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  1. My daily is a diesel Octavia vrs and I love it! I think the petrol ones can have timing chain issues but they are great cars
  2. I'm getting 2 Avon's tomorrow for the Beetle from ATS, it's £32 off for 2 so makes them much cheaper than anything else around.
  3. What with petrol prices the way they are it's a great time for a roadtrip. I am off to Germany in my camper in about 2 weeks time, not looking forward to the fuel bill! Great pics!
  4. Hence why any that are still left are stupid money! Sure I saw one for sale recently for 15k
  5. I saw this one on Facebook for sale recently and thought I recognised it! Some of the pics of it on the other wheels it looked brilliant! Good to see an update on here bud
  6. I was up Tavvy the other day, it's about 15 miles north from here!
  7. Wow! That's a long trip!! Good luck with it. Makes my trip to Germany next month in my camper look like a walk in the park
  8. I quite like it, but then I painted my camper with a roller! At least it shows someone is caring for it, and it's not a car someone is likely to spend a couple grand on respraying!
  9. The pics aren't working for me
  10. I've got anthracite Empis on my bug, part way through a quick refurb on them as the lacquer on the rims has crazed. Not spending too much time on then, partly because refurbing wheels is a chore but also as I want to change them at some point.
  11. No problem. It was lucky I found them while trying to tidy my garage a few weeks ago... No idea why I kept them as I haven't had a Vauxhall for years, although this is probably why my garage is full of stuff as I never throw things away!
  12. Looks like a great project. I really like the shape of the mk1 Cavalier. I think I have a Vauxhall script in the garage, I was tidying up the other day so I know where it is! Will go and check Edit: yes I have! I think it was off a Chevette about 25 years ago! Let me know if you want it bud
  13. More importantly, what have you bought?
  14. That's a lot of car for £200! Well bought
  15. That's brilliant! I remember my brother's MK1 astra 1200 he had when I was 16 and I really liked it. I would have had it for my first car but he sold it cheap to a mechanic who had condemned it.
  16. The Mrs has a Shogun Sport and it's terrible on fuel so I suspect she will be using my Octavia a bit more. She has the Shogun for towing a horsebox which has barely moved for the last 2 years so really we would be much better off getting rid of both.
  17. Looks like a bargain! That toilet takes up a lot of space so I can see the benefit of removing it .. but next time you need a pee at 4am when you are camping you might think different!
  18. This thread has taught me that if buying a Subaru, make sure it has 12 months MOT so you can get a few months use our of it before it completely dissolves! I guess your next car may not be another Subaru?
  19. Nice to see more progress. Door skin is a good idea. On mine it came with a good passenger door but the drivers door had had one of those bottom repair panels on it and then loads of filler to blend it... I just know that filler is going to crack!
  20. Good to hear an update of sorts on the Volvo. Would it make sense to try and remove the wing completely to see what state the inner wings are in? Or do you need to wait for the insurance company to do something?
  21. I quite happily work on the Beetle and Camper but on the daily drivers I have a mobile mechanic who lives just down the road from me that I use. I will do simple stuff, but others I get him to do it. I had a sticky caliper on the Octavia just before Christmas - I could have done it myself but for the sake of an hour's labour it was much easier to get him to do it! I didn't even have to drop the car off as he walked up to get the keys!
  22. Good idea! Last year i drove my brother's T4 a few times and each time I thought I wanted to buy one thinking it would be fine to daily drive a van... But then I would get back into my Octavia! Realised I still wanted to drive enthusiastically sometimes so I went off the idea again.
  23. Last Fray Bentos pie I had I couldn't get the lid off! Had a right battle with all the tin openers I could find. Haven't braved one since. Mind you, I should get a decent Tin opener too!
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