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  1. Big fleets can be pretty ruthless in situations like that, especially if there are lots of good spares to be harvested from the vehicle.
  2. I posted this back on 2019, but it's still trundling around. It's owned by a landscape gardener.
  3. Get a bit of dowel, blob some super glue gel on the end, push it down the hole so it presses hard against the rubber, after a couple of minutes pull it upwards, and hopefully it will all come out.
  4. Theres a fleet of electric buses in Dublin that have been hanging around for a year with no charging provision as yet.
  5. The inner wing isn't too bad. I remember splicing in the whole top and front of one from a scrap car onto mine back about 1994.
  6. I was talking about Lanchester, not Daimler itself.
  7. I've only been there once, but my brother lived in Sheffield for 5 years and my wife for 3 years before we were married. They both got on really well with the friends they made, but I don't hear them harking back to how great South Yorkshire is.
  8. Are you boasting or asking for sympathy?
  9. Probably just as well it didn't go ahead. They started with completely unconventional cars designed by a genius and ended with cheap Daimlers, which were as boring and conventional as it was possible for them to be.
  10. Obvious answer, it was stuck and then unstuck. Maybe put some injector cleaner in the tank?
  11. You would probably be amazed at how many train travellers are public servants* on expenses.
  12. Once the faults became well known the aftermarket came up with some solutions, but their reputations never recovered. A reasonably low spec Megane 2 estate or saloon is a fairly good bet. We sold a couple of saloons with no comebacks.
  13. There was nothing wrong with Allegros . Cheap to run, comfortable,they could have done with a hatchback option. They could rust, but were a big jump forward from the ADO16 in that respect.
  14. I totally agree with this. Total non car enthusiasts are buying cars that accelerate faster than a Ferrari Daytona or a Countach. And way faster than the hot hatches that there was a moral panic about back in the 90s. And these cars weigh over 2 tons, not 900kg. One day there's going to be a bus queue of primary school children mown down by a yummy mummy who presses the loud pedal too hard then panics. Then it will be all long faces and handwringing.
  15. When I decided to move to Ireland I realised I would have to leave my Dolomite behind, as an 1850 engine would be too expensive to insure and run. So I looked around Cardiff for a cheaper to run car, and settled on a Citroen Visa Super E. Which was very different to anything I'd had before, and was ridiculed by my friends. It was identical to the one above, except rhd, with the same blue, blue interior. I expected to not like it, but I still have nostalgia for it now. Cheap to run, reasonably reliable and very comfortable. We've only had three non-French main cars since, two disastrous Passats and a Rover 620 SDi, which was very good.
  16. There was a fair bit of hate for LNs from Citroenistes back when they were new but time has made people recognise their virtues. I've never driven one but I'm quite nostalgic about my Visa.
  17. These aren't cars in the normal meaning of the word, just rich men's boasting tokens.
  18. Yes, but it was far more sensible for BL to keep making the non styled ADO17 for another 6 years.
  19. I had a Peugeot 3008 with it as a courtesy car last year. It worked perfectly and was almost the only thing I liked about the hateful thing.
  20. The grille does look strange on a PA, but it might have been a nice car. The Daimler engine would be a big improvement on the GM engine.
  21. A much nicer car than the Jaguar 2.4/240. The XK6 engine is great, but very heavy for a 2.4. It needs to be a 3.4 at least. So if you wanted something a bit smaller the mk2 was always going to be a better car as the engine was a lot lighter, reducing understeer, also it had more power.
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