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  1. Just signed a contract with a news agency giving them the rights to my video of me being assaulted by a cat trying to steal my blueberry muffin. Tomorrow I am going to try eating a pain au raisin near an Alpaca to see if that generates a similar result. Might be money in this “Parky eats near animals” genre. Keep an eye out for “Packet of Toffo’s near horse”, “Mince and onion pie at aquarium” and the perennial favourite “Pot Noodle in vicinity of Chaffinch”
  2. The Austin 1100 was originally called the Austin 1098. However a bean counter realised that 1100 only used two numbers, whereas 1098 was four different ones. The saving in toolmaking costs for the rear badging amounted to savings which Donald Stokes used to buy a new hat for his wife. The car itself was originally intended to be slightly smaller as demonstrated by Alec Issigonis In this early press photo. However this prototype was used by the construction industry (and is still in use today!) as the benchmark for garage dimensions in the U.K.
  3. Lord Creator originally wrote a soft reggae track called “William Town”. However William Towns, designer of the Aston Martin Lagonda objected so the track had to be changed to Kingston Town.
  4. Slim possibility I may appear in the American media as a lighthearted final news item. A Journo from the US saw a Reddit post my Daughter put up showing a video of me being assaulted by a Cat focused on my Blueberry Muffin and they want to call tomorrow to interview me about it. I may end up as some sort of meme but hey, what was it Andy Warhol said?
  5. I only ordered from them once but that was pre Brexit and Covid. Worked fine but at the moment I can’t get a parcel delivered from the UK to NZ as it’s either Brexit stopping stuff getting in, or Covid stopping it getting out.
  6. Other news. Mrs P’s Suzuki needed a wash and polish so off to Repco I went. I ended up with this???! Still at least I now know what Bjork is up to now, designing and creating car products. I look forward to the “Violently Happy” scratch remover and “It’s oh so quiet”, the Molybdenum based gearbox treatment. I have to say it’s not very good. Sorry Bjork. Many mid nineties band forays into car care haven’t been impressive. The Divine Comedy range of “Something for the weekend” tools weren’t good quality and Shed Sevens car audio can remain on standby. I’ll probably go back
  7. June Whitfield and Terry Scott still hold the record for the furthest distance travelled around MIRA in 24 hours. Achieved in a Princess 1700HL in standard spec they were aided by slipstream created by James Hunt and Emerson Fittipaldi towing caravans behind their Formula One cars. Scott, a promising F3 star was once described by Jim Clark as “The only man I ever feared” said after the event that “the slipstream instantly added 500 revs onto the B series engine at which point is was as silent as a fish“. After the event they celebrated by having Terrys boss round for dinner (alt
  8. It’s a Datsun 1200. Ratdat of this parish was restoring a similar 510 sss. There is a thread he put together on it, definitely one of the top 5 threads ever on the site. Mike and Ant did a 510 as well on WD. Here’s a front view the Datsun....
  9. Me and my GF back then owned a Peugeot 106 Aztec. I briefly saw a girl with a 106 Junior before her, and the girl after had a 106 Graduate 1.4 diesel. Liked 106’s and would welcome a test drive but I would have fairly mixed memories. Definitely the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
  10. While in the uk I got a parking ticket from Thurrock Council on 6th October. Paid it and have an email receipt. Today my Mum received a redirected letter dated 23rd December (!!!) confirming my parking ticket from 6th October was still unpaid and I had 28 days to pay £105 before Bailliffs were appointed. Oddly the new ticket has a different reference number but I didn’t get two tickets on the same day. Obviously a duplicate somewhere but I now have to call Thurrock from here on a mobile to explain something simple to a cretin. Yes, you should always assume people are lovely and
  11. In an age of political upheaval, global instability, pandemics and conspiracies, there is a person in New Zealand who cuts through the confusion and reports on what really matters Keith Fishingham, 22 from somewhere cold said he had “been on a massive sesh with some Walruses” and last remembered climbing into a Taxi outside an Ice Bar. He said he had enjoyed the Park “especially the roundabout” but eventually a Policeman with a Pork and Apple with Sage had proved too tempting. ”Normally I’m more into Fish but variety, spice of life and all that” Keith was last seen headin
  12. Shame you didn’t actually have a “special” vaccine full of microchips for the PITA clients. Yes, it would have proved they were right after all but HA HA! YOU’RE BILL GATES WIFE NOW DAVE!”
  13. You know I have no idea. Sadly I was too distracted by Avengers and Renault 5’s! Hopefully Eddy will know. He has probably owned examples of these
  14. More loveliness, yes, more Austin I’m afraid, in the same family from new, three generations learned to drive in it, the owner (Glenn) was sound as, drives it weekly. All he did was t-cut it before the show. Magnificent! The white Cortina was minty mint and won car of the show. For me the Austin, the Alpine or the Yellow Nissan were the true winners of this. Although the blue Torana.....and the Fairmonts.....oh, and the Zephyr in Autoshite colours...... Lots or yank stuff, it was like living in @eddyramrodfantasies!
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