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  1. This thread sparked a memory of an article in What car in the 90's that had a list of all cars registered in 1990, I recall being surprised to see 2 Capri's on it, a bit of googling confirms that 2 Capri 280 Brooklands are out there on a G plate
  2. Yes the GM44 is a manicat IIRC, haven't dabbled in old Vaux cats from some years so slightly hazy If you can get codes off them there are a few websites that will give approx values, usually in polish Zloti but easy to convert to Sterling
  3. Should have a code cast into the manifold that you can see in the engine bay starting with GM, usually these ones are a GM44 with another letter after it such as GM44E Happy to help with ID and value
  4. And the cat is worth circa £350 scrap if original winner !!!!!
  5. Reciprocating saw with a short ,fine blade ? you could even shorten the blade so there's only 10-15mm cutting length so it would be quite controllable
  6. I've vetoed the wife getting a newish focus for this very reason, having looked into it in some depth it's ridiculously easy to steal them in seconds with £50 of amazon gadgetry
  7. Let me guess, Ford Kuga/Fiesta/Focus + Range Rovers
  8. There was a Chrysler 300C outside my work today that was fully Bentley badged including the wheels and with a goppingly awful mesh grille, I would have taken a pic but I actually felt like vomiting it was that bloody awful
  9. Tell her to find the best Mk1 Focus RS she can for the money and stash that away instead, solid gold investment !
  10. Day 9 and still testing positive as is the wife, remaining symptoms are a slightly tight chest and am bloody knackered, I can't return to work until day 11 apparently but the boss is not impressed
  11. Day 7 of Covid, still testing positive and still feel like absolute shit, weird feeling of fuck all energy, motivation or the ability to concentrate Sorry for the grumble but i'm fucking bored of it , chest is tight and i'm fucked just going up the stairs
  12. Both me and the wife work with the great unwashed in the NHS and had somehow dodged it up until attending my uncles funeral last Friday where at least 14 people and counting have caught it, I've honestly never felt so ill ( same symptoms as above) and am pissing more sweat out than I thought was humanly possible. I've found alternating Ibuprofen and Paracetamol every 4 hours has helped somewhat but jeeesus it's kicking our arses.
  13. Happy days Eddie, hopefully it'll take a bit of pressure off your mind, hopefully there's an element of back pay you can treat yourself and the good lady with
  14. I meant to mention what I saw a few weeks back when flying to New York from Manchester T2, a guy next to me at security had an old metal biscuit tin taped up with hazard tape, a language barrier prevented him telling the security guard what it actually was so it got opened up gingerly and pretty much everyone shit themselves when it was found to be full of a mass of circuit boards, wires and LED's He seemed oblivious to the stupidity of carrying something like this, You basically couldn't make anything look more like a bomb than whatever the fuck it was
  15. Today i was this many days old when I discovered that 6ft 2" does not fit into a roofed MX5 without risk of concussion when driving over a crisp bag, this has made me very very sad
  16. An update, the little fucker of a Coot was caught and has been taken to the Vet's , took hours to catch and allegedly it had to be given mouth to beak resus as it had tried to hide underwater for too long, possibly some artistic licence from the park volunteer group but glad it's been helped
  17. Bloody sickened, my desk faces out to Newsham Park and it's nice lake, I saw a bit of activity earlier and turns out it was the RSPB trying to rescue a Coot that had a small crossbow bolt through it's neck, Fire Brigade also attended but couldn't catch the little bugger. RSPB are coming back with reinforcements to get it. It seemed active enough so I assume the bolt has missed any vital bits but Jesus wept what cunt would do something like that
  18. I worked at Halewood JLR for a while, they discovered a fault with the autobox programming and the only solution was for the car to be ragged at full revs straight off the line and then get absolutely hammered round the site for a few laps, not a bad job I guess but the new owners would have been horrified to see how their lovely new car was treated
  19. I had a sticky period some years ago and basically put bread on the table by cherry picking parts from a local scrappy and selling via ebay and owners clubs An early 80's E21 323i came out of the scrappy in pieces, struts and hubs were £20 each and went to a 2002 owner for £200, rear disc set up £250, rear spoiler £10 and sold to Germany for £140 and I think the dash went to somewhere mad like Nepal or Peru I did very well on Hyundai Coupe Body control modules and hoovered them up at £20 each then knocking them out for £140 via ebay I still do the odd bits but I'll keep these to myself
  20. Shirtless and wellingtons.....any travellers nearby ?
  21. Was sad to miss this beaut, give me a shout when/if you get bored with it
  22. Bloody lovely , well done. Ceri is great at delivering old Vauxhalls
  23. Trying to get the MIL over to see her family in Ireland for what may be her last trip, usually we fly and grab a hire car at the airport for a few days and last time this cost £240 Fuck me with a gilded kipper......£881 for the same deal this time ....... Jeeeesus christ
  24. I've had good results getting older paint " Spectro" scanned, recent 90's red metallic Vauxhall was an exact match
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