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  1. I would so roll this for six ponies. And cleverly you don’t need to MOT it under CoronaConfusion rules so even though it is probably a death trap the government think sitting inside this is safer than being “out there”. Delicious pre facelift povo 1.1 spec, I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t become a forum star or the primary reason for bagging a supermodel next time you are in Lidl. https://www.gumtree.com/p/rover/good-tyres-all-round-starts-every-time-mechanicaly-sound-no-mot-3-march-but-amnesty-allows-to-drive/1370411714 Good tyres all round apparently so bear that in mind if you were looking for octagonal tyres. Fuck it, we’ll all be dead soon and nobody in their final moments ever regretted owning a Rover 200 in base spec. I can’t verify this of course.
  2. Rather cheap R50 on Gumtree. Long MOT although driving it away with no clutch could be challenging. Get it collected and pop a clutch in and enjoy! (Reality unlikely to be quite that simple) https://www.gumtree.com/p/mini/mini-cooper/1370536435 @outlaw118 weren’t you looking for a cheap Mini???
  3. Daily Leon throws up a random bulb failure even though the bulb is working. Clutch judders from cold and gearshift is sloppy. Not exactly disastrous.
  4. I have never desired a Skoda more than I have right now
  5. Depending on what Boris says in a few minutes we might need a Visa to leave the house tomorrow
  6. I have this image of a bunch of men standing at least two metres apart looking vaguely at old cars in the distance. If anyone is in a band i reckon it would make an excellent album cover
  7. Seemed to hit the Hot versions mostly. On a good night a scroat could nab a nice set of four Peugeot 205 GTI alloys with some bolt cutters
  8. Fiesta Encore. As if you would want another one
  9. Almost certain this is a coil pack, it’s a known issue in the Twinair (by which I mean everyone except your local Fiat dealer will have heard about it)
  10. Boss mails us at 6.30pm telling us we need to have all our sales plans redrafted by 9am tomorrow to reflect how client meetings will fall owing to Corona stuff. Made it quite clear that as we are working from home activity levels will be closely monitored and there are no excuses for failing to be busy. In fact as we won’t have to commute our hours will now be 8am to 7pm and he will be calling on video to check we are at our workstations in the mornings and evenings. What an absolute fucking prick.
  11. I am currently enduring the misery of travel insurance claims, including getting confirmation from Ryanair that I didn’t take the flight I was supposed to be on, what with the Ukrainian border about to shut and all... Getting help from Ryanair is rather like trying to order a front displacers for a 1978 Princess in that it probably ain’t gonna happen
  12. Supposed to be on a plane to the Ukraine right now but instead am at home. Haven’t got over my tonsillitis as quickly as I would have liked and as my temperature is up I will almost certainly get picked up by the Ukrainian medical testing at the airport and probably refused entry. Coupled with border closures last night it’s too risky getting trapped there so my Chernobyl trip bites the dust. Of course because I have elected not to go because of travel difficulties and Coronavirus it is classed as a personal choice so the travel insurance doesn’t cover any of it. A country closing most of its borders isn’t classed as adequate enough excuse so bang goes my birthday present..... in 2010 Mrs P was stuck in the US for three weeks because of the Iceland Volcano. She had friends to stay with, but I have no contacts in Kiev so have no choice but to pull it. Not repeating that
  13. I just had a nice set made up for Mrs P’s R56 Mini from a car mats place on eBay. Decent fit, quality ok and it was nice to be able to specify the colour of the mat and trim so get things “just so”. A set of dark blue mats with light blue trim would look very appropriate in there I think
  14. Dads Renault 9 was heavy too but that was pretty much the norm in 1988. We managed as we didn’t know any better!
  15. Don’t have Coronavirus, but do have Tonsillitis. Main grump is I only get a couple of days off rather than a couple of weeks. However it means my Pripyat trip is back on provided the antibiotics do their thing before Friday
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