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  1. Be like @barmatt and @castros_bro but with less rot. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1223549
  2. citron xsara 2.0 16v spare or repair no ecu or key it has been standing for over 10 years the car is not rotten cash on clection Current bid: £100, reserve not met. Goodness knows what happened to this but a reserve over £100 seems optimistic at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333640417544
  3. To be fair to Ford they were made by Lucas in this case, Ford probably just asked them to make sure they rusted! That's why I'm going to strip all this hardware back and repaint it, I'm half tempted to smother it all in grease once it's installed. Disappointing to hear that the door might be a manufacturing issue. Maybe I'll just have to stick a second seal along the top of the door.
  4. Just as I suspected the headlights on the car were knackered. One appears to have been made in 1998 and the other in 1999 so they are almost 10 years newer than the car for whatever reason. I've got both of the lenses off and have saved the seals from the backs too so it's not all going to waste. Old Headlights (1) by Matt S, on Flickr
  5. Some progress has occurred. The headlights that came on the car are in a pretty poor state. The reflector in the offside unit is rusting away and I know that the lower adjuster on the nearside has disintegrated at the very least. Judging by the amount of silicone sealer smooshed all around the front lighting I'm guessing that the rest of the hardware is pretty FUBAR, and it looks awful too. Headlights (1) by Matt S, on Flickr Headlights (2) by Matt S, on Flickr I bought this pair of used units from a breaker in the Midlands via eBay and they even came with some free bodywork*! This has worked out very nicely as it means I've got a full set of mounting brackets, adjusters and hardware to replace whatever is left on the car. New headlights are available for the MK2 Robin but they don't come with adjusters or any hardware and seeing as all of that rusts away quite happily I feel that getting a pretty good used pair with all of the peripherals included for a little less than a pair of new units without any peripherals is a bit of a score. Headlights (3) by Matt S, on Flickr Liberated from the old bodywork we can see that these aren't in bad condition at all. Headlights (4) by Matt S, on Flickr It was a simple job to drill through the rivets in the old bodywork to remove the hardware. The breaker sliced into one of the rails a little but other than that all of this hardware is in great condition. I'll rub them all back with a wire wheel, paint as appropriate and apply anti-seize to the threaded parts. Headlight Brackets & Hardware by Matt S, on Flickr I have masked up the lenses & bulb apertures and rubbed the loose rust back with a wire brush. They are now ready to be wiped down and given some protective coats of primer and paint. Headlights (5) by Matt S, on Flickr The tops of both doors are bent out like this for some reason. I'm not sure how I'm going to sort it but I'm going to have to as it lets rain water in which then drips all over the front seatbelt hardware. The bolts are no doubt stuck fast into the chassis and the mounting bracket on the reel for the passenger is so badly damaged that it's broke free of it's bolt entirely. Doors Bent Open by Matt S, on Flickr Happily Securon makes seatbelts for all sorts including the MK2 Robin so sourcing these on eBay was a piece of (expensive) cake. New Seatbelts by Matt S, on Flickr Rear interior mostly stripped but the rear seatbelt anchors need something more aggressive than a socket and breaker bar to remove, as are the bolts holding the front seats in place. Rear Interior Removed by Matt S, on Flickr The rear bench is going to need a few repairs before it can go back into the car, if I don't turn it into a van. Mice nested in the base foam at some point and the backrest has pulled away from the hinges that hold it in place. Rear Seat (1) by Matt S, on Flickr A previous owner repaired this with a couple of screws and a strip of wood, no surprise that the screws pulled right back through the hardboard some point. Sear Seat (2) by Matt S, on Flickr
  6. Not very much sadly. I got it moved into my sisters garage and was just about to have it moved to a workshop the get the chassis welded but that was scheduled to happen two days before lockdown started so had to call that off. I went by that garage today seeing as we can meet other people outdoors now but they didn't seem to be open. I hope it get it sorted very soon! Garaged at long last! by Matt S, on Flickr
  7. Does one little bottle do a whole car or is this more of a sample size?
  8. I have been hoping for a RADwood event in the UK for a while after watching and reading about their events in the US. After emailing the organisers to express an interest in such an event a little while ago they confirmed to me before officially announcing it that a UK event was in the works! For those that haven't heard of RADWood yet Mercedes Market article "RADWood and Why It Matters" explains it well, here's a truncated overview: The cars at the US events have ranged from anything from and between Ferrari's, period modified Mercedes, Volvos, weird Japanese imports to mint condition examples of yesteryears mundane cars. Period clothing and celebrations of pop culture aside these events look like they would be right up Autoshite's alley. I haven't been to the Festival of The Unexceptional but I expect that it will be similar but with a wider range of cars on display. I strongly suggest you have a look at photos and videos of previous US events to get an idea of what it's about. It will be held at Goodwood House on August 11th. Have you heard of the US events? Would you like to go to the UK event?
  9. A few more of interest form Michael Douglas Auto Salvage in Carlisle 1968 Daimler V8 250 & 1965 Daimler by Matt S, on Flickr FSO Polonez Atu... FSO Polonez Atu by Matt S, on Flickr A... Golliwog? Golliwog? by Matt S, on Flickr 9000 Turbo 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo 16 5D M by Matt S, on Flickr
  10. 320 mile round trip to look at a MK2F Polo Genesis Coupe. Bought one exactly the same in better condition in a round trip half the distance of the first...
  11. Just got off the phone with Mike who owns the yard and he says it'll likely end up in a museum. They got it from an engineering firm not far away from their yard. It seems they've had it for many years and may have been the same company that built it back in the day. I've got a number and contact name for them and they'll be able to tell me more. He's planning on contacting the likes of the British Motor Museum, Beaulieu and possibly the Lakeland Motor Museum to see if any of them would like to take it on.
  12. It's way louder without carpets and underlay right?
  13. Good point, taken the link out.
  14. This thing from the other thread! Harrison Mawsdley Fox Resort Sport ECV "Silver Fox" by Matt S, on Flickr
  15. The link LS posted on page 1 is literally the only thing I've seen about it and contains the only photo I've seen other than my own from today so I think it's very likely that this is the only one.
  16. I've dropped the yard another email asking where they found it, what the plan is, given them some information from the article Lord Sterling found and said that I would really like to see it preserved. I'm going to wait and see what they say. Sounds like there is some community interest so perhaps it could be partly commissioned via crowd funding a-la Dollywooblers 2CV year before last? Who knows, Nissan UK may even sponsor it considering their generous involvement when it was built. The batteries are probably old tat anyway and more efficient ones could be sourced. I can't imagine they are anything custom in any case. Probably couldn't be road registered as it's a custom frame. The guy I bought my Robin from has a van, trailer, space and reguiled me with tails about fixing a Reliant that he rolled (he was also a Reliant dealer) so I'm guessing he has fiberglassing skills. I also live by the coast so I'm sure some boat builder / repairer could be brought on board to patch the bodywork up.
  17. Fox Composites Limited High Grains Bewcastle Carlisle Cumbria CA6 6PT Incorporated: 21/03/2000 Dissolved: 16/03/2004 (voluntary strike-off) Last accounts made up to: 31/03/2002 Nature of business: Hairdressing & other beauty treatment (?) People: Allison Jane Roberts - Secretary (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) & Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Jeffery Frank Harrison - Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Richard Owen Roberts - Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Susan Quincy Roberts - Secretary (21.03.2000 to 10.12.2001) Peter Armstrong Mawdsley - Director (21.03.2000 to 10.12.2001) https://www.companieslist.co.uk/03952615-fox-composites-limited
  18. You flippin legend but more questions. Did they build any others? Did it make it to Knockhill on March 17th 2000?
  19. Very similar but not the same. Edit: These are from a H-reg K10.
  20. Anyone? Found outside a scrappy, clearly electric powered and I'm guessing the stalks & gauges are from someones parts bin. Says Resort Sport on the back. Google isn't helping. Yes I've asked if they will sell it. Fox Resort Sport EV 1 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 2 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 3 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 4 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 5 by Matt S, on Flickr
  21. That's flippin gorgeous. Much wantage.
  22. So is that now technically three Reliants that have joined the forum in the last week?
  23. Another 3-wheeler joins the fold! How do you find the seating position? I've only sat behind the wheel of mine once so far but it felt absurd: Wheel right against my legs and feeling like I'm sitting very high.
  24. I shared a couple of photos on an Isle of Arran Facebook group and someone posted a link to this video someone made with the car when it was still over there. I must have watched it over a year ago and didn't remember it until someone posted it in a comment.
  25. Interesting, I'll be sure to leave that well alone then. Someone on Facebook has suggested that there used to be a dealer in Kilmarnock but they don't recall the name. Does it ring any bells for you?
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