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  1. Doblos and Kangoos are still recognizably van like, but of course they have both been out for well over a decade.
  2. Anyone fancy a bog standard C Class for £800? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202201141356474?advertising-location=at_cars&atmobcid=soc5&include-delivery-option=on&price-from=500&price-to=1500&sort=relevance&year-to=2022
  3. There's 3755 cars on Auto Trader UK between £500 & £1500, and, looking at the first page there are several reasonable bets, so I'm not sure that the age of the disposable car is really over.
  4. Civic saloons 20 years ago were completely unfashionable and driven by those who didnt particularly care about style. Also, they could be bought as a Rover with a much better interior. Civics are now distinctively and fashionably styled while still retaining their rep for durability.
  5. The Irish built Shamrock. 17ft. long with (gulp) 1500 Cambridge running gear.
  6. The Swedes tried to mandate water based paint back in the 70s but had to give the idea up after Saab and Volvo told the government that they had to choose between using ecologically sound paint and having a motor industry because no-one buys cars that dissolve in a few years. MK3 Golfs are bad, but Ventos, which are the saloon version, don't seem to.
  7. Strangely, I took this photo of a 95 Discovery back in 2018, belonging to a local landscaper. I saw it yesterday in Aldi's with no apparent deterioration.
  8. I think the Jetta is Golf based and the others are Polo based.
  9. The mk 3 was great compared with early mk1s. They were bad even by 70s standards. And the mk 5 regressed again after the 4.
  10. They dropped the ball there, because the late MK1 and MK2 were pretty rust resistant. There must have been some cost cutting.
  11. Everything rotted to an extent then, but they were among the worst. Strangely, some of the BL stuff wasn't terrible, for example Princesses and Allegros.
  12. They rusted badly, like Simcas before them, and the engine rattled , although they just kept noisily rattling on for years. Other than that, good cars, with a good ride, and good fuel economy for the time
  13. My best shoes are Blackthorns with welted soles. They are 20 years old and have had one resole. Good shoes are the cheapest. When I was young and poor(er) I used to buy £6 a pair shoes from Stead and Simpson that would last six months. One month of pain to break them in, 4 months of normal use, then a month of leaks as they fell apart. After a couple of years I realised that overall better shoes were no more expensive per month and way nicer to wear. Lakes were £35 then, £25 in the sale and very repairable.
  14. I agree with this to an extent, but the first time I drove one I found it unpleasant to drive, with the steering feeling very wandery and the brakes not great. The T3/25 was a big improvement when it came out, pleasant to drive, and with some actual crash protection.
  15. When I moved from South Wales to Ireland I hired a Luton from a company on Colchester Avenue in Cardiff, who had a load of nearly new VW LTs for hire. When I went to pick the van up they'd given me a Transit several years old and a foot shorter. And when we loaded it up one tyre on the twin wheel rear axle proved to be flat. They sent out a fitter who changed it double quick, but we got to the ferry two minutes two minutes before they closed the doors. Luckily, this was many years before 9/11 so travel arrangements were much more flexible, and we were waved straight on.
  16. If the back windows were any smaller you might as well have a crew van.
  17. The car that really turns my stomach is the BMW X6. How tasteless do you have to be to buy a "sports activity coupe" that looks like this:-
  18. It's not so much learning to weld as learning to do large scale panel fabrication at this stage. Having said that, a friend ran a 98 for years as a daily commuter and loved it. And it didn't really rust badly. I think they're like a lot of 70s Fiat's, some rotted terribly, some rotted when they got old, and a few never rotted at all.
  19. Aston did a V8 Lagonda before the well known wedge shaped one.
  20. It was about 8 years back in 1988 when I worked there but an 8 year old GPO Sherpa was pretty well finished off by then.
  21. They are often hired out, so when they are onsite they are used intensively so as to get the maximum use for the hire fee.
  22. It's an extreme form of outsourcing. Large areas of China are as polluted and ravaged as anything from the 19th century, but Westerners need it to be so. After all , they have to have their clean, green battery devices. Whether the same would work for food is another matter. Norwegians may want to outsource food production, but it has to be produced somewhere.
  23. Looks like a good car for a US rap artist. Unfortunately, the name would put them off.
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