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  1. About twenty years ago,some borderline crackheads a few doors down from me had a 205 1.9 GTI sitting on their driveway with fairly bad osr quarter damage. A mate of mine bought it against all available advice. When he turned up to pick it up,they were trying to knock the worst of the dent out from inside. With a fucking brick. Seriously. I lost contact with him shortly afterwards but it didn't surprise me to see it in a scrapyard in Exhall about two years later looking even worse.
  2. I just hope that ends up restored and not ratmonged.
  3. Sen this about a few times but not had the opportunity to get a picture until now. S and T reg examples were getting very scarce in England when we moved up here a couple of years ago,this is the oldest I've seen in Scotland by a country mile. Still looks pretty good for its age too.
  4. That was there on Tuesday too,since I was mildly annoyed I couldn't stop to snap it I'm pleased you did!
  5. Which is also a 245 not a 242. Nice though.
  6. I'll happily second your last sentence. In need of a roomy machine after the deeply disappointing Transit Connect shat the bed again we picked ours up from a local garage last winter (elderly owner had passed away,widow didn't want to see it sitting on the driveway apparently) and it's been a great investment. Spacious, comfortable,decent economy for a petrol auto and quite a bit more thoughtful design than I'd have expected. I freely admit I expected to dislike it but it's certainly grown on me and been an impressively useful tool,well worth the £250 asked for it. Still plenty of them knocking about locally too,which says something.
  7. Won't be riding his bike or sitting on a bar stool for a while.
  8. As a result of mistranslation,the Skoda Fabia was nearly foisted on the public as the Labia. In spite of the last-minute correction and consequent rebadging,to this day they can usually be found in the vicinity of a cunt.
  9. Most of mine is in the loft,some in the attic over the barn,some more in the back bedroom (still not unpacked 15 months after we moved here..) and there's some dotted about in the garage too. I wouldn't be able to get away with a wardrobe stash,but this is the second house where I've been able to have a diecast shelf in the kitchen. For anyone else who feels like trying this,it seems to help if you're at least a foot to eighteen inches taller than your partner..
  10. Certainly agree with that, Buragos were a rare treat for me too ,which is why I still have most of my childhood examples. I had a few Majorettes and a few 1:43 Solidos as souvenirs when we began to take holidays abroad from about 1987 onwards, I don't recall them being readily available around Colchester in the eighties. The thrill of the chase though,that just sums it up for me. Like most of us here I suspect,I've got a mental list of things my collection needs and it's a strange but pleasant feeling if/when I come across one of them. Probably never will tick them all off but I hope never to stop looking.
  11. Amishtat

    Rover P4

    You may already know this,but there's a lovely period film on YouTube from about 1958/9 called In the Rover Tradition. It's largely concerned with the new 3-litre P5 but it gives an interesting insight into the no compromise quality and construction of Rover as it was,rather than the second-rate gasket-blowing fwd landfill which was later to bear the name. Well worth a watch, I'm afraid I'm not technically proficient enough to post a link.
  12. I'm not sure I can answer the question of why I still like collecting older diecast, certainly until about eighteen months ago I hadn't bought any new Matchbox since about 1990 or so but as mentioned upthread some of them are too good to ignore for the price. Also,I wouldn't buy anything else out of Tesco because their food is mostly garbage I wouldn't inflict on my dog. My little selection of sixties Corgi, Dinky and (very few) Spot-on is slightly easier to justify though,at least to myself. My Dad used to let me play with his own collection when I was very young (certainly while my mother was alive,so before I was four) and I've never forgotten just how fascinating I found them and the anticipation I used to feel when he'd go up into the loft and bring them down. The colourful boxes with the illustrations on and the cars themselves,at a time (early '80's) when the real things were rarely seen and usually downtrodden old bangers on their last MOT. Many years later my stepmother decided she'd relieve him of them so that set me off assembling a selection of my own, albeit in mostly worse condition than his were on account of the ££ asked for mint and boxed stuff nowadays. They'll never be quite as good as the originals in my memory,but it's the best I can do.
  13. Amishtat

    Rover P4

    A delightful car from the days of actual quality and thoughtful design. Nice to see one retaining its original registration and without the Beirut-spec front seat so many of the survivors have.
  14. That Charger is lovely, I'll be keeping an eye out for that if we get them here. For the benefit of the absolutely nobody who was wondering,this is what came home with me from Hawick yesterday afternoon. Corgi Majors Scammell and Carrimore trailer, another to go on the transporter shelf in the cabinet after it's had a wash and been loaded up.
  15. Twenty years ago now, doesn't time fly? It had been platebummed by the Jag "specialist" so that they could stick its original Coventry reg on another (probably badly)tarted up E-type . Still,hats off to him for welding it up.
  16. Without knowing any of that,it just seemed bloody expensive for what it was. And, being Polistil,of course there were bits missing. I'm not particularly into them so it's not surprising I hadn't seen one before.
  17. After yesterday's boot sale shitshow,today I found myself visiting Hawick for the first time. Not sure what was going on with the traffic but the southbound A7 was diverted through the middle of the town ,which was handy as otherwise I'd not have been sitting at the lights in a position to notice a shop window full of old diecast. Even better,there was a Sprinter-sized gap by the pavement which it seemed rude not to take advantage of. Some rather nice stuff but his prices were all over the place, I had a closer look at a tatty Spot-on 105e Anglia but he wanted thirty quid and even by my low standards it wanted bumpers and a repaint. Have a crappy pic of some of the window display,the silver thing under the gold Lincoln was a Polistil Volvo 164,which is a new one on me. Typically,it was missing bits but he still regarded it as worth forty pounds..I didn't leave empty-handed (some of you know my complete lack of willpower) but that seemed much too salty to me. The Dinky A105 was rather tempting but again rather too much for me.
  18. Probably through the hole in the top of the tunnel under the carpet. Usually that's where the oil goes but things would have been different then,I'm sure I've heard of this happening. After 23 years my box isn't any noisier so I've not tried it myself.
  19. First boot sale visit of the year here too this morning as we actually managed a whole 40 seconds or so when it wasn't fucking raining. Utter, utter shit. One of these Sundays I should get my arse in gear and take a look at Ayr market, it's not very far and it couldn't be any more of a waste of time and petrol than Dumfries. This was the only thing to come home with me today,it just seemed a little too nice to leave it clattering around in the 50p tub.
  20. They were also featured in an article in Popular Classics in about 1995/6, had a cursory look through my archives but I don't think I have that one any more.
  21. Open your door onto her car as hard as you can. Keeps it fair.
  22. Just had a snout round the smaller local Tesco, nothing of any real interest on the pegs except one solitary Capri hiding at the very back. Anyone not got one yet?
  23. No number plates on it but someone raced a Princess hearse at Mildenhall over the weekend. Can't be very many left now.
  24. The Budgie Austin is an A95 Westminster (and that's the nicest one I've ever seen..) and while I'm happy to be corrected on this, isn't the blue Lesney Minor significantly rarer than the green? Sure I remember reading that somewhere ages ago but it's another I've not come across.
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