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  1. Pretty sure that's not an Exec, but a straightforward Zodiac. IIRC Execs had a sunroof as standard? The Zodiac would *just* top 100mph. The wind resistance offered by the ornamentation probably would blunt that.
  2. Just spotted these for the Austin's front indicators, if they're any help? https://www.bettercarlighting.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=358 Edit: bugger. Sadly, we can only do it in negative earth for now.
  3. Unfortunately the Armco barrier prevented me seeing the number plate. Likewise, I was going in the opposite direction.
  4. Saw a lemon-coloured Dacia heading northbound on the A1(M) on Thursday.
  5. Like "television", of which the legendary Guardian editor C. P. Scott said: "The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good will come of it."
  6. Here in R1152 land the rule seems to be that you do an e-consult (which can be pretty laborious) and then you get called back the next working day. I've actually done quite well out of this, but I'll spare folk the details. If Mrs High Jetter can do/get an e-consult, she might fare better - here's hoping, anyway.
  7. It's what my local tyre fitters do?
  8. If it's any consolation Zel, mine went little better. Here's a song to cover it all.
  9. Renting a car to replace the E60 for a couple of days. I had to reject the Vauxhall Crossland as it was pre-broken (a rhythmic rattle coming from under the bonnet/OSF wheel) so I was given a black Merc A Class. With a black interior. And gangsta glass. It's like driving around inside a pillar box and makes a Bini seem light and airy. It has an excessive amount of tech, and the last time I drove a car with steering that over-assisted it was my godfather's 1982 Datsun Laurel. I should be grateful it's going to allow me to earn some coin that, hopefully, will pay to get the E6
  10. It's things like this make me wish I had the brains to invent FoIP - Fist Over IP. You click on a poster's name and they get a smack in the gob from their screen/monitor.
  11. Especially with all the heritage railways coming back - well, those that survived, anyway.
  12. Unlikely those knobs are Ivorine though: they're more likely urea formaldehyde, a material wrongly identified as Bakelite (which is phenol formaldehyde). It's what your typical light switch is made from.
  13. That's why I suggested coach enamel. With care, it really can produce a finish as good as a spray. Unlike my visit to a breakers circa 1984, where I encountered a rotten Renault 6 that had been painted all over in gold Hammerite. I seem to recall that Craftmaster paints are what the heritage railway people use in locomotive and rolling stock restoration.
  14. The old hall/theatre was just up the road on the opposite side to where Howes tv shop was. Yes, I remember now. Used to go there to a vintage radio collectors meeting organised by John Howes, you see.
  15. I had about five minutes of that before I took the E60 to have investigations. Of course, the bloody gearbox behaved itself today!
  16. R1152

    Bus Shite

    I love that a current bus company retains a heritage fleet.
  17. Mine was Dolphin Grey metallic. Oozed class at the time. Then BMWs turned into haemorrhoids.
  18. Where's that in relation to the old hall/theatre that was in Southborough? Anywhere near where Howes' TV shop was?
  19. Grey? As in "Stroudley's Improved Engine Green"? But yes - lovely colour, lovely car. Fine purchase.
  20. A mate of mine and I did that entering a chip shop once. We got some bloody funny looks. For young persons unappreciative of the reference:
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