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  1. My dad did some of those, the boat over didn't cost him anything and he didn't have a passport. His bike was an M20
  2. You'll be needing to look at this site now. https://c90adventures.co.uk/
  3. Any motorcycles Batman?
  4. I don't know yourself except from some ole car wibblesite, howevers, you seem to be one of those people who will just sort stuff out and end up being invited in to join an impromptu wine tasting barbecue by retired Australian vintners/pilots on their annual pilgrimage to French cheese emporiums.
  5. Build you own Vespa - or there seem to be a lot of rusty old bits, The Bill Drake Collection - Vintage Vespa Scooters, Parts & Memorabilia, comming up for auction. https://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk/20220322BD-lot-118-Quantity-of-various-Vespa-fork-stems?arr=0&auction_id=712&box_filter=0&category=&department_id=&exclude_keyword=&export_issue=0&high_estimate=0&image_filter=0&keyword=&list_type=&lots_per_page=0&low_estimate=0&month=&page_no=10&paper_filter=0&search_type=&sort_by=&view=lot_detail&year= Who would not want a fine collection of Vespa KickStart Spings ?
  6. Bored? Nothing to do? At work and the boss is looking the other way? Stuck inna traffic jam? Why not peruse an Italian motorcycle auction's stunning photographs and, God forbid, bid on one/some/many? Lot 22 | Aste Bolaffi
  7. Moving pictures or one bloke and his (this rig is not s) vehicles but only one at a time..
  8. None of the above but it does have pedals which have 2 functions depending on which direction the rider uses them.
  9. Close (not that close) so Niet Nein Yok Sorry but randomly got an Fairy to France booking in a few hours rearranged by Dudley, Eunice and Franklin who have no clue on international travel arrangements so your next clues await the possibility of some ole Picanto not glorying inna FTP in foreignland.
  10. For an exceptional prize - a radiator mascot befitting any road vehicle of yesteryear (does not include tape measure). You only have to be the first to identify the mystery vehicle (Make and possibly Model, where it was made, when it was made, the UK distributor, ) from the photographs and not the one the radiator mascot fell off. We'll start with 4 more photographs as way of introduction to the Castro's Classic Museum of an Vehicle. (a pause whilst I go take 4 photographs)
  11. You can never have too many mopeds.
  12. How is that (private seller private buyer anywhere in EU) going to work in any way ?
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