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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread

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32 minutes ago, anonymous user said:

You'll be fine, as long as the pilot isn't working from home

That’s what I think about people who are scared to fly , if it’s ok for the crew to be up there it’s ok for me 

I’d there was a man in a cap with a RC box round his neck I’d be thinking , no thanks 

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23 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

I was just idly checking the latest Pre 1963 Age related registrations on the DVLA as you do


and I think I have just come across someones freshly road-registered tank? (if google is to be believed) 

and erm Harry Potters Broom stick?


as a side note it looks like the DVLA have at some point fixed things so vehicles made between 1931-1953 do get properly assigned a ABC123 style plate rather then a reverse plate, in the past Pre 1953 vehicles sometimes got issued reverse 123ABC style plates which was a bit incorrect as the first reverse 123ABC style plates where not issued until 1953, so pleased to see thats been corrected at some point :)

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Major Mick and the 'Tintanic'




Knock Britain all you like, but we are surely the home of the wonderful eccentric.

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I learned to drive in a Metro, and I owned a 100 many moons ago - can't actually remember the reason I let it go, or what flavour it was. But yes, deffo the feel of an underdog, as referred to in the article, and I liked driving them.

I had hoped secretly to have the full house of a 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 when the 820 came onto the fleet, but it never worked out right, and now the 820 has left the building, it's unlikely I'll ever manage this feat.

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saw a national breakdown firm carrying one of its own vehicles on a 7.5 tonner :D

it was a shit navarra tho :D

in other news i bought one of those jump starter same size as a phone thingys

was cheaper than just a power bank so thought why not

handy for the bike due to the short journeys it does during the winter

if it starts @dollywobbler's 3 pot a 750 twin shouldnt be a problem :D


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