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  1. All the best to you and your family, you've had a terrible time of it and none of this is easy to deal with. Absolutely none of it.
  2. Absolutely brilliant work @ruffgeezer, makes such a huge difference when someone knows their way around the specific engine bay. Hnnnnnggg that I've got to cross another garage off my list, but really hoping the ECU wiring wasn't me. I had the plugs in and out a dozen times or so, and although I'm pretty sure I always routed them back the way I found them, there's never a guarantee. Great spot on the mangled wiring
  3. Absolutely no issue at all, I'm all for reading more about it - and offering any answers that I may know! I'm just glad it's up and running, in use.
  4. I can't even get my head around that - I specifically outsourced rear brakes because everything looked shit, but because everything (finally) worked, I'd never considered there was a bodge underway. That's infuriating. And the non-crank is a new one - do you have Lexia/Peugeot Planet? Nothing else will talk to it, in my limited experience. Keep me posted, I hope the new fuse has sorted it out.
  5. Just in case you weren't aware, not all 9-5s fall into that bracket - my 55 plate 2.3t auto estate is in the £slightlylessthanfourhundred zone. Not great, but no worse than my R53
  6. That's the way forward. Came here to say the same as @JJ0063 - pure, hardcore thread appreciation, and especially the photography, which was always a highlight from the old thread. Fucking A1+ Shiter of Distinction, love that there's a new thread.
  7. There's some great work going on here. I think my first fastback went in the same place on the strut tower eventually (after I sold it on)
  8. One crisp, fresh MOT ticket has been awarded to the R53. Nice day for it too.
  9. When I did this 2 months ago, I actually went through with the cancellation because I got so sick of it (their best offer was £28pm), arranged to move to Shell Broadband and then Virgin called me back 3 days later with another offer - now down to £22 pm. I accepted Virgin's offer and called off Shell
  10. A real pleasure to meet you @ruffgeezer, and hopefully the car treats its future driver well. Glad you had a decent run back too.
  11. Love to see the work on the Rover. Brilliant thread
  12. LHD headlight lenses fitted? Full Dub Looks a pretty straightforward list.
  13. 13 year old me would have a posted of that green Beetle on my wall quicker than you could shout 'schon'
  14. mercedade

    New car day

    They can accommodate very, very long legged drivers weirdly easily. If you're short with short legs, it's been known to be a stretch for the pedals even with the seat fully forward. Great cars
  15. This is a fun new kind of aesthetic Maybe the third party email work-around filters it through 1995?
  16. The earliest R50s and R53s - one for the basic, clean looks, and one because they're still one of the most enjoyable cars to drive I've ever had. Mk1 MR2 - for same reasons.
  17. That's a load of shite Ghosty, sorry to hear it. I don't have any solutions, but be wary of antagonising - focus on resolving. Apart from anything else, you don't want to find you or your parents having to declare a neighbourly dispute whenever it comes to moving.
  18. And suddenly, we're baaaack. Has Hotmail been whitelisted again? Or did you pull a magic lever? Cheers either way 🥇
  19. Odd one - for the last week or so, it's as if the forum doesn't always register the threads I've already read, so when I click to see latest posts on a specific thread, it might take me back a few days to posts I've definitely already read. It used to happen if a mod moved a thread from one section to another; fair enough, that probably counts as a new thread. But it now happens (sporadically) on things like the News 24 thread, and others.
  20. Great write up Si, especially your reflections on how much you've learned from the 'mistakes' you've made. I doubt very much anyone would have avoided most of them (hence the inverted commas!) without decades of experience, and so much of what you've said tallies up with the experience of buying any car, let alone a not-intended-to-be-a restoration project. One question - when you say this do you mean that the issue was you bought the car from someone who evidently hadn't owned it for long enough to even register it in their own name?
  21. I want to know more about the "interesting" dealer
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