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  1. What make is the silver Focus in the last pic? It looks interesting...
  2. It didn't work... and his bike stank!
  3. I was thinking the other day of bodge jobs I have encountered over the years. I was wondering if any of you have any stories to tell on the subject whether they was ingenious, dangerous or just funny! I'll start anyway... A couple of years ago a young lad I work with had just passed his test and bought an old Astra off of a mechanic*. He mentioned to me about it having an oil leak so I said I'd take a look. I lifted the bonnet and the engine was covered in oil and I spotted the problem immediately. The previous mechanic* owner seemed to have decided that it didn't need a rocker cover gasket and that white silicone would suffice! The cover had been tightened that much that the mating surfaces were touching and had forced all the silicone out anyway 🙄 Another example... When I was in high school (mid '90s) I was keen on mountain biking and a friend at school also started showing an interest and we would tinker with our bikes. I went round to his house one day and he was stood proudly next to his Raleigh Activator which he'd been servicing*. Looking over the bike I noticed the front forks (suspension) covered thick with grease*. I asked him what grease he had used and he replied he didn't have any so used lard out of the chip pan instead 🤣
  4. That would be great, many thanks! I noticed they do a kit that contains rocker gasket and water pump too. I might as well change the aux belt too...
  5. Tap up GM. He just replaced his on his 1.8 - he might even have the tools. Great, thanks for the heads up 👍 Paging @gm
  6. Should be ok - lob new belt on and crack on sideways Can it be done without the pulley locking tool?
  7. I believe so... a MK1 1.8. There was no noise when it went anyway, it simply lost all power.
  8. The size of the Ford badge!
  9. A couple of miles along the motorway in the recovery truck there was another red MX5 broken down on the opposite side of the motorway...🤣
  10. I lost at cambelt roulette yesterday. I broke down in the MX5 on the M62...
  11. I don't recall the doctor owning this 😜
  12. Great, thanks. Can you add it to my pile please? Let me know if you need them out of the way...
  13. Aaaahhhh... It's like Where's Wally 😁 If it's still there next time and you don't want it @Datsuncog then if it's not in too bad a shape may I request it please?
  14. Which Cortina? I missed it...
  15. I always see the pictures on the Facebook group and say to myself that I'll go to the next one but it never happens. My MX5 needs a good run out as at the minute it only gets used for an hour each week...
  16. I need to pop along to one of these MX5 meets as I'm only over the water...
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