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  1. @Jon you know what, you could be right. That MB model is bringing back some memories although I always thought it was plastic. I could be mistaken though as it was over 35 years ago after all.
  2. When I was visiting my mum yesterday I was going through so old photos. I took a photo of some of the photos using my phone. Here’s one from the mid 80’s with my favourite car at the time beside me on the step. IIRC it was a plastic Mercedes (possibly a 190?). That’s my dads Chevette work van behind me.
  3. Three months later but I got this in my Secret Shite Santa. Had a few tires missing and needed a clean. Gave it a clean and found some tyres. Done.
  4. How odd that this feature isn't advertised.
  5. Is that mayo in the expansion tank?
  6. I witnessed a delivery driver earlier (of the larger, more exhaustive type), using a piece of rope attached inside the rear of the van to hoist himself up and inside and again to essentially abseil back out the van.
  7. F**k me, that is horrendous! I mean why on earth would you want a cattle grid stuck to the front of your car?
  8. You know what, for a long time now, when I catch a glimpse of her when EastEnders is on I always think who she reminded me of... you've just solved that mystery.
  9. Looks like an Austin Ambassador
  10. Bought it last week but just found out the Mrs is pregnant so need a bigger car...
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted but this Ad popped up earlier on the local news website.
  12. Just been in Poundland and they had lots of HW for £1.50. I only picked these up though…
  13. I have some great memories of the Max Power era although now looking back at the cars they were (mostly)terrible! Some of the mods must have taken a long time to if done properly. I seem to recall a MK3 Fiesta having Peugeot 306 headlights, a MK2 Fiesta with Cougar alloys and also someone grafting the vent off a microwave into their wings like a Mercedes etc, etc. The weight of some of the 'mods' must have seriously have impacted their 0-60 times! The undercar neon lights... terrible, although I did have a neon head unit that fully lit up and it had a remote (in my 1.0 Citreon AX with an AX GT gear knob and a drilled airbox for + 0.1 bhp). The last 'barried' car I had, around the early noughties, was a MK4 XR3i fitted with an aftermarket Escort Cosworth body kit and sprayed in metallic bronze.
  14. I got that yellow transporter in my 2022 Autoshite Secret Santa.
  15. A rough calculation shows I save £3 per tank.
  16. I use the one in Haydock, St Helens but beginning to question myself as to why due to the massive queues... I do fill the tank though.
  17. Something I’ve noticed on the carrier bags for the Pound Bakery (not sure if it’s national or a northern thing) is that they are printed with ‘I ❤️ Pb’. So, as Pb is lead on the periodic table, they’re essentially saying I love lead!
  18. I have the blue and yellow trailer if anybody wants it? The rest is free too... would rather it went all together.
  19. Cheers for explaining... it was one of those things I was always meaning to ask!
  20. Does anyone know anything about the below? Also, what happened to the Shite In Miniature 1 thread?
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