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  1. Us obviously. We tend to look at them like mistreated pets and can’t resist giving them a forever home. I felt sorry for mine, only reason I bought it. Like Pokemon we sadly can’t catch them all
  2. It’s going to need a bit of TLC. Quick clean up of those wheels, some new tyres (Falkens suit these) and a few rubbers and you’ll feel much better. Break out the polish and most of those scratches will disappear. Color Magic is your friend.......Whack on some new wipers (can recommend Bosch Aerotwins) and you will have a nice wee car. Better solution would be ditch those wheels, and get some 15” Rocket Or Teledial wheels instead as (a) they are nicer and (b) they will improve the ride biggly. Plus tyres are cheaper. I bought a similar coloured R56 in 2008. Similar condition t
  3. Officially qualified investment adviser. To quote China’s largest manufacturer of union flags, thank fuck.
  4. You want me to paint the postie bike brown or beige while we wait for the crate? Get some seventies stripes on it.....groovy. Be like a two wheeled Huggy Bear. Cheaper option might be this to wear from Redbubble
  5. I wouldn’t bother looking for replacement parts locally. Especially anything that weighs more than 500g as the postage costs are insanity
  6. They have just started reselling them here! Check out the new price! It can even be purchased in our colour scheme. Fresco Brown! But ultimately my eye can’t help but be drawn to the price tag.... A modern Honda PCX May lack the “OMG so cute!” factor but it is $2500 cheaper. And nobody is going to hail you down in the street and jokingly ask if you have a letter for them. It’s a cool bike though. I am quite enjoying it in the garage, even put some air in the tyres (30psi dead on front and back) and it already looks perkier, like it wants to go deliv
  7. I wasn’t going to touch it but everyone who sees it loves it. Might see if Mrs P fancies a bit Next challenge - crating the bugger up. Might pop to the Zoo and see if they have any old Tiger cages knocking about. Might get a free Leopard out of it
  8. She’s not too happy but I made it clear it is only here temporarily. Over to you Hairnet!
  9. Mrs P still doesn’t know. In amongst all the stuff going on I completely forgot to tell her! She is due home in five minutes so this might be my last ever message as I reckon she is going to be unhappy. Remember The Royle Family? Remember Dave had his moped in bits in the baby’s room? Well it’s not as bad as that. Moped my arse
  10. I heard you were in town, if I had got my shit together I would have popped along to check it out! Can’t be many of those over here. Mind you there’s a Seat Córdoba for sale on TradeMe at the moment. How the heck did that get here? I swear some of these cars fall off European container ships and just wash up on the beaches here two years later.
  11. Well one things for certain, smol Hondas aren’t all that smol. Either that or the Mirage is even smaller than I thought. Either way, quart and pint pot sprung to mind, as did various profanities.... Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it, we was getting nowhere.....but no, we didn’t have a tea I examined the situation carefully. Evaluated all options, and considered alternatives before saying “ah sod it, we’ll go with what we have”. And so an hour later (minus diversion to Fresh Choice for biscuits), the following happened Smol Moped temporarily resides at
  12. It’s 10.30am and I have done this.....managed to rupture at least two internal organs doing it but hey, what’s a little bit of internal bleeding when a collection thread looms! More to follow in a couple of hours. This is going to be a world of pain!
  13. I have a collection to do tomorrow....
  14. You can get smart bins. The idea is they monitor what you throw away so you can adjust buying habits and reduce food consumption. Sensible. Problem is I just know mine would say “There’s a fuck ton of crisp packets and tea bags in here you fat fucker, go and buy some frigging lettuce” Anyway, if manufacturers were that keen on us knowing what’s in the fridge, they’d make the doors out of glass. It would certainly encourage me to tidy it up in there as there’s an old onion at the back of mine which has grown sentient and is complaining about Joe Dolce beating Ultravox to number one
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