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  1. How did it take you so long. Everyone wants their car back within two hours but begrudges paying.
  2. I always thought it was weird in that John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were supposed to be teenaged but looked about 32.
  3. I think it's more a token to compensate for the hassle and upset that the thieves have caused. And insurance companies will try and keep their liability to a bare minimum. The owners may have to fight tooth and nail to get their due.
  4. They are supposed to be suitable for up to 72. The regulators are not in stock and are rather exorbitant at €264 for a pair.
  5. Skandix do repair kits for them that aren't exorbitant:- https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-parts/brakes/brake-regulator-system/repair-kit-brake-power-regulator/1029933/
  6. I noticed that one fill on my van when filling stations were having difficulty getting supplies didn't last as long. I wondered if some leftover winter diesel was being sold.
  7. I've had success with soft allen keys by using VW style triple square bits -they seem to be conveniently made slightly bigger than the allen key recesses so when hammered in they cut 12 neat splines in the bolt head. The hammering in process probably helps too
  8. The biggest Taxi firm in Cardiff at that time was called Glamtax, but I think the association was with Glamorgan rather than glamour. They had quite a large fleet of A60 Cambridges painted maroon with the side stripe in cream.
  9. I talked last week to someone from the Netherlands who was paying €2400 for 19 days. The hire car AXA are providing me with while they sloooowly make their minds up about what they want to do about our car apparently is only costing €30 per day, albeit without insurance. I'm surprised they were willing to provide it for that price, although I suppose it's a contract.
  10. When you're fitting them after 16s and 17s they feel so small. Much easier on the back.
  11. A few sessions like would pay for the trampoline.
  12. I had an identical set, bought in the local Halfords back in the mid 80s. I think they were branded by one of the big accessory firms. Stadium, maybe.
  13. It was once something special, but I don't think I've opened the cover of a current issue in twenty years. About that time it started catering to the kind of people who like Pistonheads.
  14. Denmark......South Shields. I think I see the problem.
  15. They were very attractive cars back in the day. I had a Russet Brown 1850 HL from 1989 to 91, replacing a 1500HL in Inca Yellow. The only thing I didn't like was the wheels, I always felt they looked a bit gormless with the centres sticking out as much as they did. When my brother's Marina estate got scrapped I put the wheels from it onto the 1500, which improved the looks as the rims were more dished. It didn't seem to affect steering or handling.
  16. Just buy a base model VW.
  17. Being positive, this has become a good fresh contender for Boring Thread of The Year.
  18. Learn to look on the bright side. At least the man wasn't wearing a tracky top with no bottoms.
  19. You could try Belleek, not very far away, in County Fermanagh.
  20. The saloon version has always been available here.
  21. Do you actually know anything about 1976? The highest temperature yesterday was 33 Deg. It was 32.2 or over somewhere in the UK for 15 days in a row that year, with 5 days over 35. But I don't remember any hysteria. Also, people die of heatstroke every year in the UK. We're having a hot spell now, but from what I saw, until a few weeks ago it was an unusually cold summer, with midday temperatures of 13 - 15 some days in June.
  22. Nice, the nearest I've been to there is Killaloe and Lough Derg. It actually has the look of a forest I've been to in Italy.
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