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  1. No, so complete plums just left an astra where it was parked tho for a few days. Small car not small!
  2. Miles away! Balls! Need a rad for my mates s reg 1.6 8v auto.
  3. Yep, all aftermarket rubber products are shite. Ball joint boots especially. As a guy working a motorfactors Selling budget brands to known top brands, from my experience in more recent times the expensive stuff seems to fail just as much as the budget stuff. Some brands do buck this trend but you have to try them over a longer duration. And in defence of the guy Kevin doesnt make the parts. He Only flogs them. If it fails in sub 12 months and kevin and hes gives zero fucks about helping you with the issue then hes a twat, but hes only sourcing parts from a supplier that his shop has an account with.
  4. There should be more info on this car to be found on old forums. Previous owners etc etc. All i recall was it was going for scrap when ian saved it. Due to an annoying misfire i believe. @ianbmw may know more.
  5. When father rew owned one of these around 1985 the boot was always filling with water. He hated the car and used to leave the door just on the latch, and keys in the ignition in the hope it would be stolen. Water in the boot wise He was told back then it was more an issue with luton cars and not with beligian(?) Cars as the rear window glass were cut short on radius of the lower the corners. Maybe @4wheeledstool can shed any light on this This may have been complete bollocks tho!
  6. Tomorrows turd tinkering Sees a regular needing some love. Pow! Right in the eye!
  7. My body must have known what was to come as i hurt my back wednesday which got a bit worse and painfull over the next few days. Lower arm ordered in at work. With me no wanting to make myself worse i asked my good mate gary (whos mondeo wheels we are refurbing) and he swapped the arm over with his son today and unfortunately he found no other mechanical damage that would write the car off. The wheels now back where it should be. Sorry @Cavcraft this one lives another day. I know im gutted too.
  8. Morals. Sometimes you have to just do something, Right or wrong, swallow your pride and help someone when they ask even tho you dont feel you should. So what was asked? Dispose of a body? Rob a bank? Drug mule? Id have been okay with that! I got a call from the painter on the farm to Look at and mechanically fix a damaged car thats come of the road. To help save it. This is where its a struggle. A bent wishbone, easy. Ohhh no. A vw badge. *swallows pride and vomit* A misery car in a misery spec.
  9. The fans are mounted on three studs. These would require the rad and everything else to come out the way. With many bolts looking firmly in place with corrosion i was glad that with the fan in the right place i could get to the outer nuts on the other side of the studs. Phew!
  10. If it was an original minter it would be a shame, but if you can cash in on the plate and put some dosh in the shite car fund then get it done i say!
  11. The rad fans have been faulty/seized since it was owned by @Schaefft as far as im aware. A decent pair have lived in the boot for years waiting for today.
  12. Fan-tastic Not too bad to remove design wise. Shame the fixings have largely dissolved.
  13. Who doesnt like looking a big german pair squeezed together? But enough about oktoberfest waitresses. Nice motors you got there.
  14. A few clear coat sags, and one bit of reaction to sort out, but for sub 30 quid in rattle cans about 12hours of effort. I think they are acceptable. Mates happy with them.
  15. These are a dying breed, shame they were mechanically delicate as body wise they dont seem to have issues. A friend has one thats a bit tired that i recall he got for free providing he gave the p.o a lift to the airport in it. Has a massive dent caved into the roof where it was buried in an avalanche for a little while!
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