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  1. If it's an Android phone, download 'GPS Test', then clear and update A-GPS - problem solved.
  2. Not to worry, he's got an innovative, quick and easy welding solution.
  3. Surely Mark Zuckerberg bears ultimate responsibility for this mess and should be getting his hand in his pocket? I wouldn't be letting that Naruhito off the hook, mind.
  4. I'd be suing the Emperor of Japan, me. The bastard.
  5. £6375, a trip to Hungary and this could be yours... https://www.hasznaltauto.hu/szemelyauto/x/x/x-18075305
  6. It was me being clumsy and putting a dead short across the output.
  7. Shelly Dimmer 2 - oops.....
  8. Roy Haynes was the interesting bloke behind ElecTraction, He designed a range of motors including the Cortina Mk2. Whilst ElecTraction closed its doors after only a few years, he did manage to build and sell a few of the ElecTraction Rickshaws. There was one for sale on Facebook Marketplace only last year, condition was rather rough however. https://smallcarsclub.com/catalog/electraction/electraction-rickshaw/
  9. Great article. Related videos here - https://www.youtube.com/c/TemptingFateTours/videos
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