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  1. Oh wow! What a little beauty, that's had a replacement roof with a glass window, you can tell because now the rear view is like looking out of a WW2 pillbox [emoji28] you also find you can only drive these cars by using the revs, so it sounds like you're doing a million miles an hour, when I'm reality you're sitting at 30. MrsH doesn't like driving it because people assume she's speeding and flip her off. Guess I've got thicker skin [emoji28] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Definitely in please [emoji16] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. A quiet summer holidays really, but seems daft not to update. LAGUNA: As usual, steadfastly reliable. The MOT was looming, and with one tyre suffering a slow puncture, and two on the limit of wear, we finally dug the original wheels out from behind the garage to get a set of part worns fitted. Christ, this turned out to be a palaver. Took them up in the back of the Laguna but didn't want them fitted to the car yet, so I could have a quick scrub and inspect of the suspension etc before the MOT. First time I get back, start fitting the wheels, I notice one of them isn't matching in size - would be an instant MOT fail. To make matters worse, the wheel weights used to balance the wheel were fouling on the brake calipers. I took them back in Herman (The Laguna was on axle stands by this point) and they tried shrugging their shoulders and saying there's nothing they can do, although they eventually balanced one with the weights slightly more inboard - told me to try it on that but wouldn't do a par of them balanced like that, which meant that when I found out that it would fit, I had to go back a third time to get another one re-balanced. Very poor service and shall not be returning to Redruth Tyres again. However, after a day of pure arseache, the Laguna finally had a set of matching alloy wheels for the first time since 2019! It was then shunted through an MOT where it had three failures - two of which were for headlamp adjust being too low - guessing the smaller wheels didn't help! Adjusters were checked for free movement and moved slightly up. The final one was for a power steering leak. The Laguna had a power steering pipeline leak a couple of MOTs ago and was remedied with a new pressure pipe, so I started hunting. Eventually, I found the return hard line has been slightly pinholed by it's securing clip, which was a bit of a bonus as it wasn't a pressurised line. Once thoroughly cleaned and de-greased, this pinhole was remedied with some self-amalgamating rubber tape, with some black spiral wrap to protect the assembly. The securing clip was then bent slightly to accommodate the slightly thicker, repaired pipeline and re-secured. Once that was all finished, it was returned for a re-test and came back with a clean sheet pass! Six weeks later, the power steering still doesn't leak and the level hasn't dropped, so I'm calling that a permanent repair. That being said, today we took it to drop the boy off at his first day of school and there's a new stink in the cockpit, which will warrant urgent investigation over the weekend if the weather allows. Hopefully along with a service, as I've had the stuff on the shelf for a while now waiting. Mazda: This is starting to be in need of a bit of work soon - the power steering has always leaked a bit, but it now seems to have increased in severity. Still liveable, but definitely needs investigation soon. Sadly, the rust is starting to take hold of the passenger side lower rear quarter again - it was only replaced about 6 years ago. Still ace to drive though. Did forget to put the roof up during the one rain shower we had in August - thankfully survived! Herman: Used all the remaining fuel in the tank when times got tight - will now be SORNed for a while until the fuel prices just fucking chill for a bit. BX: Just don't. Untouched. Beat: Following ShiteFest, the Beat was meant to be having a bit of a break. Then I got a call from a mate inviting me up to the Peaks District for a three day piss-up. Some man maths were calculated to see if it was even financially feasible, and realistically I had a choice of two cars. With the Beat, I'd planned two route, in order to account for me trying to avoid motorways to save fuel and just have a more enjoyable drive overall. So, with the figures all stacking up nicely, I loaded a couple more jerry cans in the boot, all my luggage in the passenger seat and footwell, and set off on a lovely 10.5 hour journey via the Fosse Way, stopping regularly to enjoy the scenery and take some photos. (First fuel stop - 251 miles from home - worked out mid 50s MPG!) It was a very enjoyable, save for a van driver trying to get me murdered in the final 1/4 of a mile. Various truck drivers were surprisingly enthusiastic when they saw the car, and I got a few honks and waves I parked up, and had a very enjoyable evening. The following afternoon, I had already pre-planned a nice figure of 8 route of about 100 miles to sample the best driving roads in the area - and the Beat did not disappoint I had an absolutely fantastic drive - the weather was excellent, the roads were quiet and the scenery was breathtaking at almost every turn - I ended up going through Winnits Pass twice just to take it all in! After a couple more days of relaxing and skulling beers, Sunday night was taken gently, to allow a fresh head for an early start. Got home at a reasonable time, having had a wonderful weekend, made all the better by that little yellow buzzbox. There are a few niggles that have raised their head, most importantly the stereo was cutting out whenever the volume got too loud, but nothing too strenuous. I'll also be looking at brake upgrades in the near future as I'm not a big fan of the feeling of the front brakes. Either way, home safe and sound, and a toast to the Beat, and mid-50s MPG across the entire time Misc: Someone in the village was offering a free hot tub with a shitload of issues. I took it on and we got started, as we're still on a fixed tarrif for our energy and MrsH always wanted one - happened to coincide nicely with her birthday and didn't break our 'no presents' rule this year. First thing it needed was a good scrub - it has been in a wet shed for months and was stinking. Cleaned up nicely. With it inflated, MrsH immediately found the pinhole puncture in the sidewall - quick patch on it, first fault fixed. Second fault was the unit was throwing error codes whenever the heater was turned on - stripped the unit down and carried out some wiring checks and found a thermal fuse had blown - fitted the spare and a new error code popped up relating to the 50c sensor. Removed it and did a few functional checks on it - all turned out fine, which pointed to the main board being the culprit. £23 later, a good secondhand board arrived and with a new filter fitted, we filled it up and all functions work correctly - result! It's been taken back down for now, as I want to liberate some more pallets and make a permanent shelter for it. Energy-wise, I think our bill crept up by £15 that month, and I think most of that would have come from the initial warm-up as it appears to be pretty good at retaining heat when we turn the heater off. Other Misc: Saw a 'Batmobile' which was formerly an MR2. Poor thing. The back end I'll try finding a picture of again Spotted another Beat in Cornwall! This was being driven by Jean, a lovely lady in her 70s, and the recipient of my donated heater knobs back from February. A very nice example and well-specced, with working R12 air conditioning, a rarity! Spotted some other fun chod this month at shows too: All in all, an enjoyable summer holiday
  4. What a lovely, lovely car. In good hands too, thankfully!
  5. Very happy to see you've found your way onto here. I really fancy one of these for a few years to ferry the family about - great cars.
  6. Lot less of these sorts of cars about and most of the bad ones have been weeded out one would hope. I'm not commenting on my breakdown history or the track records of my fleet as I'm not in the mood to tempt fate.
  7. Have you looked up how not to be a condescending dick?
  8. Loving the progress updates on this - a Carlton just looks right. [emoji123] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. I was gutted when this turned out to be the same weekend as ShiteFest - one of the best shows of the year to get to. Great photos too.
  10. Maybe his garage doesn't have an electric socket? 😂
  11. Spotted at one of the shows. Looking for an argument against rolling 40 year MOT exemptions? Step this way Sir. She's a cornucopia of bodges. Remarkably, three weeks before this photo was taken, it received a clean MOT pass. Almost impressive
  12. MISC: Helped a friend in need of assistance. Their '08 Fiesta was making typically horrid wheelbearing noise on the rear and a chuffing noise up front. First thing I noticed when I took it home to my garage was how hot the OSR wheel had gotten. So wheel off: Which confirmed that (a) the brake was binding slightly, and the wheel bearing itself was on the way out. The wheel bearing on both sides was replaced, handbrake adjusted and sent out for a test. Same problem. Once back to the garage, I took the drum off for another check and found one of the brake cylinder pistons had seized slightly on. Mercifully a quick fix. Once replaced, the handbrake was adjusted again and all was good. Ended up saving time during the handbrake adjustment by leaving the drum attached to the alloy and just pulling it off and on for quick adjusts. Next up, the chuffing. Found to be one of the injectors. Lots of faffing ensued on my part, having never changed injector seals before. After a bit of time, the injector came out. Lots of scrubbing of the injector and the surrounding area followed, along with cutting the injector port mating face. Had loads of trouble removing this seal in the head - eventually it transpired that I've taken the top face off the seal and was trying to prise out the seals internal metal ring. Up yours car. After much faffing and cleaning, the new injector seals were fitted. A long test drive to drop it off with my friend proved that all was working once again and I've heard no complaints since so I guess I did all right. Got a nice bottle of port for my troubles Other jobs around the garage - Found a neighbour chucking out these drawers. £5 later and they're mine. Still in the process of tidying them up and sorting them out. Good to get some more space though. Cat decided that loafing in direct sunlight wasn't stupid enough, and tried to intensify the progress. Tit. And I undertook a zero-budget build of a playhouse for my boy. He absolutely loved it. The entire thing, wood, screws, etc.... were all held in or around my garage so it was totally free. Heavy thing too, was a 3 man lift to manoeuvre it into position - where the boy had an imaginary 'house'. It wasn't meant to be weatherproof or anything like that - just a little something to stimulate a fascinating, flourishing imagination. He's had it 4 days and it's already filled with toys, a chair and his cleaning toy set 😂 It did mean the driveway parking situation was pure bedlam whilst the playhouse was on the driveway being built. Typically, I needed the MX5 to commute the following morning so plenty of shuffling required! And that's me up to date. Thanks for reading!
  13. BX: The right rear boot floor corner was an absolute mess. A sea of patches and in dire need of replacement, I decided another patch wasn't going to cut it this time. Time to cut the lot out. It was only when the removed section was actually on the bench and visible, was the true extent of the bodgery revealed. And just how thin the metal had gotten in some places. This time, I wanted to try and use thicker metal. 1mm came out, 1.8mm was going in - that should at least last a bit longer. So, all marked out: And shaped. First thing I noticed was just how much harder it was to shape 1.8mm compared to 1mm. With just a bench vice, some angle iron and a hammer, it was going to get tricky. This time, to ensure good penetration, I held a flatttened section of copper pipe on the underside of the sections I was welding. Weld doesn't stick to copper, so it allows the weld to pool without burning through to reduce the risk of blowing through the metal. Worked a treat, too. Making the rail was a bit of a challenge. 1.8mm is a tough bugger to bend, and I was going to have to make tight box sections. To get around this, I noticed that the internal dimensions of the rail were the same as pushing 2 of my angle iron bits together to make a box shape (Pic shows what I mean) So, I welded the angle iron bits together to maintain the box shape. Measured out the required dimensions And started twatting it into shape. A rubber mallet proved to be the best non-damaging method to getting the metal bent over. The 3rd and final bit of angle iron was then brought into play to allow the tabs to be formed. Until eventually I got the rail shape I was after. Almost dimensionally perfect to the section still fitted to the car, but I'm confident it'll be fine. After that, it was a case of removing the reinforcement bracket from the old section. Took a lot of hacking and slicing to free it! Eventually, it came off, and was cleaned up/ ground down ready for welding. And that's been it for the BX really for the past couple of months. Will get back to it pretty soon, I hope. Once thing I did do yesterday was have a quick go at the bumper corner scuff with some scratch remover. Obviously I'm not stupid enough to think it'll undo the deep scuff, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much of the other little bits of damage it helped with. I'll be working on this sort of task every so often. The car itself does still start and drive although it is very fume-y and smokey. Possible consequence from not turning a wheel in in anger since early 2021?
  14. Oh man, another long-winded update batch. BEAT: Once again, marked its territory with a tiny weep from the front coolant hose join. The hose spring clip was found not to be in the best state of health. Replaced with a Jubilee clip and monitoring for further leakage. Does appear to still be weeping ever so slightly but not enough to panic about. Been a nice couple of months for the Beat. I had a full alignment done on the car following the rear end suspension replacement. Handles much more confidently now. Attended a few shows: (Launceston - 7/10) Recreated one of my favourite photos of a Beat on the internet: Stuck some stickerage onto it because I'm 5 years old inside Did some more shows: (DriveNQY - solid 10/10 for this one! The car park was almost as interesting as the show.) (Cars and coffee style meet in Porthleven - 9/10 - got to drive the green Rover there :D) Annoyingly, I noticed a while back that the doors were fouling the intake grilles, so I attempted to rectify that: This side worked lovely with a bit of fettling. The other side, less so. It had already taken a chip out of the paint so I wanted to get it sorted. After 45 minutes of sheer arseachery, this was the best I could achieve: Nowhere near perfect, but does clear the grille now. I went to a local model shop to purchase a tiny tin of enamel model train paint that matched the colour of the paint chip I picked off the door. Colour match was pretty spot on, but I didn't notice the tin was fucking satin finish, not gloss. Oh well. Took it to another show (Probus Rally, 6/10 - didn't bother with any photos) Stopped by a fancy house for a photo on the way home: Another show. (KOVC @ Penhallow - 8/10 - too sodding hot!) After that, it was a case of prepping the car for Shitefest - doing all the important things. Like re-securing my USB socket after the securing nut detached. And whilst the centre console was out: It made sense to change the gearshift gaiter. The old one was pleather and had a hole in it. The new one was a real leather one for a Renault Laguna 3 (so god knows why I have it) and fitted rather nicely in its place. With all that vital* work completed, it was off to ShiteFest! I was in charge of the route for the convoy so I made sure our route capture the Nant Y Moch reservoir, Elan Valley and Pen Y Pass, with all the adjoining mountain roads. So how was the Beat? Absolutely bloody fantastic. It absolutely skipped over the mountain roads like an excitable terrier, scampering from corner to corner, its size proving to be a massive benefit for those winding roads. It did transpire that the Beat was burning oil on the overrun though, with a small puff of smoke visible when the throttle was re-applied, but it's not significant enough to warrant any further action beyond me adding a bottle of stop smoke at SF - the level is now steady. One thing I did notice was I must have forgotten to secure my oil cap during a top-up at a stop, which was now long gone - DOH! Luckily, it was a remove filler tube so not having one didn't affect it and I actually had a new spare on at home. Eventually, I split from the Kernow Konvoy to head to Plymouth to see family and meet up with MrsH, and we convoyed back home later that evening, her in Herman. Some quick maffs revealed that on the dual carriageways, the Honda averaged 42MPG there and back, on the mountain roads up there was 55mpgh, and the mountain roads home was 61MPG. Average for the trip was 50mpg. Astounding. In the morning, I noticed the car grows a better beard than me: Fitted my spare oil cap: And regretted parking next to the fire at SF 😂 Thankfully, it's all cleaned up now. I lent the Beat to MrsH to commute to work. She wasn't chuffed with the additional decoration to the wheel that I'd forgotten about. Oops. No sense of humour sometimes, that girl 😆 As it stands, I'm running out of miles on the insurance pretty soon, so it'll be parked up soon. There's a few jobs coming up that I want to do over the winter months, but we'll see if it can happen in time. For now, I just want to enjoy it.
  15. Super excited for this, spent a couple of hours planning the route that we're taking to capture as many decent driving/scenic roads as possible as soon as we breach Wales. Planning to capture Elan Valley, Naty y Moch and Pen Y Pass on the way up. We've even got walkie-talkies so we can do convoying right
  16. Can I put myself down for a breakfast please? Also, would any of the Scottish contingency be kind enough to bring 2 x 24 can crates of Tennents down with them? I'll happily pay in advance for them, I've gotten nostalgic for the taste and I can only find the occasional 4 pack down here [emoji28] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. Running late for work, so took the Mazda. Noticed it was running low on fuel so decided I would get fuel on the way home. Promptly forgot and then spent 10 miles light throttling and watching the gauge like a hawk. Eventually made it and sloshed in an appropriate, pre-payday amount: Which brought the gauge up to this level: The amount? 8.5 litres. This car is a damned liar. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  18. Been a pretty quiet couple of weeks here - but there was an event at work that had a static car display, so I figured the Beat would be an interesting oddity there. A quick sponge off and drag back into the garage revealed that the rear bumper and light had attracted a scuff either during or after the Mini show. Not sure when it happened or how, but the boy does go into my garage whilst I'm at work to get his bicycles out so there's a chance it was him (he denied it). Thankfully, a few minutes with some cutting compound and polish rendered the damage almost invisible. With that done, I strapped the boy in and headed off to meet with the South West sports car club. There was lots of posh, exotic motors: And nestled deep withing was my golden nugget [emoji1787] To be fair, there was quite a lot of interest in the car from a lot of people, which was encouraging. A few days later, I took the Beat out for a small shopping trip: Would it fit in the boot? Just about. Perfect for a single fella on a diet, this motor. With that done, it was time to turn the attention to the MX5. This has been fulfilling the role of my daily for a few weeks now, and it was reminding me of all the jobs I had been putting off before I put it away for the winter. Like the headlight that failed in dipped beam in October, worked briefly just prior to the MOT, then failed again. New bulb time [emoji1787] As mentioned in a previous post, the lock barrel fell into the door after I repaired and refitted it, typical of those spring clips. Removed the door card: And found the little beggar hiding at the bottom of the door. Seven months it has been down there! Eventually, after way more fiddling and faffing about than I'm proud to admit, eventually the barrel clip went on and stayed on. Whilst the MX5 was in the garage, I also finally re-secured the wind deflector so it was stay upright (been putting that job off for 18 months - two nuts nipped up and it's good to go again [emoji2357]) The passenger side window was quite stiff to wind up and down - old dry grease was the cause here, so the door card was removed and the old grease removed and replaced. With all the 'big' jobs done, it was time to tackle the one annoying aspect of the car with a budget of zero pence. Spot it? Yes, it's this little fella. Bit of duct tape and some white paint to make it a Kernow cross until I come up with a permanent solution of new plates [emoji1787] The paintwork on this Mazda is looking absolutely appalling, so I think this will end up recieving a roller paint job - it's already a write off with visible body damage so preserving the value is not a concern to me, but having it all one colour would be quite nice. There's a fella on Facebook selling NATO green vehicle paint for £25 a tin so that looks to be the winning idea, once I get some replacement wings of any colour for it [emoji1787] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  19. I had something similar in the Saab 9000 I bought from eBay. Was slow as shit all the way home, found the wastegate actuator rod was disconnected. Connected it, and was greeted with a slipping clutch [emoji854] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  20. Still sounds like you could benefit from more fleet reduction tbh, one broken car is a stress, but that many is grounds for a fucking stomach ulcer. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  21. Possibly the sportiest Daewoo ever. Daewoo Speedster.
  22. What an exemplary road test [emoji106] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  23. I finally bit the bullet last week and organised a mobile phone replacement under the insurance - after ignoring the cracked screen with weld spatter craters for about 18 months, I had an off on the bike which appeared to make the battery swell. The new one arrived (at £125 for the excess) on Tuesday and most of Wednesday was spent moving over all of my data and apps. So naturally, I was overjoyed this evening, a mere five days later, when I pulled my house keys out, causing the phone to slip out of my pocket and fall, cracking the screen once again, rendering the entire fucking exercise pointless.
  24. Man, these just aren't anywhere these days, what a peach!
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