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  1. Well thanks for the input, really pleased with it, lovely to waft about in! The only thing I want to do is get an original Toyota head unit in it if I can find one!
  2. Ah I am late to the party here, see things have moved on 🙄
  3. You sure its not EGR or MAF, that is what often causes a problem, both simple to replace/ clean
  4. No idea why the pictures have rotated🙄
  5. Well turns out its a small world, it was for sale by a trader a few miles from my village, turns out I knew him and he was keen to make space as it is not his usual thing as was a PX against a posher newer v6 camry. Took it for a drive and everything works, its had the multi changer pulled out and an after market stereo, i'm not bothered about the CD player but a shame the factory look dash has been disturbed. Insides are very clean, although it needs a general clean, outside has a few giffer marks, but all in all good and drives without fault. So I am now the proud owner of a
  6. Hmmmnn cambelt done, running out of excuses other than the fact that i'd like it for alot less money!!
  7. Big Corolla, think I'm going to take a look, just waiting to hear back on cambelt evidence.......
  8. Looked at MOT history, nothing scary!
  9. Thing is, I personally just like the old shape one, those tail lights!
  10. Yep I thought most fitting!
  11. Ah pleased you clocked that one, anything I should look out for on inspection?
  12. Waiting for a more educated view rather than my; I like the shape and colour combo.........
  13. So in need of advice, I have always had a soft/ bland spot for these, this one is local, under a grand with 81k on the clock, would expect to knock him down a bit..... could you tell us the pros and cons of the old 2.2? Toyota Camry 2.2i auto Saloon 1998 Green Long MOT Low Mileage _ eBay.html
  14. Found this on bumtree, 49k and apparently under a carport for 10 years and happens to be the correct colour and a snazzy saloon!
  15. Mystery solved that quick..... well done that man!
  16. Looks like a tiny Cadillac ! certainly shite, anyone any idea what it is?
  17. Oh if only I didn’t have a reps jag....
  18. Love your a'vendre look garage ?
  19. He is a funny dog, doesn’t bark and never runs off, you can walk for miles and not call him as he’s always about! On his passport the rescue place named him ‘Nino Moustache’, Max is a bit easier as I think you sound a dick calling that one out!
  20. He's along way from pounding the streets in eastern europe..... ?
  21. The cars biggest fan is Max from Moldova, beats sitting on a plastic load liner in a Subaru ?
  22. No, never had any gear problems and been using it as a daily, maybe but maybe not linked to the rough running pre EGR clean up, poss engine rocking the gearbox... who knows!
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