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  1. That is a lot more interesting! I always thought 4wd smol Toyotas had this paint job?
  2. Holy Moly! Only 18000 kms since new! Thats amazing and very tempting. The $38000 price tag much less appealing.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/levin/listing/3353580591?bof=MpnS1aJM
  3. Why cant Toyota Levins be cheap, plentiful and all in excellent condition? This isnt too bad and whilst its only at $3400 it has a day to go and will go for way more I think https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/levin/listing/3424537739?bof=MpnS1aJM
  4. Hubba Hubba. No need to have a look on my behalf but appreciate the thought! It is verrrrrrry nice but if I went Alfa it would have to be Guilietta. I wish I'd brought Mrs P's R56 Mini over. We sold it to her brother in law and apart from a Battery its been perfectly behaved
  5. Thaat might do for Junior! It is on my watchlist now. Thanks Jon! Got to be more exciting than an early Yaris
  6. Need to be sensible. If I had my way it would be a Lancer Evolution or Impreza WRX for max hoonage but can’t be arsed with all the attention And yeah we have Versas. And Tiidas and one called the Wingroad which is a car designed by a committee of non car people on an etch-a-sketch Be still my beating Disappointment
  7. In other news the hunt is on for a new car. I can’t say I have narrowed it down much but here’s the sort of choices I am mulling over. One - 2012 onwards Corolla. Ideal for NZ, plenty of parts and service support, shouldn’t go wrong. Really expensive though as so highly prized here bizarrely. Probably a bit dull and unlikely to light my fire although dull reliability has its own attractions. It would be like a cheese sandwich, hits the spot every time but will never win any prizes Option two would be to put down a big deposit on a new Suzuki Swift and finance the remainder. Like these, popular here and fun but I know I’ll end up letting Mrs P have it and I get the 2009 Sport as my daily runner. Not a massive problem. Most expensive option. It’s a wagyu beef dish from Nobu. Now the stupid option is to get one of these. My budget stretches to an R56 (they are mentally expensive here, probably 3x what you would pay in the U.K.) but I would love to have another Mini, even if I spend all day worrying about cam chain failure. Most are autos but if I could find a manual I would seriously consider. Again have the issue of Mrs P really liking them too so might not see as much of it as I would like. It would have to be BRG this time. Enjoyable like a kebab from a van outside a nightclub but you’ll always be worried about hepatitis. Which brings us to the final option. A potential world of pain but every time it let me down I would look at the immobile heap and smile. Local mechanics wouldn’t touch it and anything that needs replacing will take four months to arrive from Italy and cost heaps. All seem to be tiptronic or selespeed here so there’s a world of pain there too. But life’s too short for boring cars. It’s a wonderful pasta dish from a charming cafe where you never know if the owner is going to kiss or kill you So cheese sandwich, wagyu beef, Kebab or Pasta?
  8. On the subject of awesomeness this was parked at the cheapo supermarket. Registration (tax) expired in November but who cares when you roll this? I would drive this around listening to Kraftwerk until the sun goes down
  9. Ordering garage shelves later this week - 3m60 of these sturdy bitches And once they’re up, phase one of dream garage commences. I thought I would use the visuals to combine my Essex roots with my Motorsport appreciation and Francophile tendencies. What do you reckon on this A2 sized awesomeness?
  10. Not gonna go. I have the study to rearrange and might have another failed attempt at dent removal. Once you've seen one 57 Chevy with a massive engine you've seen them all
  11. Muscle Car Madness up the road this weekend. Honestly the high street tonight was like downtown Detroit in 1968 Might go http://www.musclecarmadness.co.nz/
  12. KLF IS GONNA ROCK YA! Suzi went in for fixing today so the local place gave us a hire car. 314000kms on the clock, but as tight as a drum. If it wasnt for the drivers seat having no spring left you'd think it was a lot younger. Anyone looking for no nonsense cheap shite cant fail with a Corolla. Highly valued here but cheap as chips in the UK. The preferred daily of the retired in the UK means they are generally well looked after. I should buy a container and ship them all back over here for $$$$$$$ This has to be the one good shot of the Mitsi I have ever got!
  13. And here is my report. Slightly better but still a general waste of time. One dink in the door is a little better I think but otherwise a lot of messing around for limited results. Might try hammers - WCPGW?
  14. Oil leak fixed - gearbox filler plug. Solved with a copper washer and some red gasket stuff. The mating surface on the bolt is a kind of moulded on washer and that had distorted somehow. Took the opportunity to top the box up and surprisingly it took the entire litre of GL4 Total 75/80 that I had. Threw in some molybdenum snake oil but still no sign of any oil coming out. All I had available was some Comma mineral EP80 GL5 spec so figuring that it’s completely wrong I put a little of that in. Almost immediately we had oil trickling out the filler hole (matron) so it’s probably got a couple of percent of the wrong spec oil in there. Fuck it, it’s a 23 year old heap. Tightened up and cleaned up the oily box (‘ere stop messing about) so if it leaks again, we’ll be able to see it. That’s the royal “we” of course. Also gravity bled the clutch with some green crap from Supercheap. It was dot4 and cheaper than anything else so again the “it’s 23 years old” logic applied. Took a while but gravy is out and E.T’s jizz now operates my clutch. Pretty easy to do, god sometimes I love old cars. Checked the brake fluid - it’s filthy. Took a while to do as some monkey had done the reservoir cap tighter that a tight thing. Couldn’t shift it by hand so I resorted to the age old hammer and screwdriver technique. Gentle (ahem) tapping saw it move a little and off it came. I had some syringes lying about so sucked some fluid out and replaced with new. The extra 12ml of new dot4 will make all the difference..... Took it for a spin and immediately noticed the gear selection was a lot better. The mechanical clank which had developed shifting first to second was gone, in fact all the gears seemed easier so the extra oil has helped. That leak must have been going a while to have lost over a litre - the old house had a gravel parking area so any leaks wouldn’t have been apparent whereas nice new house has a shiny concrete drive. Well at least it used to, it now has a lovely selection of dark patches on it. Sorry Mrs P. Clutch fluid change obviously worked ok because I noticed no difference at all on that score. Now to get ready for a barbecue at Mrs P’s friends house. I might do the cooking!
  15. Oh I forgot to mention. All my exams are finished now and I received this a couple of days ago: So thats that. Am now a properly registered, authorised and official New Zealand Stock Exchange adviser!
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