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  1. Thats proper grand that. Funnily enough a few of these keep popping up on my NZ cheap car feed! That estate looks properly weapon for rural NZ pootling....
  2. And Doctors aren’t all consultant surgeons spending chunks of time playing Golf. Some of them work stupid hours and struggle with overwhelming med school debts leaving little time, cash, energy or inclination to have their vehicles expertly tended by the McLaren F1 team mechanics. Like many it goes into Kwik Fit when the red light comes on or when the MOT man fails it
  3. Agreed. The man who bought my Civic for $1800 and “just nipped off to get the cash, back in an hour” turned up two days later and was very miffed I had sold it for $2100 the day after he’d gone.
  4. Steroid diary day 5. High dosage continues. Sleep total over last 120 hours - five fucking hours. It’s like being pissed without the urge to shout “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!” at wheelie bins. Current mood If you see a man in a silver Leon being brought sandwiches by Paul Gascogne later, this may provide context
  5. Cheers man. Got out today (5 days inside). Quite frustrating as if my notes had been followed, two quick shots and a bag of saline and I am home. Whacked and battered but home. I blocked a bed for five days, three of which were “because admin”. I had ordered lunch today but when it arrived at my bed at 12.30, it was taken off me as I had been discharged at 10am. Nobody thought to tell me, although I enjoyed my chat with the angry Nurse who told me I couldn’t have soup because I wasn’t there anymore. She couldn’t tell me where I was, she just knew I wasn’t on the ward anymore. It
  6. Of course, at this end of the market you get what you are given. I was merely hinting at a liking for the obscure, finding a yellow wing for a particular Suzuki is much more satisfying than a corsa that needs a new tyre.
  7. Yes. I would like to see you buy something for peanuts, then get it running and MOT’d for peanuts. Preferably something mad like a £250 Hyundai Sonata or Honda Legend. The obscure stuff is more fun when it comes to parts chasing!
  8. Even Joe Biden approves this message. This is wonderful to see and inspirational as my NZ wheels are likely to have knackered paint because Sun so a garage repaint is on the cards probably
  9. Stress is killing me. Literally. Another Crohns flare up owing to passport mayhem and have been in hospital nil by mouth since Thursday. Of course getting treated during Covid was a treat and they are generally doing their best but that’s the state of the NHS right now and it ain’t getting better this winter folks so pop your masks on. Even if you don’t believe in science it keeps your face warm which is a nice side effect when it’s cold. So this is where life gets interesting. In order to get released I have to be able to eat. Three options, none of which work for my system (I am no
  10. Incredibly we may have a situation where Quentin Wilson’s snake oil with particles could have a raison d’etre https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BEST-ENGINE-ADDITIVE-AMETECH-ENGINE-RESTORER-250ml-Reduce-Oil-Burn-Blue-Smoke-/264482944450?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  11. Two months before emigrating, I lost my passport. A massive pain in the arse as I needed it for visa and quarantine applications. A quick chat with the passport office suggested an online application would be the way to go and as it’s merely a replacement for a lost passport it should be done in 2 weeks, maybe 3 at a push. It’s now week 4 and I chased up the app today. Basically they have everything and have had everything since the 18th September, for some reason it’s sitting in a queue awaiting further info, even though none is required and I haven’t been asked for anything. Sh
  12. I like the new i30, it looks like an A class. Nice inside too. Hyundai are the New Toyota, solid reliable stuff that doesn’t offend and does a great job of being “an car”. Toyota styling these days is......a bit of an acquired taste in some cases
  13. They are pretty smart aren’t they? I very nearly got a 5 door Ceed when I bought our Leon back in 2008 and I always thought they would be a good second hand buy. They don’t get a 7 year warranty if Kia expect to pay out on it so the fundamentals are solid. Well bought, might think about one of these for Junior when he starts driving
  14. Final ever oil change on the daily Leon. In a months time it will be offered to family and if no interest it will be offered on here. So anyone interested in a 2008 Seat Leon with 113k on the clock and regular oil changes every 6000 or so, get your wallets warmed up.
  15. September 2008 - 57 plate Seat Leon, only 8 months old Today - 57 plate Seat Leon, now 12 years old.
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