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  1. Unremarkable definately fits most of the tat in this thread!
  2. It makes sense money wise for alot of small business. Labour intensive work added to a constant supply of easy work just makes life difficult, if you offer to look at it between jobs it wont be fast enough for the person and if you charge them full wack hourly to get it done asap it will be to expensive for them, decline and let them be someone elses problem. Most of bodyshops round here i know will turn down full resprays as its too time consuming, my friend whos a one man band painter can have 3 cars with localised repairs on the go at the same time and knock all three out in a day or two with each car at say around 400 - 500 quid each thats easy money for him. For him Spending a week rubbing down finding more and more wob/newspaper/pubes/bean tins/etc on somebodys "pride and joy" that "just needs a blow over" just doesnt work in his favour so he declines most of them. I know a couple of guys that take on all unwanted local mechanic dirty work, engine swaps, clutches, blown turbos, crashed lease cars, people who are "skint", roundabout campers, trucks that have a hard hard life etc etc. They are always busy but spend ALOT of time chasing down parts fixing other problems that the car has as it was fucked long before its current new problem. Alot of people have High expectations for unrealistic money.
  3. The big ol tub of easy 1 filler came out and the area was skimmed, once dried was knocked back with 80 grit on a block.
  4. Why so much filler? Just like the wing instead of popping the arch liner / interior panel out and banging the dent out they have gone for the faster route and just used a tone on bog. A dent puller or spotter had been used to yank the dent out in around 6 places and they have pulled on it hard. With how hard its been pulled it left a load of raised dimples. Instead of knocking them back , filler has been built up to level them out, doesnt make much sense to me but time is money for any bodyshop. The low spot at the top of the arch My good friend gary was at the workshop he weilded a hammer while i put pressure on from the inside and held the dolly ,Some bashing and a wizz over with the DA gets it much much flater.
  5. All filler, no killer. After talking to a friend / customer at work about the little pug, i mentioned the front wing im repairing and he knew of a pair that have been replaced with only a minor dent up the top from a car that had a parking barrier come down on it. He said they was near the scrap pile when he lasted visited the place so if they are there monday when he goes he will pick them out for me. With that in mind i moved to doing the offside rear quarter. Just Like the front wing this had been repaired badly then damaged again , this has cracked the filler that was looking a bit thick. With how the front was fixed i knew there was going to be more to this. I started chipping at it but it was still well bonded. Fibre disc on the grinder time. The guy or gal must have had shares in the bodyfiller supplier. Filler now relocated around the workshop. Safrane has now doubled in value as its a dusty barnfind.
  6. Filler ground out, hammer and dolly gets the wing much straighter, needs some time to get it better but it was getting late so i called it a night.
  7. Strawberry ripple, The front wing has suffered many a bump, it has a rusted old bit of damage. Ripples along from the recent damage that goes along the door and this has cracked a previous repair. A crack in a little* bit of filler. The quickest fix would have been a wing and a door in red and i did find some about an hour away, but that would be another £100 and its just not in the budget i want to stick too. Red paint is cheap at work and ive got a large amount of the consumables needed. The wings already got a bit off filler in it so im not bother about a bit more going in. So time to try and bash it back into shape. Better, closer , warmer That filler crack got alot bigger tho. Cant be that much filler in there. . . . Can there? Actual lolz. Its about 10mm thick. From looking at the drivers side of the car its been painted by a different place than the people who did the rear quarter swap. The paint finish and quality of the repair is the opposite end of the scale, All this filler is for one deep is dent and instead of removing the arch liner to knock the dent out they have wobbed the shit out of it.
  8. New muck catchers installed. Theres really not much but the body work to address now, perfect job for the cold evenings. Doh!
  9. I once had to take photos for a "how to" instruction manual for a contract at my old job, a small gps unit that would often fail on the equipment we produced. It was a step by step guide that could be sent for people to use for assembling the replacement part on site. Expecting the person i knew who was writing the manual to pick up on them and have a chuckle i had taken the photos but in the background i had placed various items. A handful of set Screws positoned so they spelt various words like "kill me/tits/cock/balls" on numerous photos, also a workmates bare bum cheeks perched upon the edge of the table just slightly out of focus. A good 10 or so photos like this. He never clocked it, and thus a manual with a pair of arse cheeks and rude words was emailed to the customers. Ohh how he didnt laugh.
  10. The shifter bush was rather worn causing a wobbly lever and poor selection , i repaired a fiat before by using a plastic sheet as a shim. I was going to try the same on here but i see a video on youtube and the guy just wound a couple of screws into the surrounding voids, i used some m5 bolts, looks a bit more of a bodge but is A much simpler fix to perform, a spray of lube and it now selects lovely.
  11. Also so far ive found £2.80, So the budget is £152.80! Spend so far Full Service & wiper £30 Wheel trims £12.50 Tailored Mats £10 Door and boot seal kit £45 Headlight £30 3 tins of KJH red paint £10 £137.50 so far! But cant think of much else that is needed.
  12. Run it for a month or two, its actually for my good lady to it to see if she likes it enough to replace her jimny as thats juicey and tax is high (i dont think it will suceed as she love the jimny) Didnt want to spend £1500+ on a nicer one only to hate it then have the ball ache of selling it. This ones cheap enough to gamble on as it was only £600. I say "only" 600 quid as in compared to others on the market the going rate seems to start around 1k up. When im finished with it my boss is interested in it as a delivery car at what it owes me and it will be ran into the ground , but if its a decent little steer ill bang it on here first incase someone wants it. The budget is £150 to make it nice. So it will be up for grabs at £750.
  13. Like every panel on this little pug the front bumper big ugly chrome bit has taken a bump, more than twice. Enhance A used one of these is nudging 50 quid! Get out. Time for some filler and the same steel wheel silver i used on the mx5 wheels. The long peice was repaired but the paint was taking ages to dry so no photos tonight. I like this colour and it looks far better than the chrome. Some sorry looking door mirrors needed some attention so they joined in. Omg, Audi copy cat.
  14. Interior all cleaned and reinstalled. Few nooks on the dash to be cleaned out and the door cards will be coming off to clean behind them aswell but overall im please with the result. Ive pushed the boat out and ordered some mats for it aswell which should freshen things up too.
  15. Steel drum solo, 20211123_123942.mp4
  16. Ive not looked under the car so these pics are a first for me too, Seems to a bit of a leak from somewhere too , ill clean this off and monitor it.
  17. Whilst i can easily rub my thighs at the sight of one maestro, two could see a frictional fire hazzard so i need to look away for safetys sake. However That garage door is awesome.
  18. Its this stuff theres many ways to buy similar stuff, its just bitumen sheet. A cheaper option is roof flashing tape. I work at a motor parts shop so thats where i get it.
  19. Live updates being through of the servicing. Now thats a plug gap!
  20. I have, Its been done to a rather good standard and ive not found anything of worry. The seams are straight and fully plug welded in. The joints for the replacement quarter are nicely done. Overall im happy with it. Even if the bodyshop had bought all new panels its the same repair process. Plug welding and butt welding etc etc. I knew the car was salvage repair but i was concerned about finding a badly bashed out rear end behind the obviously replaced bumper and large volumes of wob. So to find panels replaced instead of beaten into a rough shape and bogged up is fine with me.
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