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  1. Lots of these have the double bonnet stripes. Personally if I were to consider striping one up, I would go Martini
  2. Is it possible that suppliers are pulling nothing up for Renault 11, but if you asked for Renault 5 the answer might be different? Having run Renaults in the past I found parts for the Renault 9 were often unavailable but R5 parts were on the shelf. Few people realised how similar they were mechanically
  3. I have all this to look forward to in a few months. Was going to bring Mrs P’s Mini over but bearing in mind we are moving to the wop wops I might bring a Rav 4 or a Subaru as cars are bloody expensive there aren’t they?
  4. I would try and locate replacement panels soonish as we all know that once you decide to go ahead and do the work the parts you need will be unobtanium. Are the doors definitely irreparable? I reckon a skilled guy could sort them if originality is important although replacements will probably work out cheaper. Who is to say the base is already wearing original panels anyway?
  5. My amazon account has been locked due to “suspicious activity” A rather amateurish email apparently from Amazon has been received confirming that I did a charge back for a £244 purchase in Feb and the vendor is disputing it. I certainly didn’t do any chargebacks so I have no intention of faxing my bank details anywhere (yes, Amazon want me to fax my details to them, fucking lol) But somehow my genuine account has been locked up and the only way I can contact Amazon is through their site - which I can’t access because my account has been blocked. Of course customer services aren’t operational because Covid so I can’t watch Prime now. Or order anything. What a pain in the arse,
  6. Sounds like you have done the obvious stuff - if the bulbs are several decades old I would renew those first to see what happens. I would also check the correct bulbs are in the correct places as Angry Dicky and I found the lights on the Sierra Base did all kinds of wierd stuff which we traced back to incorrect bulbs at the rear
  7. Well it sounds promising doesn’t it? Hopefully a couple of quids worth of earth lead will solve it. And how many of these poor things have been confined to the scrap heap because folk have assumed it’s a terminal fault? (Immediately goes to Ebay looking for cheap automatic Rovers with gearbox faults)
  8. Mini’s are notorious for CVT issues but some are caused by electrical problems. Here is one such example so fingers crossed it’s a similar situation for yours as a new battery would be a quick and easy fix https://www.mini2.com/threads/mini-cooper-cvt-problem-solved.186817/
  9. i understand some CVT’s get very temperamental if the voltage isn’t quite as it should be. Do you have another battery you could try?
  10. I rather like this https://www.gumtree.com/p/hyundai/hyundai-accent-automatic-petrol-1.3-for-sale/1374119675 Get thee to Seaton in Devon !
  11. All good progress there, enjoying this one!
  12. Clean! Personally I think silver wheels would suit it better. If you squint it looks like it hasn’t any wheels at all and if they are nicely styled why disguise them?
  13. I’m not on the bins but I feel this has just enough cachet to qualify for a rag and bone style singalong. Ready? Any old Orion, any old Orion Any any any old Orion You look neat, sitting in the heat that rear panel will give your Mig welder a treat You need a rigger booted man with a HIAB van And some ratchet straps to tie on I wouldn’t give you tuppence for your old skool tax ORION! ORION! (spoons solo to fade)
  14. Had many a ride home in unlicensed Minicab Avensis’s (Avensii?). Several thousand east Londoners who have no idea where Essex is can’t be wrong. I always found them perfectly acceptable and always liked their dashboard displays at night. Funny what you remember
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