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  1. @Jim Bell Have you achieved true internet fame?!
  2. I have almost the exact same wound, achieved in very similar circumstances - on my right wrist, courtesy of my B reg Fiesta breaking down just outside Preston Poly (sorry, the University of Central Lancashire). I saw a stray cable, I figured "I've done work experience in a garage, I can probably find a home for that" and reached into the engine bay that housed an engine that had been running at 75 mph for 3 hours straight. Sizzle. (the cable was an irrelevance, it was the points breaking down).
  3. All credit to you - I'd have thought gluing the whole thing uncut and then making the holes for grab handles etc would have been less anxiety inducing!
  4. Also check for oil wicking to the ECU (and apologies for any granny/egg interface) https://www.slkworld.com/threads/oil-wicking-ecu.581549/
  5. "I'll probably keep the period Alpine pullout to be honest" EIGHT grand
  6. Excellent work! Check the bypass valve is working, not just the supercharger: https://www.slkworld.com/threads/are-all-your-bypass-valves-leaking.402553/ Great cars, the manual box must be an interesting experience.
  7. I don't mean the actual same person. If you think, on a day to day basis, someone is less likely to have cash stolen than fall victim to a fake banking app, I've got a friend you should meet
  8. Yeah I think I agree. The kind of 6'6" 20-stone organised crime lord who intimidates someone into handing over keys/goods before cash has landed in an account because they've gone to the trouble of installing a fake banking app will also......just punch you in the face and take back the pile of cash they just gave you.
  9. Disagree. JACKPOT Welcome to Autoshite
  10. Was the fluid change with the correct fluid? I know nothing about Citroen autos (absolutely nothing), but from Rover-land, I know using incorrect fluid in the 827 autos is pretty much terminal. Lots of fluids claim to be compatible with Honda Z1, but actually aren't.
  11. Obviously, the way you're going about it is the right way (ie change the switch first). Without knowing how the oil pump is driven in this car, I suppose there's a secondary option which is that the oil pressure is good most of the time. I had a water pump that failed to pump all the time because the drive key on the back of the power steering pump (which is what actually powered the water pump) started slipping on the shaft. Not all the time, just some of the time, until it was all the time.
  12. Incredible efforts - go, enjoy the living shite out of it over the summer
  13. I am much excited for the Porsche updates.
  14. Aye, I bought a cheap endoscope when trying to diagnose hot start issues on the Rover. Last used when trying to adjust the handbrake adjusters on the SLK, looking through the wheel bolt holes. Mega useful.
  15. Near me. A lot stickers on view
  16. So good to see! Great thread this
  17. Welcome, Stockport man. I'm over Cheadle-way, also with a Rover doing daily duties.
  18. The 'trip computer' is quite French in design, tbh - it's actually a vehicle condition monitor, so it tells you if bulbs are out. The giant screen version in earlier MK1s also had MPG info, trip info etc. It never, ever worked and the LCD screen was crap.
  19. http://rave.stringsandints.com/Engine_Management_Systems.pdf Anything here?
  20. The version of the RAVE CD I used to have also had a selection of articles covering Rover electronics, including MEMS, PGM-Fi and maybe, if you're lucky, MFi stuff?
  21. No advice, but that sounds fucking terrfying
  22. I'd be interested in seeing if any of those packs magically work again once you've resolved the fusebox. I've had good success with just contact cleaner to fix fobs in the past. The switchpacks are less responsive, but do come up OK after a resolder (not always though).
  23. HOLY shitballs I had no idea that behind an enigmatic '...shite' title, there was A Real Thing lurking. More more more
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