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  1. You never know there may be a return journey/drop off in a Saab depending who winds my raffle
  2. I px'ed a Focus last September at The Carshop in Warrington last October so was surprised to receive a DVLA letter about it being untaxed on a road in Leicester in August, they are a huge sales organisation so fuck knows how it's still registered to me I assume a lengthy call to DVLA on Monday will sort it
  3. I have little sympathy, you dance with the devil .........
  4. I can confirm it is indeed an Ambassador, well done chaps
  5. A good deal of time and resources got wasted by several members and myself today trying to identify what the car on the left is, it's now time for yours to be wasted too, what is it ?
  6. An Italian tune up would help push the cataclean through the cat, it's probably still sucking shite fuel through
  7. Friend of a friend won a pretty new Ford Mustang a few months back, he has it tarped up in the HGV yard he works at as he doesn't want to sell it
  8. Great progress Mr Rust, when you've finished with that you can work out why my Saab 9-3 is getting 12 v to one front fog light and just 5 v to the other
  9. On the 2.2 petrol Omega a cam sensor fault would throw up lots of gearbox codes but not one for the sensor itself, absolutely no relevance to this thread really but I felt like sharing
  10. Yeah some fucker has just done this with Katsu Mackerel, looked like he'd eaten it once already then shat it onto toast
  11. Mackerel, Salmon or sardines in the workplace should be a sackable offence F*cking stinks
  12. I have shite en route to me, completely unplanned and I had no idea I was buying until 2 pm today, I don't do spontaneous but the seller certainly does
  13. Ahh i had the 2.0 petrol, I recall it being rather swift in 3rd gear for some reason
  14. I had a similar issue as a buyer, I paid for a spares car and on the hour the transporter was due to pick it up the sellers account disappeared from ebay. I'd stupidly paid by bank transfer too so was somewhat surprised/relieved that the car turned up as described an hour later , it had been left for collection in a field with the keys in apparently
  15. I think you're gonna fall head over heels for this one Ken, they really are a comfy wafter when sorted. What engine is it ?
  16. I've been having some form of Sciatica , lower back , arsecheek then into my hip and knee which I can deal with, what I can't deal with are the muscles mid back that are going into spasm randomly as a result of the sciatic nerve. Halfway up out of a chair and it'll feel like I've been macheted Had an MRI which shows a bulging disk, been offered a steroid injection into the spine which I think I'll decline and give the physio more of a chance, The occasional Diazepam to release the spasms ( prescribed) is quite pleasant !
  17. I ran a 98 2.0 SVX or summat , was a very good car and pretty quick . The spheres needed a change and it had a cambelt done at a place in Widnes. I'll happily come and twirl a spanner with you to some extent but I'm not going near anything hydraulic !
  18. omegod

    Man Down

    Condolences mate, a colleagues Dad passed away in Benidorm on Xmas day, things went very smoothly with repatriation and I hope it does for you if he's coming back to the UK
  19. These guys are proper metal artists, spent hours on the channel https://www.youtube.com/@yorkshirecarrestoration
  20. Looks a tidy weird thing Is it just me or do all coras have a weird smell inside, a bit like babymilk?? every one I've been in or worked of smell odd It's just me ain't it
  21. Aye, could be the heaviest shitely request ever It'll be here for the foreseeable should you want it at some point
  22. I have a 1.6 2005 engine and gearbox removed from my brothers Foci that was broken due to body damage, t'was a fine runner but has been sitting for a couple of years now You want it ?
  23. Our 69 reg Qashqai is blowing warm air , they are notorious for holed condensers but I had Halford's stick a gauge on it yesterday and it's apparently full of gas, I've had a dig around and came across a guy who just does aircon from a tiny place, had a good gab with him today and sounded like an older guy, very passionate about aircon , £140 for a " Sonic/accoustic" diagnostic and a drain and refill, sadly we have the very expensive newer gas. It's getting looked at on Saturday http://www.acvehicleairconditioningservices.co.uk/
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