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  1. Our Labrador / Husky cross recommends an E class, he is happy with his. Speaking as his Chauffeur I also find it to be a nice vehicle to travel in.
  2. I really like estate cars and have not sold any! Edited to say the Mondeo went in 2012, no loss as it was not as great as the other cars, it was competent but boring. My first was a 2.3Ghia estate auto which was my daily driver from 1993 to 1998 Sadly not looking as good now, this was replaced by a 2.0Ghia saloon for daily duties, I then bought a 2.0 Crusader in 2001 but it needed a lot of welding: As I was part way through repairing the Crusader a tidy MOT’d 2.3 Ghia manual was advertised in Classic Ford at a price I could not ignore, this car took me to three holidays in 2002, Le Mans, Holland and Cortina’s to Cortina. It was my daily driver until the end of 2006 and took us to LeMans every year and also Gibraltar in 2004. In 2007 I had a job with a company car but could opt out if I had a nearly new car. I reluctantly bought a 2005 Mondeo 2.0 Ghia estate diesel. Not a bad car but I cannot find a picture of it. Next purchase was a Volvo 940 estate, bought for £170 with MOT and tax as it was cheaper than putting a towbar on the Mondeo and I was fed up with cleaning out the Mondeo every Sunday night. A 740 GLE replaced the 940 and is in 3 of these pictures then a friend was selling a cheap tatty mk4 Cortina L estate which I bought to use instead of the 740. The mk4 2.0 Ghia estate was bought in 2012 and we took it on the Cortina’s to Cortina trip and many holiday’s since The latest addition to the fleet is the Mercedes E320, great for transporting the dog and should be a great tow car and a great all rounder. Others on the fleet await repair/ restoration: The Granada 2.0L manual estate with the mk4 Cortina L estate and Volvo 740 GLE also in shot The Alvis TA14
  3. Sorry, just read this, I would like all 7 if available.
  4. I would like these please if still available
  5. Could I have the Cinquecento and Fiat 500 please?
  6. I was at a car show last year talking to a boy who was very proud of his early Allegro. An obnoxious tosser came over and loudly announced to us that “there is actually a worse car than the Allegro” and went on to talk in a dismissive manner about a Princess he had owned years ago.My friend who was also with us is a very big bloke and an Allegro fan, he turned away fortunately. I am less of a fan but do appreciate them now. I just replied honestly and calmly to knob head that although Allegro’s and Princesses were not the best cars about when new I would far rather drive one than a new SUV or any other dull modern car. He went quiet and walked off.
  7. I agree that new cars are no longer exciting and to me have not been since I learnt to drive. This however has saved me a fortune over the years as my cars have got older and older. The best all round car in my opinion is a 1982 2.0 Cortina estate, the best car I have ever owned is my 1982 2.3 Ghia estate with manual gearbox. Fuel economy is not great but it only cost £450 in 2002 and proved to be very reliable despite having covered well over 200,000 miles on the original running gear, I foolishly fitted a rebuilt 2.8 engine and 5 speed box when it was at 235,000 miles despite it still running well, it has not been so good since but it is still my favourite car. My Mercedes E320CDi estate is a great all rounder, very economical and a great car but not as good as the Cortina in my opinion.
  8. I was pleased to see this when walking the dog this morning. It sits very nicely and looks fantastic among a sea of dull modern cars. I believe it is a Torslanda which I believe is the runout base model with a few fancy extra’s, Volvo’s equivalent of the Cortina Crusader.
  9. Having a 940 and 740 estate I really like Volvo’s, this must be the ultimate Volvo though, great colour, good year and one owner, I don’t think a Volvo could get any better. If it stays under £1,500 I would be tempted to add it to my collection of S reg executive cars. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133983012641?hash=item1f32028721:g:WRkAAOSwxKFh0y8g
  10. This would make a nice project for someone, @vulgalour? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165262033386?hash=item267a6281ea:g:87YAAOSw8VBh0Eqi It is a 2.0HLS so quite posh.
  11. This looks good, a great colour and low mileage, if only I had more room (and time) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154775979625?hash=item24095e0669:g:kqcAAOSwHSFh0B9I
  12. As with most my travel has been severely restricted since March 2020, I was driving well over 20,000 miles a year and flying around Europe, now I am sat in front of a computer all the time. The only accurate distance I measured is walking as I have a fat git watch, the arrival of a dog in March has seen a significant increased in miles walked with an end of year total of 3707 miles. Miles on my work vehicle are recorded and I was shocked to see those are only 450 miles, mostly private collecting the Mercedes. Since buying the Mercedes in July I have driven just over 3,500 miles, so less than my walking total! It turned 133,333 Christmas morning and has done just over 100 since. Before the Mercedes most miles were done in the Panda which is my girlfriend’s but total on that for the year between us is probably less than 2,000 as she now also works from home. The proper car’s (Cortina and Granada) are almost certainly in the low hundreds, a shameful situation which must improve in 2022. I have always logged my mileage in my work vehicles and think it a good idea to start in each car, lets see if I can follow this through.
  13. I keep looking at this, it is my sort of car, lovely colour too but I suspect they want an awful lot of money and I am a tightwad. POA means that if you have to ask the price then you cannot afford it. If it had tan interior though I would be on the phone to them.
  14. I finally feel safe to post now after prematurely posting last year. IN Although I called this last year it was paid for and collected in the first week of January on the sellers request: Rover 2600 I needed transport for the dog and a daily driver that was anonymous enough to leave anywhere so bought an E320CDi (Zeus the dog also joined the family this year and seems to like cars) A far better car than I expected it to be, Mercedes have gone up in my estimation as have diesel engines. This car has really changed my perceptions, I enjoy driving it, it is the closest modern car to a Cortina, it is very good, quick and economical. Final purchase was for my girlfriend to replace her Z4. Unfortunately I have not yet got around to MOTing the Coupe yet but it seems quite good. OUT Errrr.... none, but the Mondeo and Z4 must go before May! Remain: Everything, I’m not listing them as they are mostly below and I would be still typing at midnight!
  15. This comes up for sale a lot. It looks great value and very interesting I cannot understand why it has not found a decent home. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185237573474?hash=item2b21050f62:g:x1gAAOSwYihgTlJs
  16. This looks fantastic, I like Crystal green and it is one of the first of this model. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185237634096?hash=item2b2105fc30:g:9o4AAOSwidFhzwn- Would look good next to my TVR with that number plate, I hope there is none in the Granada. Green Chatsworth cloth and a green dash surround, perfection!
  17. I always look out for these when in the area, the vegetation has been cut back a lot since I last passed as you could hardly see them. The Maestro a few doors down had gone but I think there is a Scimitar also in the same road. Always worth the detour. A shame to see them in this state but far better than the fate many others suffered, I hope they are there for many more years. I suspect by the state of the house that they have a very elderly owner.
  18. I had some nice models for Christmas and had fancied a P6 for some time so these were a great surprise: The Zephyr is a nice model considering it is not a Vanguard and is a great colour scheme. The Rover is fantastic in Almond. Oddly the box clearly states Rover 3500 V8 Almond with exterior pictures to match, the interior pictures are of a mk1 Granada Ghia. I will need to wait until the tree is down to add them to my already full display cabinet.
  19. SheffieldCortinaCentre makes a good point. 3 door and 5 door is usually used to describe an estate or hatchback and I have even seen it as a description on mk1 and 2 Escort saloons! The odd numbered door is the boot or on a hatchback or estate a tailgate. The rear wiper is usually referred to as a tailgate wiper, I have never seen reference to a door wiper. A door is used for access and egress and I understand the tailgate is also used for this on 7 seaters but it is still a tailgate ( or boot in my terminology) Cars are 2 door Saloons, 2 door hatchbacks or 2 door estates etc. My house has windows and doors, I can enter and leave by the windows if I wish to but they are still windows and are not doors. My father had a mk4 Escort with Chubb locks which stopped working so I had to climb in through the boot. (Tailgate) to open the doors, it was not a door and my dad refused to enter the car in this manner. Case for defence closed!
  20. I got the latest Practical Classics yesterday, it has a buyers guide for the Fiat Panda in. Does this mean even our modern car is a classic? It probably just means I am getting old. I need to get rid of the BMW and Mondeo early next year so the Panda will be our newest car.
  21. They should be tortured then shot. There is no excuse for these! What moron thought an X6 was a good idea, possibly a similar one who thought ridiculously low profile tyres where the rims constantly crack on the roads would also be ideal for a 4x4! FFS And while I am on this rant why are there lowered 4x4’s?surely the whole point of a 4x4 is better off road capability. People carriers are bad enough but were possibly well intentioned. I would prefer 7 seater estates such as Mercedes, Peugeot’s, Volvo’s, Montego’s, CX’s etc. or Transit minibuses. Before the nanny state went out of control we just sat in the boot of estate car’s if you couldn’t fit everyone on seats.
  22. Whilst I agree with your comments on calling a 2 door a Coupe and worse still an estate a longroof, I take issue with your comment on shooting brakes. Especially as I have one in my custody. Cortina’s, Granada’s, Volvo’s and Mercedes are all estates, no question in my view but old coach built vehicles were marketed as shooting brakes so that is what they are. This does lead into a grey area where poncey manufacturers have started giving their cars silly names such a ‘Touring’ and worse still ‘Sports Wagon’ but in general I believe that the original sales brochure is the Bible in these matters, A 5 series BMW Touring though is still an estate to me 😀
  23. Purple car is another Mini. From the furthest point I recon: Allegro, Hunter ( or Sceptre ), Polo. not sure what is next, then a chopped up Transit van made into a tow truck.
  24. This looks fantastic, the original owner sounds great. I hope I am still driving a proper car at 93. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175069499914?hash=item28c2f4920a:g:BFwAAOSwjV1hvL4X Not sure about the bonnet badges though.
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