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  1. We've had it all week to , fuck it , i'm happy to spread it about ! I shared a car with DD , he gave it to me i reckon! If Vauxhall Lisbon is there i've got the astra mirror ....
  2. Good price ! I had a Cinq 900cc head done 15 years ago ,and that was 60 quid ,but they did it while i waited and watched , and had a head gasket set chucked in with it . I wonder how hard the cutters are, and how high they can get the cutter ,as i'd like an anvil refaced ! They must be able to get an engine block under it to reface those..but cast iron isn't as hard as an anvil .
  3. Well i'll be fucked ...good job i saved it .
  4. I am a hoarder i still treasure your bond bug you know ! If you see an Elan body ...i've only got the chassis !,
  5. Pm address then ! What is it corgi or dinky? it's been sittin on a window sill here for 22 years !
  6. Anyone need a door for i think a Ford D lorry ?
  7. Ive been having trouble too , i think its E10 fuel ...and water absorbtion . When i drained my chainsaw, coz it wouldnt start, there was little globules of water in it ..or the sweat dripping off my nose, (because ppe and chainsaw... ) happened to go into the tank when i filled it .. or the petrol can .. little engines don't seem to like it
  8. Bahh , you're too switched on !
  9. Skimming at HeadlineMK Milton keynes ? Failing that , plate glass and wet n dry! Edit ..or if you have granite kitchen worktop ...wait till everyone is asleep and..... figure of 8's with Vim pumice powder .. no one will ever know
  10. Someone has driven over them with a 1980's Pirelli P6 or P7 shod car ...
  11. Made a Caddy Sport last night , front body kit is a lancia delta rear bumper..skirts are plasticard
  12. I have a Transco Gas Land Rover and compressor , mine doesn't take a battery, just a sticker picture of an engine under the compressor panels
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