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  1. What an exemplary road test [emoji106] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. I finally bit the bullet last week and organised a mobile phone replacement under the insurance - after ignoring the cracked screen with weld spatter craters for about 18 months, I had an off on the bike which appeared to make the battery swell. The new one arrived (at £125 for the excess) on Tuesday and most of Wednesday was spent moving over all of my data and apps. So naturally, I was overjoyed this evening, a mere five days later, when I pulled my house keys out, causing the phone to slip out of my pocket and fall, cracking the screen once again, rendering the entire fucking exercise pointless.
  3. Man, these just aren't anywhere these days, what a peach!
  4. I've already posted about him, but there's a fella down the road from me who has a collection of 3 Mk1 Lagunas He's got first dibs on mine when we're done with it
  5. This was a really enjoyable thread to read - great work getting the old girl back up and running!
  6. It was a nice day, so I finally set out to answer the week-old question. Well, that's that answered. Fucking tight in there, mind.
  7. Oh yeah, shout out to my little man who was compelled to stand next to the Beat and tell passers-by all about it [emoji28]
  8. P38s are for nutters with balls like brass conkers. Doooooo it
  9. The Monday was an open show day but the numbers were a bit thin on the ground for something other than Minis - I think it could have been better publicised for the open event. Had a great time though [emoji12] Amused me greatly that 'Car of the show' for a Mini-themed show was awarded to a Celica GT-Four [emoji28]
  10. Finally, I was a moron and didn't adequately secure my bike one night. Came back the following day to find it had bounced off the Beats' paintwork: A few choice words and some claybar action removed the deposit and I look to have avoided any real paint damage, PHEW. I gave the Beat a wash, wax and polish for an upcoming show: And remembered that it was 30 miles away, and I didn't have a spare wheel fitted to the car. Thankfully, I swung by Tony's place last weekend on the way home from a wedding in Bristol (Laguna got 40.8MPG) and picked up the spare tyre mounting plate. Unfortunately, the wheel securing bolt has gone walkies, and as it was a Sunday night, I had to be creative. My friend had left a section of M8 threaded rod in the MR2 when I bought it and I never threw it out. Mercifully, the rod fitted, so I cut a section of timber and used a hole cutting drill bit to reduce the thickness. When it was discovered I had no M8 nuts left, it fell to Dad of the year to cannibalise two nuts from his old bicycle. His face was a picture when he attempted to ride it after. The spare wheel itself was a spacesaver. The one originally for the Beat was in terrible condition, with several cracking appearing in the sidewall. Luckily, I had a spare Mazda spacesaver which was the same diameter and PCD as the Beat, so that got inflated and fitted. Finally, I too all the tools out of a tiny boot, put them in a waterproof rucksack, and shoved it into the spare wheel recess. Job jobbed. With that all done, the following morning we headed off to St Austell for the car show, MrsH and our youngest followed behind us in the Laguna, with the intention of parking the Laguna in the spectators car park. Only there wasn't one, so our filthy, dented family hatchback ended up a part of the show - suppose it save us lugging the picnic out of it! It was a local Mini club running the event and the response to the Beat was fantastic - loads of people had never seen one! Took a photo of a Mini alongside it to compare for size - The Mini is shorter in length, but wider. However, the rain started to make an appearance so we left in the early afternoon. On arrival back home, I took the Beat to a mate for him to have a spin. He bloody loved it. With that all done and dusted, the car was parked back up and I'll wash it later in the week. T'was a lovely day for it.
  11. After all this work, I finally turned my attention to the garage (again). Last year, I did a major re-jig to the layout, as detailed in Page 1 of this thread. Whilst having the workbench at the back was definitely the right way ahead, the working area floorspace was too narrow for working comfortably on cars, even small motors like the Beat. Swinging the trolley jack about and crawling underneath proved to be a pain in the arse. So, the aim of the game was to get as much floorspace back as possible. First step was to mount the bicycles to the roof rafters: Relegating the boys' bikes and garden toys back to the garden shed did help things as well. The biggest cause of floorspace intrusion was the floor-mounted racking. Having had these since we moved in, these were essential in storing the absolute hoard of shite Mini parts. Nowadays, they were a lot more bare. They stood at 1.8m tall and could split in half, height-wise too. A rough plan was hatched. The racking was broken down, and the separate 90cm vertical sections were reduced in height by 15cm. This height was chosen to allow it to stay roughly in line with the adjacent cabinet already fitted, and allow room to move underneath it. The test fit of the first unit looked promising: So the work continued. Eventually, after a couple of evenings, they came together nicely. And with the fourth and final unit fitted, I could properly secure the units for good. The rear vertical sections screw into both the wall and the roof trust mounting beam, the units were secured to each other and the front vertical sections were mounted to a section of timber secured to the roof beams. This resulted in a very secure storage space that also allowed for full use of the floorspace underneath. The following evening, all the shite that resided in the way was stowed. Look, I can open the door fully! The ladder and workbench were also wall-mounted at this stage, accounting for the log storage near the front of the garage. The boy's toys came back in for a few days as I had other plans elsewhere. I think it worked out pretty well. And then, the Beat was parked on the other side of the garage, just in case! It's been nearly a month and it hasn't fallen down so I think that's a win. Work beckoned for a while after that, so this took a back seat. Finally, I got back to it though. In our old house, I'd had to buy a tin of garage floor paint to repaint our porch floor as it was ruined. The tin had been sat in the garage, gathering dust for seven years since. Seemed daft to let this opportunity go to waste, eh? I ended up applying this paint with a tiny roller - I needed to apply two coats, and I didn't want to end up having to buy a new tin, so minimising paint wastage in big rollers was the aim of the game. Whilst in between applying the coats, the in-laws came down, so I got the FiL busy applying a coat of white paint to the walls. At this point, we wall mounted 1 racking unit onto the wall, and relegated the other one to the shed, which was another ballache in itself! Next, a toolboard in the corner of the garage was made up to accommodate the air tools above the compressor. Some corner shelves were also made and fitted. One of the garage bugbears I had was a dark spot in the garage - a Facebook freebie of another florescent light was gained and wired in. It got quite messy with all these simultaneous jobs going on! But the work has its dividends, and a few hours later, the garage was ready. You can see the corner shelves and extra florescent light in this one. The Beat looked positively dwarfed in the new-found space. So naturally, I had to test out a theory: Yep, this will now become a 2 car garage for the winter months. There was a surplus TV stand in the rear corner of the garage, which I had to avoid when parking the Mazda: So with that moved out of the way, how far could we go? Well, as it turns out, quite far. It's a bit of a squeeze, but both cars drove in with minimal fuss, as long as the Beat is as far back as possible. Theoretically, Herman /should/ fit in there alongside the Beat, but I really don't want to find out the hard way that I'm wrong. So I finally have a clean, wide space to work without a dusty floor to ruin my day. Best thing was, most of the items used in this project were surplus items from other projects, so I spent just over £25 on the whole project.
  12. As sunshine was just around the corner, it seemed right to start preparing the MX5 for the road once again. Once the car cover was removed, it became quite clear that I had become a millionaire without even knowing it. With a reminder in the rear view mirror about keeping cars off the road too long: The MX5 saw daylight for the first time since October. A quick run over with a sponge and reconnecting the battery appeared to show everything still worked, but the OSF wing has deteriorated to the point where it was no longer secured to the front bumper. As the MOT was a day away, a bodge was the order of the day, namely drilling two holes into both the bumper and the wing and locking them together with garden wire. After that, a splash of aluminium tape, followed by colour coding it with some duct tape saw the wing looking slightly less terrible. The Rust-eze sticker has finally gone too, it had faded away to nothing. So away it went for an MOT and it failed for a binding front caliper. New caliper, pads and a re-grease of the sliders saw the old girl roadworthy for another year, straight into daily driver duties. Herman's new intake tube arrived, which was a relatively painless swap. Turned out to be worse than the initial inspection: At the moment, Herman just isn't being used again - blame the increase in fuel prices for that. A new battery is on the horizon though, as the Lion one isn't in the rudest of health.
  13. 1. davidFowler - both nights trailer 2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car 3. Beko - both nights tent 4. Supernaut - both nights tent 5. Juular 6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent 7. Fumbler- both nights car 8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car 9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent 10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent 11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent 12. cms206 - both nights, camper 13. ghosty - both nights, car 14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent. 15. Fatharris - both nights - tent Looking forward to this! Also edited number 11 as there's a few friends that will be coming and we're waiting to hear if one of them is going.
  14. Room for the camber in Big White? [emoji8] I'll unseize everything beforehand [emoji28][emoji8]
  15. Shall we lock this date in for July then? Seems counter-productive to leave it an open poll when the first option is next weekend. Can the thread title be edited to match?
  16. You can with a £200car, Jesus [emoji1787][emoji28] You going to haggle if the ash trays are full?
  17. Either of the May dates works for me as I've got Wadebridge Wheels on the 17th July and I'm keen to make it this year but I'll attend any of them [emoji1787]
  18. I've just spoken to Trigger and the field is not available that weekend, in fact Trigger himself isn't that free these days either so I think he will most likely step back from being the organiser of the event. Happy to let him confirm though. So, unless anyone has any other suggestions or potential arrangements/dates, Shitefest 22 is in jeopardy!
  19. Oh wait, I just re-read that - blame my tiredness [emoji23][emoji23]
  20. They're only wee stubby ones, but really perfectly sized for light hooning [emoji16] the bike got fully serviced and recommissioned back in September whilst I was away with work. I just chipped away at it a bit at a time and now it rides beautifully - I ended up giving my road bike away because I prefer this in every single way.
  21. Unfortunately not, that's one for the Mazda! [emoji24]
  22. Took Herman to the beach today with the family. MrsH has been using it to ferry the boy to and from Nursery, so it's averaging a pathetic 13mpg at the moment. As we pulled out of the beach car park, the traction control light came on and the gearbox started behaving very oddly - felt like limp mode, stumbling and throttling back when applying light throttle. It also refused to kick down or rev higher than 3500. Weirdly, it only did this in normal and sport modes - in manual it was working absolutely fine, pulling cleanly etc. Luckily, my mate Dan was a stone's throw away and he was very kind to let me plug the car into the garages reader. Got a shitload of fault codes throughout the car (hopefully induced by the low battery problems I had before) but most pertinent were these ones: This was highlighted by one of the throttle quadrants randomly motoring through its full extent whilst we waited. Still, the faults were cleared and a quick test drive revealed all was behaving again, but I'll be keeping a close eye on this. Did spot this though, which would partially explain the poor MPG: So I'm now on the hunt for one of those. Bonus doggo - he never, ever gets to ride in Herman but we had the kids seats in there already so it seemed daft to move them around. Nothing exciting anywhere else, although the MX-5 is going in for an MOT on 5th April so hopefully we'll get a nice easy to-do list! As with most people, I've finally had enough of these sodding fuel prices and started using the bike a lot more now.
  23. I really want an Opel Monza but I'll probably never get the chance.
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