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Early Mondeo Saloon Saved From The Scrapman.


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43 minutes ago, HMC said:

@egghow early is this k plater in the pantheon of the k plate mondeo?

Pretty early, a May build. Mine is March build (but June registered like this one). There are some Feb builds known for sure. The press cars were built in March 93. Numbers are still falling rapidly - we should get the next HML update soon. I know there's loads of problems with that data but last 3 years show following total MK1's left.

2016 - 6,261
2017 - 5,411
2018 - 4,743 (of which 670 are K reg, of those 670, only 182 were taxed)

EDIT: 670 are 1993 - so that will of course include Aug-Dec L reg.

In 1996 - there were 394,000...

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Great stuff, watching with interest!

I viewed a P reg Ghia late last year, supposedly immaculate with a fsh. Bloke wanted £1495 which is top, top money but probably not far out if it was as good as he said it was, and it had been for sale for a while. Fortunately it wasn’t far away.

Got there to find a car that didn’t look much better than this one, filthy dirty, moss growing in all the seams and round the windows, damp mouldy interior, and ancient perished tyres. He fired it up and it sounded good but the coolant was disgusting. I asked to see the fsh and it turned out to be a handful of old mots, handbook and V5. I asked when the cambelt was last done and he didn’t know, but “it’s easy on these engines mate”.

I couldn’t stand the bloke but because I could see a decent car hiding under all the dirt, I offered him £300 for it. He wouldn’t budge from £1200, convinced it was some really valuable OSF! Fortunately it was local, so I hadn’t wasted loads of time going hundreds of miles fortunately.

With the exception of the paint decay on the roof, this one looks quite comparable and for £nothing you’ve done very well there indeed!


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An excellent acquisition I had a K reg 1.8LX saloon from 1996 to 1997, sold with 135,000 miles on and still like new. The best Mondeo in my opinion, my brother had a mk2 Ghia, I had a mk3 Ghia and mk4 Zetec and the mk1 was best by far to drive. In my opinion these are the best driving front wheel drive cars, certainly the best I have driven. A Ghia or Si would be a nice car to own, well done on saving this. As already said the saloon is far better looking than the hatch.

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5 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

as others say top save!

I look forward to seeing how you get on with reviving this one :) 

(reminds me I still need to ask my neighbour about his SD1... someday ill work up the courage to go knock and ask!)

bonus essex reg too

An SD1? what are you waiting for.? Get a note through their door.

I noticed the Essex reg. could it be an ex. Ford management car? It is a nice spec.

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