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Autoshite's official for sale/wanted thread

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Still have:


22 inch wiper blade - http://autoshite.com...home/?p=1242042

Golf Radiator (92-97) - http://autoshite.com...read/?p=1213375

Ford Fusion 3 badge (whole badge now inc number 3) - http://autoshite.com...read/?p=1227997

Ford indicator light holder (in headlight), off a Fusion but believe it is the same as other Ford's of the era. http://autoshite.com/topic/28540-official-wantedofferedshitecycle-thread/?p=1253083


Oil filters:

Halfords HOF274 - Clio, Twingo, Modus, Dacia Logan and Sandero

C148 - Cougar, escort V/VI, Fiesta III, IV, V, Mondeo, Scorpio etc, Toyota Celica (77-85), Corolla (70-81)



Still wanted:

Ford Fusion brochure 2002

Classic car buyer from January 2017 that had a write-up on the Mondeo Mk1. A scan would do!


Non motoring offered:

Book about the English wild places: http://autoshite.com/topic/16915-the-official-non-motoring-saleswants/?p=1201031

1980s Board game, Poleconomy http://autoshite.com/topic/16915-the-official-non-motoring-saleswants/?p=1202901

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(Because we're going camping next month and I've realised that we have too much paraphernalia and need to take the trailer.).



TOWBAR for Renner Laguna II (2003) hatchback.




TOWBAR for VW Golf mkiv (2000) hatchback.




SWOP Gooner for something with a towbar or large estate.

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Pair of roof bars (or a roof rack / or an actual roof box)


To fit either a B5 Audi A4 or an early Peugeot 306.


Intended purpose - roof-mounted carriage of a deflated inflatable kayak.


Can collect within vaguely sensible distance of Colchester.


Some cash waiting.

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