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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread

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No picture because driving but today I grinned at the sight of a 70 plate car.
This was entirely because it was a Morgan, not even sure which model, but  probably a plus four.

In these times of assorted bollocks going on, somebody made a decision about a £60,000 purchase and decided, Fuckit! I'm buying a Morgan.
That kind of decision needs to be acknowledged.

Sir/Madam, I raise a glass to you.



Ok maybe there is massive waiting list and Morgan started carving the subframes before Brexit was a thing,

but It still cheered me up to see it out there mixing it up with rush hour traffic on a brand new plate rather than being hidden away as an investment.

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38 minutes ago, Floatylight said:

Not sure how quickly the spray cans fly off the shelves at the Range


Dunno but I'm off to the range after lunch for a new duvet and the Ford russet brown looks remarkably similar to the Hoover war-duration  town, which I need for one... 

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25 minutes ago, beko1987 said:

Ah good, you've got your sign on so people can avoid you! 

If it all goes wrong and you stall, don't fluster, screw the people behind, reset the car and move off again. You'll soon be fine! 

Indeed I have installed the target on my car for all the contractors and white van men to take out their stress upon!

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46 minutes ago, cort1977 said:

Is that a requirement now? Otherwise isn't it just a rag to the bull that is the average British driver?

Meh, the mentality behind it is increased awareness = allowing time etc. but whether this actually happens or not is a different story. I have them on because I might as well -they don't cost much and seem to be a good thing for a very new driver- but if I do notice that it attracts the (usual) bullish and aggressive driving I've got with L plates, they're coming off and staying off. There's no requirement to have them yet, but who knows what might happen.


Congratulations on the pass by the way?


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9 hours ago, Fumbler said:



I know everyone has already said it but, get that stupid thing off. 

I refused to let my kids have a P,  because I went out in the car with one, and the increased aggression towards me was obvious. 


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