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  1. I was just reading @Motown comments on @sutty2006 fantastic Carlton thread. Below is an automatic, it does say reserve not met though. I hope you are not afraid of a bit of welding @Motown? You know it makes sense. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115626494651?hash=item1aebe04abb:g:W08AAOSwVKxji6qc&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAkIpDUcP8To4jhWrUzYl1qEoO9x%2Fq6XhweUvP%2B3QDQN6RxWqk5jChdMfn73Ar6mzv4%2FkoCAyOHUtJBmsbWhT8VS0I31H2G%2FKcrBouhvHskjNDG5uMoLcM%2B%2FU3Guf86pRLRCRK1FjN6k4rq4cygjKz7D8w1g%2BW73LmwN4KVJLb01afea7G6mVf32I5I0TGoueDGA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-D8zoKdYQ
  2. I am a huge Ford enthusiast, their range throughout the sixties and seventies were head and shoulders above their competitors and had a huge influence on my obsession with cars during my childhood and ever since. Their cars were well designed, reliable, comfortable, stylish and affordable. ( note:were) If only they had the build quality and rustproofing of Volvo 740’s they would be indestructible but would also have been more expensive. Others may not share my opinion but at least I know I am right 😀. It all went wrong in my opinion when they had Mr. Blobby designing the Sierra and Granada. I have owned a mk1, 3 and 4 Mondeo, all very capable and good value for money but all lacking any character or driving pleasure which earlier Ford’s had bucket loads of. The Mk1 Mondeo was the best of the Mondeo’s in my opinion, I had a poverty spec. 1.8 LX and was amazed how well it drove for a front wheel drive, it really was leagues ahead of other front wheel drive cars at the time to drive and seemed a lot better than the Mondeo’s that followed (it also had the most comfortable seats) It was not however an easy car to maintain and I would happily of swapped it for a mk3 Cavalier. Vauxhall took over Ford’s lead during the mid eighties to nineties with the Carlton like @sutty2006 being far better than Ford’s offerings at the time. It is clear many like the Focus, I have driven several, all when nearly new and found them extremely dull. I am aware my opinion may differ from others but that is why I am here and not on pissed on heads. RWD Volvo’s and Mercedes are great bargains for us now in the used market but would not feature on most company car lists and the purchase price new would be hard to justify for most.They were cars for the super rich, not riff raff like me.
  3. I will certainly be following updates on this, very well bought. Looks a great project. I am a big fan of the colour and the beige interior. I remember a boy in my year at school had wealthy parents and his dad had an identical one brand new. A world away from the E reg Escort 1.3L my dad had at the same time! I was never a fan of Renault’s but the Monaco is a real cut above the rest, it is fantastic. I understand your dilemma regarding lack of space/ too many cars but as someone has already said you regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do. I believe you made the right decision and that this was meant to be. Congratulations! this is an absolutely fantastic early Christmas present to yourself.
  4. Now on eBay!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115626198216?hash=item1aebdbc4c8:g:cbAAAOSwvm1ji2YJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoIYPWE160qblFM83buOieUhVJHvisntqugXxAF62HrGvqZFse2eysjxMEjZUYXS2ZALf%2BOJxxEVT8w2PuWe3eRo6KhWqvKvNhGdGdh6Aty8kSUKu1d96RlCFOkVpL08QaFKWoLH2xqDI8N6GTf9cVBHP4di5zE6h0aKfod2%2BqOuTlJG2tjHiZ5TVuwXiYrZgIOHjQJpM5hpEYKg3suZ1%2F60%3D|tkp%
  5. Ooooof! I can't say mk10’s are my favourite Jags but this certainly had presence at the NEC when I saw it a few weeks ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/404030928905?hash=item5e121eb809:g:iZMAAOSwMFdji16t&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoBVVjYgQJ0v64Y0oQhyInfKPPnuRUNq22gZhEcdcGW8kNEHbldO0rqxr6i8YOCgU2ZsLGDj9LQ36%2BkS5sVSlrIPk6I2n3CrbFCLLMOLBvGe1oxJznlcWnBBnsA%2BMsCPclq7xs0W7yPENVwSEkB3pFkXfyG8N8%2FMCqNkqSkK5iFJ3gmikLF2z%2BIHrg79845wR6HkY2hXdbYDq4v0NM0nLL4k%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6DJ34mbYQ
  6. Very considerate of you not to park near any nice cars.
  7. I just checked the number plate, it looks very similar but it is not @Rocket88
  8. These are getting better looking as they get older, this could be good if it stays cheap. I would like an early seventies one but this does look fantastic. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204173003819?hash=item2f89a8cc2b:g:rD8AAOSwpDljimlR&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoNhdWK5BSdBdQ4Vep6YIv43wwOASQF%2BGBcSGYnrBaWDMRoA%2B0AN%2Bp3YNhcQslJx%2F0wtXCyjBwdDvnWBVbU%2FiTeZpC5wXdsDoms8um4zzu19la7uCxIPcHbFNTMloeGX8pLJOIcFiMXtV%2BmAbVMtld6YkyoVJ21S9WEVpIJbrn8E276etjXNE%2FFVJWN1zKnFTsMOGj3rf2KpIH%2B9S6LOBZQ8%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR96cy-yaYQ
  9. I am not sure about the tongue in cheek part, this is a more valid suggestion than most of the others on here. I thought this was a site for car enthusiasts? The sixties was probably the peak for styling but I was not around to appreciate and enjoy it. I cannot believe the namby pamby comments about N cap and mega fuel economy, I thought I must be on mumsnet or some such nonsense The below is what I imagine you mean and looked even better up close. I have borrowed the picture from @Soundwaveas he is a much better photographer than me.
  10. Currently cheap and rather sexy (except the seats) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185680651440?hash=item2b3b6de4b0:g:q4MAAOSwq3ljiMN5&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoF6G2e5%2BIl37Wf3%2BSoUBH0aFv6C8fxzlprOvdg79KfcvAEGdqehVnwGen2DSJCmCwHEfJZLtIz37zenEY%2FGxjgdphVxrSVpnKA1ErU9GxTI%2Fw19kkOplT1q5Pq5FXN3KRviJ8rBaae1ecazI%2Bzb1YwgUV9CDdxAXAn8NUfIooxjgeeM7QfdGfhl5lwKWi69aV09EfrqV4LWyQge5DLLsX9I%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4q Posted 23 hours ago In 1982 there was a What Car? group test that claimed to be of all the car anyone could possibly need, it was 2.0L Granada, Rover 2000 and , I think, a Renault 20 and a Saab 900. It could have been a CX or 505. But you get the idea, big enough, fast enough for everyday use but cheap enough to run. @NorfolkNWeigh I don’t think they were far off in this statement, the Granada is a great car but the Rover is now more affordable and not a bad runner up. If it stays cheap get it bought 😀
  11. Haven’t we had this thread recently? I remember I was on my own in saying 1981. I stand by this as I believe the 1982 model Cortina’s ( available from October 1981) are the best cars ever made. I am so sure of this that I have recently agreed to buy more for my collection. You must all be children on here or I am older than I like to think, I think mid nineties was general consensus on here last time
  12. My Granada outside the Ford plant in Bridgend, sorry about the quality of the picture. I had hoped to take the Granada and some of the Cortina’s back to take better pictures but the sign came down as soon as the plant was shut!
  13. It is in your Manor, go on you know it makes sense.
  14. An interesting project for someone if you want something a bit different. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204162819678?hash=item2f890d665e:g:RIgAAOSwXYFjf0y2&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoDiUUOBoF09I8QAmOQwodx4kSF7Tt4XluCA4ABT6VKBvOHuG8OrXG2sFkMfJErWKgnwrL6CnoVzejM2jMlCZ%2Bi1MWv2PHJWFu%2FuuDqRjI8%2B3vKoHENlLjdPAIZ94Fx8DbaHUx0zKotJE3nP7RsVdGwu84YSR1h3oilBMkoLDnkM7lEMUVKH9cmm4cw60H9HfHc%2BRUSpMmZAPzHcfIhn%2FTuI%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6rKg5eVYQ
  15. September 2022 at the 1956 Olympic ski jump in Cortina:
  16. Just had a new company car delivered: I like the fact they have a proper C5 on the delivery form, @maxxo thought you might be interested.
  17. That is one for the cars you didn’t know existed thread! I’ve not seen one before but it appears to be a kit car based on a mk4 Cortina. It looks far better than any other kit cars I’ve seen based on a Cortina but it would have been far better to put the effort into welding up the original car. Interesting spot though.
  18. Unfortunately I don’t think I have any pictures, it is currently a bare shell with bits all over the place, it will be a few years until I put it all back together.
  19. You are correct, the LS did have the 4 spoke steering wheel and overriders. On the L there were a lot of upgrades which made the LS a very nice car, the Ghia already had a high spec so didn’t have many additions. The LS was also the only model to have any performance modification, as it was a 1.6 it had the twin choke Weber instead of a VV. the Ghia S and GLS were only available with a 2.0 or 2.3 engine so already had twin choke carburettors. I remember finding an accident damaged red GLS in a scrapyard by chance around 1990 and bought the front seats for £25, I was really happy with them and still have them as spare for my GLS which was my daily driver at the time.
  20. On the mk4’s an S was part of the model range priced between the GL and Ghia, on mk 5’s they offered the S as an option pack upgrade on the L, GL and Ghia, it included several upgrades including spotlamps, gas shock absorbers, the LS and GLS had sports gearknob, revcounter, 185/70 tyres, headrests on the early L and sports wheels, and additionally on 82 model L and GL recaro seats.
  21. I am trying very hard not to buy the GLS above, an 82 model 2.0 GLS is the car I would have if I had to have only one car. The Ghia did not have recaro seats. Does anyone want to buy an E320 CDi estate as a 2.0 Cortina estate is my dream daily driver car.
  22. This , search ARO16 SRV (safety research vehicle) for more pictures and information.
  23. I think 2 is a Stag and 3 a Triumph 2000/2500? The Anglia doesn’t look too poverty spec to me. A great picture with some great cars in it. If only modern cars were as interesting today.
  24. Our last full day in Cortina so we took a few pictures. The first from our hotel. The ski jump James Bond came down in 1981! Then we went for a drive up a very high mountain. There are plenty of Panda’s here and still a few mk1’s about. Three in this picture: And another nearby Plus lots of expensive modern cars: We also had a walk to the top of the toboggan run which has been made narrower since 1962 as there would be no chance of driving a mk1 Cortina down there now! It looks like it has been unused since 2010, but will be refurbished for the 2026 Olympics. @danthecapriman I saw Scott again last night and again this morning, he took his Capri to Capri in 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the Capri and was the 4 th Capri to go on the island so I had it wrong. The next will be the 5th! I suggested to him we go in 2029 for the 60th anniversary and he seemed interested. If you came we could have a mk1, 2 and 3 which would be fantastic.
  25. You would have been made very welcome and I would like to meet you and see our two cars together. You have 10 years to prepare for the next trip, or we could do one in 5 years? @danthecapriman I was talking to the owner of the Tawny Brown mk3 and he said he also has a Capri Laser he drove to Capri in, his was the 6th Capri to go on the island. He said if I went in the mk1 we would be the 7th, It will be at least 6 years until ours is done so you could beat us, or wait and we could go together in our mk1 and your mk2. My next trip will be Granada to Granada in my mk2. We walked to the 1956 Olympic ski jump this morning, sadly it is not being maintained very well I took some pictures of cars along the way, as you do. Great house and car in one shot! (plus my finger)
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