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  1. This thread was already pretty huge but it's just gone supernova. Renault Espace KV6?! What a delightfully perverse combination. I have a KV6, but I lug it around in a Rover 800.
  2. Frigging 'ell, Mo! 1:18 Bargains galore! A single visit would have me penniless and swiftly divorced.
  3. Solido is BANGING at the moment. I'm glad I have such self restraint, otherwise I'd be buried under 1:18s by now.
  4. The Sterling is just so damn crisp! I bloody love it. Especially the sunroof. I might still find a NIB example to bank for completeness, but I'm well pleased to have this one. You kept it remarkably well.
  5. I really don't understand why people know not to use "What's your best price m8" when buying a house, where you're talking about hundreds of thousands of quid, but literally anything goes when you're trying to scrote your way into a £300 saving on a two grand car.
  6. Cheers @Split_Pin! It's where it always wanted to be.
  7. Cheers! A little over 12 years, which, now I come to think of it, is pretty much exactly as long as my grandad owned it before me. How funny. Likewise. In the flesh you're not interrupted by adverts every five minutes!
  8. My Rover 825Si still exists. First bit of news is that we've finally moved home, and there's now space for THE ENTIRE FLEET to coexist in one place. Garage needs all its innard spitting out, but then the Rover will go in there, the Audi in front of it and my varying work daily in front of that — and the 306 in front of that. And space for a 'guest' in the bay at the start of the drive. Rover somehow suits a block-paved drive outside a 1979 house rather well. Having taken the 306 to the Festival of the Unexceptional last year, it was the Rover's turn in 2022, and with every possibility of vast crowds forming around what would understandably be the very star of the show, and no doubt the absolute highlight of every onlooker's lives so far, I thought it should have a wash. Excitingly, I've recently acquired a snow foam nozzle for my olde Karcher, and I've been snowfoaming everything in sight with gay abandon. So I pointed it at the Rover. After much delicate scrubbing it looked... well... ...... more or less exactly the same. So, I thought, time to break out the big guns. I used a clay bar. And then I polished it. And then I waxed it. So carried away was I that I even had a go at cleaning the engine a bit. Then I realised how much fun that wasn't, and stopped. Next job on the agenda was to make the stereo a bit more listenable. Upthread are my exploits vis-a-vis replacing the rear speakers, and now it was time for the fronts. And this time, rather than using drivers purloined from a pair of old Mission floor-standing hifi speakers, I actually got some that were designed for use in a car. 13.5cm FLI items, as endorsed by one @ThePollittoccasionally of this parish. Out with the old: In with the new: Nobody need ever know. End result? Pretty bloody good, to be honest. Fitting was ever so slightly a pain in the arse, thanks to the new drivers having to be nibbled a bit to fit into the plastic frame thing that holds them at an angle, but they went in in the end. I elected not to bother with the supplied crossovers and tweeters, prefering to trust that the originals would do the job alreet, and they seem to thus far. So that's good. Next I went to some tyre people for another nice pair of Falkens and some alignment to see if I can get them to not wear out rather too quickly on the inner edges. I also requested an A/C regas, and they tried, but alas the Rover failed a Leak Test. Apparently pumping poisonous gas into something that it'll immediately leak out of is disapproved of these days. So I suspect I'll need to pay somebody some money to make it not fucked any more. Dash lighting still works, though: Anyway. FoTU was attended; I parked between a very nice (albeit gently shonky) Mk3 Granada and a near-mint Mk2 Astra GTE, where it was largely ignored. Instead, everybody who recognised me excitedly asked whether I was up in the 306. Was a pleasure to show @Skizzeraround, though, and anybody else who chanced upon it, a big shaaaat ahhhht to you, too. After that, it wafted me the 120 miles back to Mistley comfortably and relatively economically, like a car. Which it is.
  9. Flipping ace! Thanks man. Hit me up for the appropriate cash money etc.
  10. Dude, if you really do have one spare, I'd love one as a dashboard adornment / talisman for my 800...
  11. That's the absolutely perfect rendition of the MIB Sterling. That futuristic blue hatched box was such a mouth-waterer. I vividly remember WH Smiths of Clacton-On-Sea having a twirly display tower thing laden with such boxes, and every time I visited (probably on monthly intervals), I'd make straight for it, eager to check out the new arrivals. When the Sterling arrived, and I spotted that it had an actual sunroof, it became my number one diecast want. Alas, I never got a boxed example; I instead acquired a playworn example from the school playground. It's funny, right now I can still feel the sensation of the car rolling from side to side in the box, and remember the frustration of trying to prise the box open without tearing the flap too messily. Also the "will it, won't it" anticipation of whether or not there's a collector's card in the little void below the car. Generally the latter were reserved for the earlier light blue boxes. Oh to be seven again. Actually, maybe not.
  12. Peterborough services achieved. Romantic evening in a Days Inn, with a KFC for tea and @ThePollitt's latest 827 resurrection video for evening entertainment. Marital status: In the balance.
  13. I had a Matchbox Sterling. Inevitably, I ran it through a vice when I went through my destructive preteen phase. Next time I've had a few pints I'll probably buy a BNIB example on eBay for far too much money.
  14. I kind of wish we were going in the 306 now. Would be great to have two Bermuda Blue Pugs together.
  15. I know the centre caps are vital for completeness, but those alloys look properly horny without them. Also, holy crap that's nice.
  16. Oh maaaan that's nice. I bet thrumming along at 65mph on the motorway is an unalloyed joy. Would serve my commute very nicely.
  17. I'm vacuuming the Rover tomorrow night. Alas, the man at the garage couldn't regas (m8) the A/C 'cos it failed the leak test. I did replace the front door speakers on Sunday, though, so we can have decent choons en route.
  18. I'm not sure whether it's just an indictment of how dull and predictable my life is, but I found that installation journey genuinely exciting.
  19. I must get one of those Majorette Cacti. One of the most interesting recent (ish) car designs, and Majorette seems to have done a really nice job of it.
  20. The Vanguards is much higher in fidelity, but that Golden Jacks is just gorgeous.
  21. Knowing independent seaside tat shops, I'd say there's a very real chance that the proprietor doesn't even realise they're not the real deal.
  22. Aye, that's one reason I'd love to try one.
  23. Dammit. See, at all points in my life, other than when I wrote my Model T essay above, I actually knew that.
  24. It is. But even that doesn't trouble me too much. Actually seems that the original rim had a bit of girth to it, anyway. Oh, and the Ford script embossed into the floor mat!
  25. Not even Franklin "pretty good nick". It's by Universal Hobbies.
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