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Late collection, early start.


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Starting out on the late collection of the micra that I won in the raffle! Early start this morning, stared the first leg of my journey with a Uber to my local bus station. 


my driver was perfect, arrived within 5 mins and took less than 10 mins to do my trip to the bus station, where I’m now sat waiting for the national express to London  then onto Canterbury. Uber was nearly a no go as the app needed me to confirm my details, no problem apart from the app would jot accept the code. No biggie as my office is 300 yards from the bus station and I could have driven and left my car there if push come to shove. 


it is rather wet mind. 

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Slow, sticky brake is very sticky. Pulled over to have 15 mins and also buy a usb lighter charger, thought I’d packed mine but I’ve picked up an actual socket😂

also had to do an emergency fitting of the radio.  


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If only you'd packed a 200 piece socket set ...

How does the stereo come out , my exact same one has lost all the display but works just , the cassette heads could do with a good cleaning or just a different stereo fitted . 

Looking forward to the next update.... about 50 miles time !!

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collection didn’t start brilliantly as the battery was completely flat, and I couldn’t push it to bump it, I really tried but it was having non of it. When I insured it I took out the one with breakdown and upgraded the cover just in case. Fired straight up and I’m sure the two hundred mile trip has put some charge back into it. Seller was mortified it didn’t start and offered to pay for a new battery, the battery is only 6 months old so I’m sure it just needed a good run! 

Even with a power bank I needed some extra juice for my phone so got utterly screwed for a usb cig adapter. 

£10, really! I suspose they have a captive audience. 

just over 200 miles and apart from the sticky caliper, I’m assuming it’s the piston as it slides enough to be free enough to drive but any braking locks it back up and it’s time to pull over and free it back up 😂

Got to be honest I was pooping my self going 170 miles on the motorway! 
having not driven a micra for 20 years this was an utter delight, plenty power, sits happy at 70 on the motorway something about the simplicity of the car has me smitten. No electric windows, no central locking. Simple dash and a pretty radical design for the time especially  given what it replaced, a design which has stood the test of time. Initial inspection apart from the battle scars it’s an honest clean car. Just clicked onto 67500 miles. It now my oldest car and my lowest mileage. 

Made it to college for 5:20, and just rocked up back home. Need food and bed been up since Sunday morning 🥱


Bestest friends! 

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I had a brief glance at the paperwork last night, new pads and disks about 6 months ago with a labour charge for stripping and cleaning calipers, I think he cleaned them up with sea water. 

New calipers have been ordered along with oil, air filters and I'll pick up some oil local. 


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