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  1. Just ping me if you need any other part numbers, citroen or aftermarket.
  2. T36059 GATES APV2012 DAYCO T9330 FAI 531009710 INA
  3. Gates 6pk110 belt , looks like its a non AC car? 6284mc belt listed for hydraulic pump.
  4. Dropping the Corsa back at work left me in a situation of my Astra being at the workshop and me lacking wheels. So i borrowed our emergency car from work for a few days and and offered to address the weeping waterpump. Might be a bit silly as the gearbox is noisey but given how cheap the pump is it just means it doesnt have to have the coolant levels checked or forgotten. Up we go then, lowering the car down a bit the lift then threw a wobbly and got itself stuck, with the car on it. Gr8. Some time was wasted buggering around to re-sync the lift. Anyway, arch liner thi
  5. Good friend dropped by in the giffer spec Astra. With the sun out the colours pop , Just look at the those burgandy bastards!
  6. Okay so i completely failed to finish this for my other halfs birthday. So its a bit like me really, its late, not exactly the perfect shape and definately not without its issues.
  7. Ive had the pleasure of driving both, of roughly the same era. Admittedly not good examples. Given a choice and weighing up the pros and cons of the two cars. . . Id get a vauxhall Astra.
  8. Today i had borrowed my works latest addition to its fleet, one that will be used for visiting low end clients, tips and the eventual weighbridge when the gearbox explodes or the ticket runs out. Whichever comes first. Upon seeing the car @Six-cylinder couldnt find the word to describe it. Turns out that word was OXYMORON!
  9. And the results are in. NOPE. Sad times. Its better, but im guessing an item has worn causing the tap or the oil pump has seen better days. Rev it and its perfect. Idle it sounds like a corsa with stretched chain.
  10. Cold start it and the timing chain does its intial rattle untill the the oils up and about, but its seems to take a smidge longer than expected And theres a low volume clatter that dissapears with some revs. When owned by my other halfs parents they forked out and had my mate do a chain kit and water pump around late 2018 and probably 10k ago. But that would also be the last time the oil was changed id expect. No oil pressure light on and as the chain does quieten there certainly some pressure. But is it just low enough to cause a lifter to rattle? A bit of google diagnostics
  11. A Familiar face The peppermint green dream machine then, previously owned by myself, my other halfs parents and recently sold to my friend and work collegue who gave me the maroon Astra that i gave to a friend. Its safe to say my friend doesnt have much luck with cars and the first time she drove the car after her partner had drove it for about a week. It went into limp mode! Something it had done once previously on a seriously cold morning but never again (seems to be a common thing) ignition off and on and its fine. It was then backed into and they fucked off
  12. I had decided to takle what sounded like a noisey wheel bearing on the rear. Top bolt fine, driveshaft pushed out fine. 1 bolt seized and two snapped. 50 50 then.
  13. Rear discs and pads changed out, i also put two new calipers on the rear as one handbrake mech wouldnt retract. Oddly it was a recon unit that had failed. Discs and pads went on aswell Old discs are old
  14. Out of alignment. With my spine checked over, and a after a young lass stretched, bent, pulled and stuck some needles in , my back is getting better. With the MOT looming i decided to have to go at freeing off all the camber bolts and tie rods as the tyres are wearing a bit odd and the handling is a bit all over the place so a 4 wheel alignment with fricken lazer beams will be done at the same time as the test. Up we go 2 bolts need replacing so i ordered some good used ones because they are very expensive. Everything cleaned up and copperslipped.
  15. Chris had dropped a message to ask if i had any. I know i came across a bag with 4 in from the blue 1.8 , when i moved workshops and dont think i would have binned them but i havent found them yet. Its possible i put then in the car itself. Ill keep having a look.
  16. @Talbot your sticky injector theory is sounding more likely or Maybe a dried out o ring on the injector? Im sure you'll find it
  17. Its fairly decent from what i can see, these things are all the same chinese made stuff and the seller just pics the colour and any other features. I liked this one as the strongman version had checker plated tops that are a tad thicker. And the large tie in plate between the scissor arms. This pulls the two inwards. Others hava a tube that ties in at the lower lever which i feel is marginally weaker but also hinders the abilty for a troller just or dolly to be wheeled underneath. So far the only dissapointment had been the packaging it came in, and the instructions are shit, poor
  18. Yes, theres some teeth on the baseplate, as the lift goes up the pins ride over the teeth and drop in place. Theres two pins both side, you raise to the height you want then press the lock button and lift drops down to nearest lock point. So the rams are only really for lifting and would be a back up should all 4 pins happen to fail. To lower the lift the down button is depressed. This triggers to solenoida that lift up the lock mechanisms. The lift raises a bit then lowers down to the floor. You can adjust the pressure release to slow the lowering speed.
  19. Thats the tool i used when i done it before. Fiddly but possible. If nothing looks a miss under the rocker cover, id probably try a few cheeky taps on the lifter and given the oils going to be contaminated from any left over water i dont feel a engine flush would be much risk on an engine like this one.
  20. We had also changed the injectors from the donor car we had and put them into that blue one and the noise had still persisted, Id definately start with the lifter myself. The blue carlton had about 33k on the clock, and ran lovely. But had spent alot of time sitting in barns etc etc The rattle just devoloped after i had racked up a few thousand miles of daily driving.
  21. The carlton above would knock/clatter if you built up the revs slowly. Blip the throttle and it was perfect and idled okay. Even tho it was really a good car id just had enough at this point and ian purchased it. He stripped the top end down and it was a stuck lifter. It was gummed up and keeping the valve open. He cleaned out the lifters and reassembled them and the top end and it was perfect. So based on that id pop the rocker off and see if you can compress the lifters. Maybe a few taps may free it up.
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