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  1. 1977 ? Facelift bumpers. ? Facelift seats ? 13" wheels? Jasmine yellow facelift colour
  2. What about Square hill ? That was a good short cut , Now its the main route through !
  3. Didn't a child get run down ? They put a bridge over it ? Or traffic lights or something?
  4. The diner will be closed an I ain't sharing me flask of coffee .
  5. My Grandfather spent a bit of his life in Maidstone too . He was a prisoner at the nick
  6. Panic bought 2 Volvo estate hotwheels in Tesco if anyone wants 2 Volvo estates hotwheels ?? .... Β£1.75 each plus post, virus free home ! One left now . Also have Autosport Touring car year book with TWR Volvo 850 Estate ....94 95 season excellent condition . Virus free ! Β£5 plus post.
  7. They look like the jamrag wrappers all over our bathroom...😭
  8. Kent Mobility ,now at Upper Haysden , Tonbridge , used to be Invacar service centre. They were based in the town, castle street, ,or market street,. years ago.. Same guy owns the business.. He scrapped them too !πŸ˜ƒ I did go to see him about an exhaust for Ian, but no spares left !!😬 If he's not busy he's a good chat.... Sorry about your lessons you must be gutted😬
  9. Golf is automatic its a piece of piss !
  10. I gave my daughter her first drive ever , in the Golf... She did ok ! Private estate , i suspect the same place as Fumbler has been driving ..😬 I showed her how to do handbrake turns, J turns , left foot braking etcπŸ˜ƒ
  11. Understandable if they've previously seen you in an invalid carriage ,and an XJS !πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Mine takes ages for the revs to drop back to idle , when you pull up ,does yours?
  13. There's one always parked in Sissinghurst high street , and one always parked outside Groombridge school.. Sissinghurst one is white , and on street view! Just looked !
  14. That's just the same ! ta..
  15. Bah , rubbish tablet or more likely me.....!
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