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  1. Jesus, I'm so sorry for your loss
  2. It's 50/50 a hosting provider problem and a me problem. I haven't had much time to dig into it, and the problem that presented is specific to the hosting providers customisations to the Linux system. So without their assistance it's impossible for me to fix. The solution is to move it to a new virtual machine, but that's non-trivial it's not something I can do in stages, it's a thing that needs me to block out a couple of hours and take the site down. I do apologise for the continuing disruption.
  3. I had no idea tapatalk still worked at all. Someone must have fixed it while I was away. I too use the regular site on my mobile browser. I can have a look but I can't guarantee a fix
  4. Taking the shell and welding it to a new subframe, Freiburger style
  5. I've started the process of moving it to a more stable server. This is an interim measure before giving everything the full fettle, just to stop it going down.
  6. If anyone's worried about the data etc, don't panic. It's just that the operating system on the server has a very different idea of what its network adapter is called than the hardware does. Plans are afoot to bring the whole shebang up to date, replace all the drop links, get a fresh MOT and get everything concourse ready. Well ... maybe FOTU ready
  7. Apparently it had another hiccup overnight. I'm working on resolving the actual problem with the hosting co
  8. I'm really sorry for the prolonged outage. The server got borked in several interesting ways for unknown reasons. The site will be doing ol' Whores-Drawers dance for a bit while I fix stuff properly so apologies for that.
  9. No progress yet. Am still waiting on the insurance. Paperwork issues (mine).
  10. I'm ten pages in and I think this thread might have just nudged 40+ tons of Boatshite off the top of my favourite threads ever on this site.
  11. I live in Waterlooville, used to live on Hayling, then in Fareham. I go to Pompey for karaoke. I do love a Mick's though
  12. There was a bend, but not a dramatic one. My own fault entirely. Put it in reverse in an attempt to get it out of the hedge, engine behaved normally, wheels did not move. Driveshaft(s) may be damaged, diff may be damaged, who knows? Getting it down the kerb and onto the recovery truck was a challenge with one rear strut completely collapsed. The recovery guys, who were at the tail ends of their shift (and one was SUPER grumpy about having another job taking him too far away from home at 2am when he had to be up to take his kid to school next day) but they were very careful and admired the car. They gave it a look over as much as they could and seemed to think there wasn't much in the way of damage.
  13. I was extremely lucky to miss that signpost. I wouldn't have walked away from that. Looks like the rollover bar added a lot of strength to the chassis at the rear, so there doesn't appear to have been any chassis deformation. One of the shocks is dead. Guess that's the excuse I needed to finally get it on coilovers. All four alloys have either massive dents or chunks taken out of them. Which is a shame because I think they're pretty rare and they look great. I do have some replacements sorted already, something a bit more interesting than the stock MX5 alloys which I don't care for at all. This is of course all assuming that there isn't any more severe damage. I get the impression the garage didn't look at it too hard. They just noted the need to replace a shock and four alloys on a £1500 vehicle and went ... nope. This car is too damn good to abandon.
  14. LOOK AWAY XTRIPLE I may have slightly binned this in to a hedge. Lost the rear out of a corner, up the kerb (knackering all four alloys I love those alloys). It's been written off as uneconomical repair by the insurer, but the damage as far as I can tell is pretty minor and very repairable. So I'm buying it as salvage and plan to use the insurance money to fix it back up. Thankfully I was completely unhurt, and no other car was involved. Note to self: once fixed, fit more grippy tyres. I'm not skilled enough to control unexpected drift.
  15. For people reading through this thread and finding broken images, it's an issue on the server the images are hosted on. If you right click and open them in a new tab, they load
  16. I have no idea if I can fix that issue, but I'll investigate, and if I can't figure it out I'll try raising it with Invision.
  17. There's a bugfix release of the software to install. When I've applied that maybe it'll resolve the issue.
  18. Painting the bonnet matte black I reckon would look pretty good against the dark blue + patina of the rest of the car.
  19. I wanted to set up a discussion forum for a large group of people who all hung out on forums a decade ago. I found a great open source one that deployed in a snap, was super happy. Until I realised it had no block function and the devs had no intention of adding one. Some of the people who would have wanted to join would have stayed away if other people had joined and they couldn't block them, long standing beef. Made the whole thing a non-starter and now we're on Facebook. So annoying.
  20. Just checked with my version of Chrome and I didn't experience the issue (Samsung Note 10 Plus) What version are you running?
  21. Have you tried in a different browser?
  22. The Maestro does look a bit crusty in places. I hope there's no fatal hidden grot.
  23. Unfortunately the Gods of Invision have taken this away from us. The 4.6 update removed the notification noise completely. RIP.
  24. Yeah unfortunately that's a common issue that isn't limited to this site. It would be good if it would wait until the images loaded before scrolling to the post, but that also has its disadvantages
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