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  1. Phwoarr, I used to roll in a big bumper 16v with the gunmetal wheels before the coloured wheels even became the norm!
  2. No idea why when I add a pic it all goes to shite!
  3. I seem to of been fancying one of these for years, bit of an oddity as made in Maryland and a different platform to the saloon.... Any buying advice or things to look for?
  4. I’d pay £36 to not ever take my car to ATS 😉
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/bentley-turbo-r/1402741806?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social oh my....
  6. It's not like it looks out of place... stick with it, same one in my 1991... comfy
  7. Oh this looks lovely...... hope the smell goes and you can find a more suitable steering wheel!
  8. Liking the looks of that Clio!
  9. Well given it a clean, a good drive and what do you know.. it all works even the AC blows cold...
  10. I believe it’s the same issue as the MR2!
  11. So it has 137k on the clock, cambelt done last year and I parted with 650 for it, with half a tank of fuel... weather permitting, exterior polish up tomorrow!
  12. I did indeed watch your vid on the RAV 4 🙂
  13. Well I’ve fancied one of these for a bit so it’s replacing my mega economical Clio dci. I’ve spent many a night looking on the tube of you and when I found this on gumtree I decided to take plunge, has one bit of rust on a rear arch and a small dent on the drivers door, needs a polish up but not bad order! Already enjoying it and pleased I went for it even tho I am now paying road tax!
  14. Then buy it’s English cousin !
  15. Well today I took delivery of a little Peugeot 104 from a member of this parish. It has been shown before on @MrSchwifty previous threads, but now I am the proud custodian of a typical french dinged and dented car, it does have a nasty dent that will need sorting, but I have no immediate plans to sort the bodywork as it ads to the charm, I have given it a brief scrub up and the interior seems in very good order. This one is the flappy boot one from 1976, I also have the blue 1978 Uk 104 which I have now sorted the brakes on and is in good running order but will require welding so if
  16. love it, love that the boot is almost as long as the bonnet.... Great find!!!
  17. What sort of idiot would go for a Ferrari main dealer fob on his Ford Transit keys....
  18. Well this just in.... no probs I will just pass by and see if you like it, only 3 plus hours drive!
  19. Well my Audi is on gumtree... My fave message ever, I think he is keen, no idea why I’ve not gone back....
  20. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    And the stick 🙂
  21. Alan Prost

    RR P38

    Localish to me and I loved the colours, I could cope with the farm look but not for what they are asking!
  22. Sure I’ll update once I get it here! I think it had the storage parcel shelf, too busy looking for damp in the boot! only downer is a crap bmw detachable tow bar which looks crap, but not bad enough to break a deal based on its other virtues!
  23. It come down to engine and performance, I can’t afford a pug gti, but this has that same engine too big for what now seems a small car feel, a lot of bang for 800 notes but of course with marmite looks!
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