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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Picked up my new  toy today so now I have a V8 in my daily driver as well as my classic, hopefully the LPG will take a small amount of pain from the  running costs. 

It drives beautifully and almost everything works although a couple of small jobs will need doing when I get time.


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I'll admit I'm not fan of cleaning cars, I'd rather pay someone who know what they're doing, than have me - The 1 bucket and scratchy sponge wrong'un, destroy the paintwork in an effort to clean a car.

However today's antics were different, yes it was full of mice shit & had a dodgy smell. But the jetwash, sponge, jetwash and cheap wash & wax, really has paid off today. Satisfying making the car look less abandoned.


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17 hours ago, Wack said:

Just watched a video on Facebook 



Zero emissions digger , guy said it's got all the power of a conventional digger but went flat in 2 hours on site so 

They've plugged it in to charge it , 8 hours 😂😂





Just thinking about this and wondering why it takes 8 hours to charge it up

Then I noticed what they were plugging it into, building site , it'll be 110V

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book a hotel for after the travel is gonna be relaxed

get an automated email thanks for booking

if youre booking is before x we cannot honour it etc etc

even tho the date is after that and its written at the top of the email

wtf point is that email for then - duh


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Was advised to use virtual assistant for IT matters at work, instead of phoning as it's quicker.

Sitting here waiting for 14 minutes now, a phone call would have been "Can you raise a ticket?" "yep" 30 seconds.

Still, I'm getting paid.....


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