I take it the K seal didn't work. As Jim Bell predicts, the forum will go all Skynet on us, but I feel it would buy up every broken Renner on ebay using Billy Cavcraft and Dollywobbler's ebay accounts, then draw a big cock and balls on every post
  21. It is indeed the brown Solara, which will of course be rhd swapped, the Horizon Jubilee I have plans to make it the uber rare Silver Fox, almost completed my red Horizon project, I dropped it whilst working on it, but shockingly it landed on its wheels with no damage. These Talbots all have family connections, plus keeps me busy.
  22. No wonder it is slammed with that on the roof LOL And that BX estate, I wonder how much of it is made from bran flakes? Billy should go round and offer them 27p and half a pack of fruit Polos
  23. Holy Pineapples, a front engined VW bay window! Imagine turning up at a Dubfest with one
  24. Currently cheap CF1 campervan, paging EdwardofBarrow. Cheap holidays, just park in a layby LOL https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-cf-Bedford-classic-camper-van-moterhome/352646605507?hash=item521b602ac3:g:jGsAAOSwi1RcvBYL
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