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  1. I was excited by the Granada I posted above, then saw this and needed a lie down! It is not often you see a late 2.0XL Cortina estate for sale, another dream car for me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/156216109699?itmmeta=01HY8YRA747DTR89GZ27K6E9C3&hash=item245f34aa83:g:fAgAAOSw3h1mSdhU&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4Oz8GWpjXQjyhVUPXqzf1EtgmoNPam%2Bk9OdpdKgOnG8waX5zszVoKEOZdHYLHNz9YIXHEsP46xuAm5jXyy2S90fjKjQlxcHCkO897YtiDCbne%2Bg3n8%2Fpq1Z0g3jUfhdFt9AQYnm9rbu02MIq8zLHuiLSATai%2Frz08nk2BlAMQ2%2FCt85XX5s3IGOmX0SQm8UoMKZOUH3c%2FFGum1W3Z9e1I1jDsbyo%2FOABwmMNRFpfB%2FL5o01h0KTgY%2FdpWASZbLL7CezBgJMkXFpgii2%2FjsWiU%2BRjwvdaNLOaGKvz7m%2FELPCI|tkp%3ABk9SR9Sj4Z7yYw
  2. This is great, needs some welding but a fantastic car. There are not enough early mk2 Granada’s left and a GL is my favourite. Great colour too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/276470882330?itmmeta=01HY8XQVRNPRR29Q4GSK9AX2KN&hash=item405ef2e01a:g:aDcAAOSwtVJmR1tS&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwARP8k%2F6QSqQRp0tJg%2FX9CZiESaIsuvfsTOJOW3YWtuZvBtRajw84PBLAXksKal6zT34Z81p%2FGODxOAj0QUQVBJxlrHrju94%2B6M%2BNjV9JV9bpOKVPyNBAvBZ9l%2B%2FHlgOUMeT2butBkmdXEA4kahlkhZQMJ2csud6Yjm4tlhaPKtiCrsLg7%2BGfSBoiziRkPZ6HeF8EA3Ozy9njN5Rv7B%2FpaQ9%2BzBM6WUprB%2Ft%2ByR67o5aKOnerGB2IIIF4tOHoLXXWQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7C8353yYw
  3. Whilst I think the Taunus I posted is a winner for me and a low risk purchase I started looking for a more typically French car and the ultimate French car in my opinion is an early CX. For the full experience I would go with this, further south so more of a holiday and more risk being a Citroen, but not too much at £3,600 the price seems fair. https://www.leboncoin.fr/ad/voitures/2697813229 This looks the cheapest CX that has a good chance of getting home in. If I had more room or less cars I would be booking a flight!
  4. I would not be looking at it to sell on and have no interest in 2 doors. I have probably done more miles abroad in Cortina’s in recent years than I have in the UK. I already have several RHD cars so a LHD would be great for holidays and a mk4 GL in a great colour is one of my favourite cars. I have driven to Meaux many times for work as we had a demonstration and training site nearby until recently. I think my boss lives not too far away as he is French, I could ask him to help me with translation. I must stop thinking about it, I also checked on currency convertor and it is less than £3,400 which is cheap for any Cortina these days let alone a nice one. It is a good job I am not a caraholic……… Oh sh.t I need to check into rehab now!
  5. This looks fantastic, a bit more than I usually pay for a car but it looks stunning. Should be no worries about getting back in this especially as it has a pinto engine. I just need to find my phrase book and stay up all night on duolingo: https://www.leboncoin.fr/ad/voitures/2695326510
  6. Still great value, you have a great example of an interesting car in a great colour and an exciting holiday for around 5 months PCP payments on a bland mobile that you would never own. This way you have a great car, an asset and memories for ever, plus hero status on here.
  7. The picture would be so much better if your Carlton was parked where the moped and grey blob are. They should let you have the room for free for the excellent publicity shot they could use.
  8. For the next special occasion it would be great if you went here in the Carlton:
  9. It was nice to see this when out walking the dog yesterday evening:
  10. Tres bien, Muy buena, tidy darts 👍 Not a bad result, I am glad work has not been too busy as I have been following with interest on my IPad while working on my laptop. I would love to do a trip like this. We stopped in Angouleme when I drove to Gibraltar in a Cortina and had the best meal ever in a very ordinary looking restaurant there. I drove from Angouleme to Jaen in one day, I would love to do it again one day. I am really enjoying the updates, scenery, food etc. all fantastic and a fantastic experience you will remember forever.
  11. I have never been excited by Ferrari’s, but this is different. This in my opinion is the most exciting Ferrari I have ever seen. When we were on holiday in 2022 on a motorway near Milan, the road was empty, I was driving steadily at around 70 mph in my Cortina and one of these came past me as if I was stood still. It was like being back in 1978. https://www.brightwells.com/timed-sale/5528/lot/693810?returnUrl=%2ftimed-sale%2f5528%3fpage%3d2 If I won the lottery I would add this to my collection, V12, manual gearbox and red interior. A Ferrari couldn’t be any better.
  12. This is a proper Jag in a proper colour, good job I’m not a caraholic or I would be tempted…. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285843015121?itmmeta=01HWZZWBQXX97MNCDZTFWFMDQS&hash=item428d9245d1:g:tCsAAOSwwrFmNS74&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwI%2FIAktTlAWrmoZOH50G5SXRATlmWIcG2sAThMitkQp8g%2B39YLAe%2BuIP5r5dDTSc%2FVKmjhj6hpaajzo7J3WBq0f0%2Fyk92BExbOlEPY9ZWOWB0plTk2yLwcj5G40WWSFtdd%2F759mD2BrTj7r2qIsUVjIxiskL0mm3szQcbdLL3zUESJW%2FoEd0xTB3fL%2FwQzu71nVLEnTHrVGY%2FeeFdj78JTV4fWiHW1DVVPW9y0Z6uPobz%2Fn7e84al7Y%2Fhtim13mLhg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4K88f_nYw
  13. Now I understand why @BorniteIdentity has a red mk1 Sierra. If a base model only has half the pulling power as the L model you must still be doing well! That is by far the best looking Sierra I have ever seen, you can keep your RS500 Cosworth’s, a. 1.6L looks far more attractive.
  14. I used to have 12 cars and now have very close to three times that, I had to list them all to have an idea of the number. What is the car equivalent to the Priory? I may need to check in. I have thought many times that less cars would make life easier, especially when looking at houses as it is relatively easy to find a house with a double garage and even a triple garage but when it comes to garaging 25+ cars then options become very limited. I am with @skoda_fan on this point though but I am very happy with the cars I have already I love looking at them and sitting in them as much as I enjoy driving them and could certainly never be without a Cortina. If I was left to my own decisions I probably would only have around 12 cars but my partner now has several cars and encourages me to buy more when I say we have too many, some instances I think she was right such as the Granada’s and mk4 Cortina’s. The Alvis, BMW, Rover 216 etc. I would get rid of tomorrow and knew some were bad choices at the time. There are two other things that are mental issues I have with selling cars, one is I really hate losing money and have real problems if I have to sell a car for less than I paid for it, I also hate seeing good / interesting cars scrapped and as we all know once we sell a car then the new owner can do as they wish, maybe I need help but overall I am comfortable with my situation. I do however have full respect for @DirtyDaily and others who feel cars are having a negative impact on their overall quality of life and are doing something about it. It is easy to moan about things but less easy to take responsibility for your own life and make a positive change, anyone who makes difficult decisions to improve the overall quality of their life has my respect.
  15. I often think how easy life would be if I just had 2 or 3 cars, I could have a much cheaper house and a brand new Porsche but I have no interest in a new Porsche or any other new cars. Life could be easier and also more boring. I agree there is probably a good balance somewhere which I have not achieved but it could be much worse, I have an addiction to cars but it is far better than an addiction to alcohol or worse still drugs. Becoming addicted to sex is maybe another option preferable to drugs or alcohol but I think I’ll stick with cars. Also it is much better in my opinion to being addicted to PCP’s and debt which seems popular.
  16. When I started my current job in 2016 I was given a Jeep Renegade until a car was available as it is compulsory to have a company vehicle. The Jeep was black with black interior and looked proper poverty spec. I was amazed to see it was a Sport. I don’t know how a Tonka toy can be described as a Sport let alone a poverty spec. one. It was similar to below but not the actual vehicle.
  17. Different cars suit different wheels, even down to trim level but I have always liked the Ronal alloys on early mk2 Capri Ghia’s ( The ones on the right) From the aftermarket wheels, Cosmic an Dunlop D1’s are great, both already mentioned.
  18. I like this, Vauxhall’s were on top of their game at this time. These would have been my car of choice when new, Ford went seriously downhill through the eighties and Vauxhall went up in the world, this is cheap enough now and not high miles, could be a bargain? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266789516371?itmmeta=01HWNQTK8FAY58X3GTRDEGP59K&hash=item3e1de4f453:g:l4IAAOSw0EVmK35L&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwNfH6QzNuurRA%2FbLqwyzXv7EZgeio2fsuxvyx25bn7s32I3dWs6IvGaIcJ%2FOAwxavTh8m%2F4p7gh1XfI%2Bkey9f26sUPXEkvOviaA4%2Fh01ruFXlhiTTO8cqTqYS3C0Tm6D25DmwE8Rj3ocAC84k%2FLDHCbFQQKH9IHOeKCGmTYm2jhfsqyHjtG66hx0uiKlapDsOKd5oTsOsl%2F5uZkeuzJLfvoSCcdBvZxX4JJ3w1d9fIOD0cavP6h7iZsJEK4JPvhleg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6i06rflYw
  19. This looks a great find. I am sure they are exactly* what you want @eddyramrod. They may be the new shape but those sliding doors are fantastic: And if that is not exciting enough, there are three of them! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166729883721?itmmeta=01HW8G662WTWD9NN76NH6YY56N&hash=item26d1e02049:g:1VcAAOSwq2hmKPBb&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwKAPrlIOV6%2FEoQRgikaSREkwPs1LKWOUDEiou%2BZqOwBmvUIoR0DFnqJ2qDYzM%2BCNcZosKToiSDvSoxh94%2F4UgyApiu8nsWn75K2hAvqI7cOq4MgLMXgDYCi8QBhFzz7wZaqMtdsyMdDnA1TBWy222UaEGICrW7cEL575mXwYwyMD5bxAmSFk5Pq4fWK%2FwZ9OA%2Ffn6eG5zrI03TK1ZEpncF%2BeF%2F8eRgzOppA958XivusQnb4%2B1LfxnhAaLleyLPnnNg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8LhmJDiYw How big is the field of dreams @Six-cylinder? If for some strange reason Mr. Ramrod doesn’t want all of them, they would make very stylish storage units.
  20. My girlfriend had a White Cinquecento very similar to the one below it was quite a nice car, much better looking than the Seicento that replaced it.
  21. This looks good for a bag of sand: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145736799869?itmmeta=01HW0BDRBHF4DARB92RP45F4FK&hash=item21ee97167d:g:JcMAAOSwc25mJPUW&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwN9FZw9yxIXIUp6RuFaUMImLwQwvArsOAq2t8cxXQ4wAfWs1hOvTpncCjcm4gCL3pkI9zDkeJfy6u3wVQuQLzQGZuxVOz0nYsVy4F8%2Bq2csiiJIq97xmtKFuTandw8AFrFZphJgkZ86M3N8vvuwHuD%2FfUoEQdlDFxBcSzGkz9eNOExhs%2Fkup3FN9RNMkHiPBwMEcPIcFyENsG0VCEk3XvDyAgAowilk3RLwDeexlBLHsWbCarfzg8r1F6Q96cR%2Fc%2BQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-yFt4vgYw
  22. It is an L, the most obvious giveaway is the wheels are not painted black around the vent holes.
  23. My Dad had a brand new 1.3L 4 door in 1980 as his first company car, it was a huge improvement on his Viva which got passed on to my Mum. Seven years later my brother bought a 4 door Popular Plus as his first car. He got it resprayed, fitted a black vinyl roof and front and rear spoilers plus 4 spoke Capri Laser wheels, it looked great. He was stopped by the Police for speeding over a hump back bridge with all 4 wheels off the ground, when they stopped him they asked why he was speeding, he said he was late for an appointment. They then told him that they had been watching him go back and fore the same stretch of road perfecting his jump. A few years later I bought a 4 door 1.3 Linnet off my next door neighbour for £200 just to sell on, all three in our family were 4 doors in Venetian Red.
  24. I parked my Mondeo mk4 alongside my Volvo 740 when I first bought the Mondeo, I was amazed the Mondeo was taller wider and longer than the 740. Space in the Mondeo is good for a modern car but nowhere near as good as a 740 or E class. I have not measured the C5X yet but it seems similar to the Mondeo. Modern cars are crap. I do not currently have gates on the drive but when I did I usually only opened one as each one was 7’ wide, most cars went in and out easily, the Mondeo had 1 “ either side of the mirrors and barely fitted in parking spaces, they are ridiculous for what are just average cars.
  25. An excellent choice of car and lovely colour too. A very different car to the Mondeo, I had a Mondeo mk4 and the E320 is a very much nicer car to drive and a lot more useful being an estate, these are one of the best modern cars if not the best I hope you keep posting updates and pictures.
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