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  1. Now the Mini has gone, we are on the hunt for a facelift Freelander 1 TD4. Must be a facelift, must be manual and must have a working VCU/prop etc. Budget of £1600ish, don’t mind travelling if it’s a decent one. I’m keeping an eye in the usual places but thought I’d post here in case anyone has anything suitable. Cheers
  2. Hi all Well the Picasso has gone, I'm on the hunt for something a bit different to what I usually buy. I've always wanted to try a Saab. I think now is the right time whilst some of them are cheap'ish. I'm looking around the 500-600 mark (Next few weeks). Definitely needs to be an estate, an preferably Automatic. Petrol or Diesel. I think of the motorway miles I do it'll be ideal, and the business meetings I frequently attend. Anything coming up? Hit me up! Cheers Anything coming up? Thanks in advance.
  3. As above really, next door neighbour just wants something small and cheap preferably Japanese - so an old Corolla or Civic etc. He still buys with his eyes a bit and massive dents/rust etc would put him off. Localish to Reading ideally but try me or rather him. Budget sub £500. An old bubble shape Micra would be pretty good. Have seen that Micra on here but sadly Cumbria is too far for this chap. Thanks, James
  4. ......pick up a couple of fairly small parts for me and pack and drop off to the nearest UPS access point? Ideally purchasing and delivering a bottle of wine or similar at the time. Obviously all expenses and another bottle for yourself will be met up front.
  5. My tame Mechanic mate is looking to expand his collection of blue oval tat in the form of a Mk3 Escort van to pretty up and sign write to promote his garage. Where do you go to find one these days? I expect whatever he finds will be very rough or very expensive. Or both.
  6. A guy on Facebook wants to give me a set of Mondeo headlight protectors for free - sounds too good to be true, but seems legit! He's in Bury St Edmonds, could anyone collect for me please? I'm aware Dicky starts work there next week, but I'm sure he's going to be busy. Thanks in advance. I'll work out logistics about getting them to me soon.
  7. I need a 4x4. Preferably one known to the forum, sold by a member or somebody they know. Yeah there are loads on ebay, but I would much prefer to not take a risk on buying one blind at this sort of money. Preferably some kind of pickup....L200, Ranger, Navara etc. Either double or extra cab, would prefer not a single cab. Would also consider a Freelander, either a TD4 or a V6. MUST be a 3 door. Auto gearbox would be nice. Air con would be nice. No rotters. No chassis snappers. No patchwork of MOT welding plates. Im not fussed about cosmetics....dents and scrapes are fine as long as its not bashed to fuck. Dirty or torn interior is ok too as long as its not totally chewed to fuck. Obviously cheap is good but I can put a few grand into it for the right car.
  8. Hankering for another one of these, ideally a coupe. Any spec/guise considered, must have MOT. Cheers
  9. Daughter no.2 has finally managed to kill the ex-Fatha Angry 600. It's probably just the alternator, hbut the fact it's got both ends dented and bumpers broken , plus near side headlamp smashed I have neither the will or time to fix it . So, we need a car - today! She's a nanny so it needs to be big enough for 3 car seats and a double buggy in the boot. Ideally 1.6 -2.0 petrol saloon,hatch or estate. Long MOT , because I'm a lazy bastard . Obviously a Rover of some sort would appeal to me, she's not fussed. Budget is up to £400, but sub-200 would be better.
  10. Having been massively let down by a seat cover supplier - I am in the need of some Mazda Mx5 mk1/2 seats in Black (cloth or leather) Prefer in pretty decent nick if possible, either the tombstone style or seperate head rest type. These are for my Anglia - it's fitted with Tan leather tomb style seats which I was going to recover. Happy to swap the tan leather type + cash my way (they are bit worn and torn) I'm based in Wakefield but do travel the country a lot so give me a chance on location if you are far away. Any help greatly appreciated..
  11. I really need a new set of 285 45 ZR 18 tyres for a friend who runs a garage apperently real fucker to get hold of. Need new ones not part worn Pirelli p zero asimetrico seem to be only size but unobtainable. Any help please? Believe car 1996 ISH. Thanks
  12. I have a friend (yes really ! ) who is rebuilding a Mini pick up and is looking for a engine to rebuild Looking for any of these. Mini 998, Metro A plus, Mini 1275, Austin, Morris, Riley, MG 1100 or 1300 or a Allegro lump As long as it suitable for rebuilding, thats all that matters and can be be dismantled and would consider incomplete engines, heads.etc So what have you in your shed, under the bench etc that you keep tripping over and want out the way ? Thanks
  13. Hi all, As per title, if you see anything.... let me know! Thanks
  14. 5 crossply tyres in Warminster, any shiters willing to collect and store them for me until such time as I can travel, por favor? Beer would be forthcoming.
  15. Morning all. I know this is a hail Mary long shot, but are there any kind souls in Canterbury that would be willing and able to collect and ship some wheels? There's a set going cheap on eBay that I could do with but as with all IDEAL and CHEAP things miles away on eBay, the seller has crossed his arms and declared COLLECTION ONLY. Beer tokens and virtual high fives available to anyone willing to collect them and able to wrap them up for a courier north. They're just 15s shouldn't be too difficult to man (or wiman) handle. Pop me a message CANTERBURY GUYS if any.
  16. I've found a pair of wings and a new bumper for the Rover 25 gti in Kings Heath but it's gonna be a couple of weeks before I can get there. Is anyone local that could please pick them up and hang on to them until I can get over. It would be even better if someone is travelling east from there to somewhere near Norfolk? Many thanks, The seller just messaged me saying he'd like cash on collection if possible, I could paypal/bank transfer the money to the collector if that'd be ok?
  17. Bit of an SOS here. I've got a couple of item's I've won on eBay in far flung locations and my work shedule has conspired to make collection difficult. I'd hoped to collect them on some upcoming cross country trip but unfortunately my employer has other ideas.... They have the flexibility to stand up the workforce to work 6 day weeks and have also extended our weekday working hours. They are blaming Brexit and trying to push production volumes as high as they can before the leave date. I've got two collections outstanding and was wondering if theres anyone local who could collect on my behalf and either post onwards, or sit on them until I'm able to collect. Happy to cover any expenses. Petrol / Post / Beer Money. The Items are industrial lights, The first Item is in Prestatyn - The Seller has said collection from Chester is also a possibility, they are 3 Fluorescent tube lights. The second Items is in Lewisham, SE14 6QD, South london. And is a pair of explosion proof lights [ PLAN IN PLACE ] If your able to help please pm me. Cheers Joe
  18. I find myself in need* of a cheap small runabout for a few months whilst my Saab undergoes a refresh. Basically it must have a minimum of about 6 months MOT and be reliable. Ideally it will be small, cheap to run and have a reasonable ground clearance. Who am I trying to kid, I really fancy a C15 van, but typically there does not seem to be any cheap ones about. I do not care about cosmetics, small faults etc. I would prefer quirky, but realistically will consider anything, especially if I have not had one before. I do not want something too good, whilst I am happy to fettle and try to keep going, if something major goes wrong I do not want to feel guilty about bridging it. The plan would be to keep it going and move it on later, but do not want to feel obligated. So, what shite do you want rid of in the bargain bucket division?
  19. Does anyone know of any 405s being broken? I am after a carpet and could also do with the door rubbers as well as mine have worn through where people have been getting in and out
  20. My buddy is trying to source a set of new spotlights like the ones in the pics Anyone help me source them for him - I am in China and the new great wall (MAHOOSIVE censorship) means I can't get any non-local site. New ones if possible. Money no object (see the Grin thread in a moment). Autoshite itself is a censored site - someone is obviously leaving a door unlocked. First time I have been able to see it for ages! Don't bother with VPN recommendations - all are useless here - the only one that isn't is Government sponsored and they'll come and get me as soon as I use it!
  21. Hi, as per title. My prospective C15 acquisition seems to have a buggered EGR valve. Anyone have a lead for a replacement / info on possibility of blanking it off. TIA
  22. As the title suggests - does anyone have or know of a turbo for an Isuzu NKR 4.8TD? Please PM me if you do Thank you, James
  23. Hey folks, a really good friend of mine (one of the proper ones) is looking for a solid good reliable car for his young family. He's been burnt a million times and had countless FTPs after buying from dealers etc. He's a really good sort and doesn't deserve the cards he's been dealt. He's not mechanically minded really though. So, budget of about a grand, needs a million months MOT, solid and grand in all important ways and not sold by a twunt. Safe for a new wee family. We can do this, right? Somewhere between Leeds and Notts would be good. He's lots less weird than I. Cheers hey, Chris
  24. a fine upstanding (not moog) member of this forum if theyre not too busy and in no mad hurry to have a small cursory glance at this please? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2014-DACIA-SANDERO-STEPWAY-0-9-TCe-Ambiance/223332701128 its a good 4+ hours from here and and he doesnt do sunday and if i left here ona working saturday hed be closed by the time i got there - im taken all march and two april weekends it seems very cheap notwithstanding the miles - others are 4.5k for 90-110k all other sub 3k ones are all smashu all cream tea/pasties/dizzle/petrol/zyder covered fanks
  25. Wanted pre 1978 Classic car whats on offer, Please no sheds
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