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  1. A few more "speed holes" maybe [emoji6]
  2. Epic London spot(s). My work here is done.
  3. Someone's bossing the daily commute. Havant Station car park.
  4. Diesel convertibles are just wrong.
  5. Whenever @yes oui si mentions me in a reply I get a notification but it doesn't appear in the thread. I don't have him on ignore ans can see Al his other posts, just nothing that mentions me. Any idea why?
  6. Spotted on the M25 earlier today...One of ours?
  7. The results of a 5 minute stroll in Prague before heading to the airport. Bonus 3-for-1 and 4-for-1 shots.
  8. Back when money was cheap it would almost have been worth financing the purchase as an investment. Less so now, sadly...
  9. Not just a Stilo, but a Stilo Abarth. These are a really handsome, practical car.
  10. Well done chaps - Sadly still having issues viewing the forum via Tapatalk on the mobile, is something unplugged?
  11. AS doesn't seem to work for me on Tapatalk since the outage last week. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  12. "Collection from Manchester". It looks like it's spent most of it's life in Atlantis
  13. Fair play to him though, he's always very honest about his mistakes as well as his successes.
  14. Not that strange really, just an in-joke as I live in Port Solent [emoji6]
  15. It's lovely on a summer evening, it's just the locals can be a strange bunch [emoji6]
  16. If it is a scam they need to aim a bit higher, £119 isn't going to buy you much, even in Nigeria.
  17. The Sallyport pub-cum-antiques emporium is always worth a visit, as is Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill overlooking the city. In fact I'm sitting in my back garden as I type this looking up at the fort.
  18. I'm Range Rover shopping, but looking at the dent in the passenger seat here I'm not sure I'm man enough [emoji15][emoji533]
  19. First-world problems [emoji6]
  20. A German colleague was telling me about his new Mercedes A Class Limousine recently. It seems to be the German for Saloon.
  21. New propellers make me grin. Launch scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (if you want to know when the good weather disappears)
  22. It's a fart over £1.50 a week more. Compared to a lot of things lately that could have been a whole lot worse.
  23. Looking factory fresh in the sunshine
  24. Having just gone through a bout of fairly serious medical shit, I can tell you the last thing I wanted to do was ring around all my friends to tell them. Whether we like it or not, society and how we interact with each other is continually evolving, with one-to-many conversations via Facebook or WhatsApp becoming the norm.
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