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  1. I'm Range Rover shopping, but looking at the dent in the passenger seat here I'm not sure I'm man enough [emoji15][emoji533]
  2. First-world problems [emoji6]
  3. A German colleague was telling me about his new Mercedes A Class Limousine recently. It seems to be the German for Saloon.
  4. New propellers make me grin. Launch scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (if you want to know when the good weather disappears)
  5. It's a fart over £1.50 a week more. Compared to a lot of things lately that could have been a whole lot worse.
  6. Looking factory fresh in the sunshine
  7. Having just gone through a bout of fairly serious medical shit, I can tell you the last thing I wanted to do was ring around all my friends to tell them. Whether we like it or not, society and how we interact with each other is continually evolving, with one-to-many conversations via Facebook or WhatsApp becoming the norm.
  8. A quick Google reveals Minis have rear belt mounting points from 1981 on, with them becoming standard fit in 1986 to comply with the new* law.
  9. Fair play to them, they're certainly grippy [emoji6]
  10. Very true, but like with so many things the intervening years have been kind and now it looks spot on for the era.
  11. That is a bit of a honey, takes me right back to my yoof.
  12. "Burglarizing" [emoji37] The whole thing is horribly written.
  13. I recognise the cop car; owned by @TheCarGuru on Twitter. Edit: Just noticed the white Saab too, definitely him!
  14. It's been a while but had to get a pic of this old soldier.
  15. Driven one but somehow avoided ownership [emoji6] My nautical experience certainly helped.
  16. I had to click the link to see what it is. Never seen one before.
  17. The Scrappage Scheme has a lot to answer for...
  18. MX-5 seats used to be a popular upgrade for Scimitar owners (maybe just the SE5?) as very few other modern seats are narrow enough.
  19. I live in Port Solent and noticed the Beetle while.walking the dogs earlier - I used to have a '67 1200 back in the day. The car meet is going from strength to strength, usually with a good selection of "our type" of cars [emoji3]
  20. One of our neighbours has FLOG ME (F10 GME?) on his Overfinch RR, FLOG MY on his McLaren, FLOG UU on his Fiat 500 and used to have FLOG OF on something else. The McLaren has "Life is measured in achievement not in years alone - Bruce McLaren" written on the plate. It's true, money can't buy class.
  21. I had lunch there almost exactly a year ago...small world!
  22. One-make banger racing?
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