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  1. May the gods of shite smile sweetly upon you this fine evening
  2. omegod

    Stop smoke

    I have a very good 2005 100k 1.6 Focus engine with fresh belts in my stash , I'm 10 miles from you, and tis but a weekends work
  3. Not grumpy, more sad really. My daughter is moving into uni digs on Sunday, we were walking round Tesco earlier pissing ourselves laughing at stupid stuff like we normally do and it just hit me like a truck that these regular things we do are going to be quite few and far between now as she fly's the nest for the first time. I'm delighted and excited for her starting a new adventure but we are really close, just wasn't expecting it to hit me like that. Think i'll need a new project car to take my mind off it !
  4. I misread the thread title , am disappointed
  5. I once saw a model village catch fire, was awful to see, you could see the flames from 10 feet away
  6. Original post now edited to reflect it is sadly available for sale, not cheap but it's the best one left for sure
  7. Cheers. Vaux auctioned that off a few months ago. wasn't that great condition wise and had 70 k on the clock
  8. It's a bit like the Bond scene where Connery is massaging some totty with a mink glove
  9. Forgot to add she was optioned with the "executive pack" which is heated leather front and back, electric rear blind, boot mounted multichanger and photochromatic rear view mirror ! How posh !!
  10. Sadly not me old mucker, it worked out that a full system wasn't much more than a backbox so she got the full new one, very grateful for the pipes though and they are here if you need em back
  11. Edited to reflect a change of circumstance that sadly requires me to move this on to someone who will love it as much as me, I've had a very healthy dealer offer but I'm happy to offer it without the trade mark up that will then be attached to it . Feel free to share with any enthusiasts you may know but please don't share to facearse etc. It's the finest left in existence for sure and will go down a storm at shows etc. My efforts of the last few months have come to fruition and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome I'm a serial Omega botherer and some years ago I got a sniff of this 1996 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 24v CDX manual that was no longer being used as it's only owner was no longer able to drive, sad circumstances meant it was stored unused for 5-6 years . She was a non runner and in a neglected state by the time I was able to rescue it and @worldofceriwas employed to bring her to me, excellent service and highly recommended! When she arrived she was covered in the usual moss and grime and was still on the original 1996 tyres which were perished and barely held air. Non running cause was found to be a completely ruined fuel system as the petrol in the tank had turned to a bright green mess that had dissolved all of the internal rubber pipes into a black sticky goo, I don't think I've ever smelt anything so toxic, a thorough tank clean, new piping, sender unit refurbed , filter and new pump and she burst back into life. Further recommissioning work required was 4 x new Michelin tyres, Cambelt and waterpump kit , complete replacement exhaust system, service , wipers, alternator was refurbished with new internals, new battery and literally scores of hours of cleaning and gentle refurbishment . The main dealer service history is incredible with 8 miles between services some years. She walked her MOT and now drives like a she has just rolled out of the showroom, unsurprisingly given she's only covered 17 k from new, the interior leather looks like it's just had the plastic removed at the dealers and the rear seats have allegedly never been sat in
  12. I thought at first he was a bit over the top, but then again on the other hand ........ Fair play for giving him a kick
  13. I had an independent Vaux guy round last night to replace the cambelt and water pump on my Omega V6, looked an absolute twat of a job that ran on till 21:45. I wasn't able to start it as I'd done some of the prep removing the masses of air pipes which I will reinstall later. I've seen that the timing was absolutely spot on prior to the covers going back on but have still had a growing anxiety and worry sweats all day about it's first start tonight....top tip ......don't ever do things this way
  14. You beat me by 30 seconds,
  15. Regardless of who doesn't like who or anything else it's always worth checking to see if we have a man/woman down, we've lost one member that I know of in my time here and frankly that's one too many. Even if they just tell you to get fucked, I work in Mental Health BTW and get told this several times a day
  16. I got a set of pick tools for about £4, I honesty don't know how I managed without them for 30 yrs as they have been incredibly useful https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154061657117?hash=item23deca541d:g:n2kAAOSwKk9fRoO4
  17. I've never done a FOD and having seen how many people dodge paying for their chippy dinner I'm thinking twice about ever doing so, villains and vagabonds the lot of them Looks like a nice meet up with some great motors, safe journeys home all !!
  18. £138 for a years insurance on our Fiesta, i'm gobsmacked , shows i'm getting on a bit 🙂
  19. Finance Clarke must be an arsehole to pay that !
  20. I reckon its just the culture !!
  21. Sorry if that seemed a bit dramatic me posting it but all felt very strange at the time , she's on the mend and had some IV drippy stuff to slow her ticker down and bloods show no heart attack thankfully but she has a bit of a wonky ECG so I'll be picking her up in a bit and keep an eye on her. Work can feck off for today, cheers for the comments.
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