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  1. I've just spotted that "automatic" badge on the bootlid.
  2. Was about to feverishly yell "TAKE MY MONEY", but I checked myself and realised I already have that one. Thanks for the thought, though.
  3. And polish some Viper Stripes in the Pogweasel.
  4. Ah, the emporium. I'm a regular, as you might imagine. Almost visited yesterday (with £2.50 in hard cash burning a hole in my pocket), but it wasn't to be. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
  5. That interior is just fabulous. Whole car is, really. From back when they recognised that some folk might want a Range Rover for using rather than posing in.
  6. That's excellent. I've seen a few 1:43 partwork buses on eBay. Quite tempted by this Neoplan that's quite widely available, but I'm rather disinclined to spend the requisite thirty quid.
  7. Well, yes, because it WAS the Euro one. Exported from Germany in federalised condition.
  8. Those little CRT screens look fantastic. If only they worked, like that digital Lego brick screen that somebody made.
  9. Holy moly that tincorner is astounding.
  10. Aye, it's a Mk4, but not a very precise rendering. I have two of them; they were given away either free or very cheap as part of an Esso fuel promotion in the early 90s. Dad picked up my sister and I one each, and I stole hers in pretty short order. Opening bootlid gives a view of nowt much IIRC
  11. @danthecapriman Those partwork lorries are gorgeous! Especially the Peterbilt. The Spaniards are lucky buggers.
  12. Yeah, I'd (inevitably) home that Corgi Hong Kong Metrobus tri-axle Dennis Trident if it were to reappear in the fiver section at some point.
  13. I think that £23.99 sticker is the stallholder's.
  14. On a Rover 800, I believe.
  15. That cabrio is the actual bollocks. Definitely need to find an era-appropriate Alpine or Pioneer head unit to match those bits on the dash. And the wheels are just.... chef's kiss.
  16. Both utterly superb. Intricate models of subject matter that many would see as rather mundane is what I'm all about. Loads of people are building 1:72 Vulcans, not many seem interested in 1:72 Hawker Siddeley Tridents.
  17. I've just been to the Co-op, from where I grabbed this from the hanging strip thing on impulse, because dem '80s Matchbox colours and because SVX. No price visible, but I thought "it'll just be typical variable Matchbox / Hot Wheels pricing, and yesterday was payday". Got reamed for £3. Still, my environmentalist wife opines that "things like that should be AT LEAST £3". So that's okay. It's nice, anyway. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
  18. I'm gonna need to get me a street lamp. Not all that bothered by Elvis, though.
  19. Yeah! Also it rolls along very sweetly indeed. There's a very deliberate heft to it, both in the hand and along the tabletop. I had no idea it originally came with a silly Elvis figure, though. I'm actually a bit disappointed. Gives it a slight "novelty item" aspect.
  20. A visit to a Colchester charity shop (after all my whinging the other day) finally yielded Stuff I Couldn't Not Buy, so I came to own two items. First up: Dinky Hillman Imp. Plenty has been said on here about this delightful little casting in the past, so I'll just say that I really like it. This one has survived for nigh on sixty years relatively intact. Some of the decals are peeling at the edges and it's lost an offside headlight jewel, but the glazing has survived and the paintwork has just the degree of patina it deserves. I spent five quid. Absolutely no idea if They Saw Me Coming, but it's for charidee like. Back in the olden days, when I was forced off to Sunday School at the weekend (presumably so my parents could do stuff that I didn't want to know about), I used to get a lift with Brenda. That meant my ride alternated between a Hillman Imp and an Austin FX4 black cab. This was circa 1985/6. Second of my wise investments is this: I've really liked this since @junkyarddog picked one up aaaages ago, so this one was a must buy. It's just adorable. It's a shame the glazing has a crack in it, but that and a slightly askew lower 'hydraulic' spar are pretty much all that's wrong with it. I'm sure that can be bent straight and the plastic cherry picker platform can be persuaded into shape with a bit of gentle heat application. I absolutely love how that parallogram mechanism works. In fact I've just sat here doing lots of up and down movements while I frankly should be getting some work done. Actually, I've just decided that I like every single thing about this Corgi and it makes me very happy indeed. £2.50 that I couldn't have spent more wisely if I tried.
  21. "You think you hate it now, wait 'til you have to pay for it."
  22. You got the 1939 right. 1939 "sharknose" Graham Supercharged sedan.
  23. I didn't realise Hongwell did a Series Landie; I have the 90s Defender like yours, and its precursor would be quite a nice addition to the ranks. I have a Universal Models 1:18 Series III, but LR tax puts paid to any chances of me getting a later Defender in jumbo scale these days.
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