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  1. It’s the thought of lady called Martin. Excitable these DVLA administrators
  2. Had an interview last week. I immediately decided I wouldn’t gel with him, he said much the same. I had the feeling he wanted the moon on a stick in a gilt plated presentation box, which was largely confirmed to me when I heard the 12 folk he saw were all rejected. He basically wanted another clone of himself. Fair enough, it’s his business so his call. Apparently as part of my feedback he stated that “I found it odd that Parky said his biggest motivation was doing his utmost to help his children get the best start, Good salespeople wouldn’t say something like that” So there you have it.
  3. And the silly bastards have spilt tipp-ex all over your address
  4. It’s got some good results on YouTube, that’s for sure
  5. Cataclean and a blast might do it, or some equivalent dpf snake oil. I think Wynn’s do one but no idea if it’s any good
  6. Pam Ayres.....Pam Grier. You’ve gotta have a system
  7. I know, it’s like the world kept ageing but she didn’t. She’s a whole lotta woman
  8. Brrrrring brrring, brrrr (click) ”Morning, Appropriate Number Plates for you, Nick speaking, how can I help?” ”Yeah alright mate, got this car yeah and wondered if you had anything that accentuates is features, you got anything?” ”Heh heh, oh yes sir, I think I might have the very thing!” https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-fiesta-1.3-cheap-/1343646643
  9. More prizes to Lynne who again has surprised me by describing this as pretty much what it is. https://www.gumtree.com/p/suzuki/small-run-around-current-mot/1343570664 MOT to November and it’s a muthaflippin Suzuki Ignis. Make sure you bring some adhesive with you, such as Copydex or Gloy Gum for that seventies primary school reminiscence to stick that rubbing strip back on. Honestly Lynne, that was just sloppy.
  10. Ah Brendan, at last an advert on Gumtree that is relatively clear and understandable. Sadly it leaves me with very little to take the piss out of. If I was a five eighths scale model of myself with £175 burning a hole in my five eighths scale trousers, i’d be on this like a five eighths scale Tramp on some slightly greater than half size chips https://www.gumtree.com/p/fiat/fiat-cinquecento-for-sale-good-condition-for-her-age-and-worth-a-good-look/1343521535
  11. Watched “Foxy Brown” the other night. Pam Grier woke feelings in me I no longer thought I had
  12. Well today saw her finally reply. ”Yes I want to pay but it’s a lot of money from my family budget and it will be a struggle for me to pay” Yes, I know it’s a lot of money but that’s why you have insurance you silly bitch. So you paying or not? Because if not it’s insurance. I did ask why she was so keen to avoid the insurance company so I reckon it’s her husband insured to drive the car and perhaps she hasn’t got a licence. Sadly that’s not my problem. Tomorrow I am telling her I feel bad taking her money off her so I have decided not to ask her for it, instead I will sort it with the insurance.
  13. Imagination really running riot on this one ”Rear brake bulb purchased through eBay from Verne Troyer” ”Was sat in by TV star Ray Quinn when he was looking round the dealership for an Arosa but thought he would see what a Leon was like while he was there” ”Looked at by Natalie Cassidy from Eastenders when she was walking back from Sainsbury’s one Sunday afternoon and the car was sitting at temporary road works at the time”
  14. Not a stupid idea. Might change my name to Stirling Moss so I can claim “celebrity previous owner”. Or maybe go with someone with more global provenance. “Why, a mere £2000 for this fine conveyance once owned by William Devane, one of the stars of “Space Cowboys” and latterly the adverts on TV for Gold bullion?”
  15. One step ahead. Closest match to mine has a few less miles but is £2995 at a dealer. Similar ones are £2500. Shame isn’t it? Someone else does the damage and yet I am the one who has to do all the running about. Doesn’t seem right somehow. If anything it shou,d he her scouring eBay for parts and getting quotes sorted on my behalf
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