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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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10 minutes ago, hairnet said:

5 days car rental with any of the big 4 in USA for 5 days in Feb

3 were 700+ one was a grand forks r a compact)

Ffs- not gonna do what I was gonna do then when that's twice as much as the flight


Car rental is absolutely bonkers at the moment. When we were up in Edinburgh the other week, we thought about hiring a car and spending a day going out of the city to see a few sights. Absolutely horrendous. I don't think we could find anything under a ton for a day. Many places had a minimum of 3 days booking too.

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it is nuts - booked a coupla days for belgium in january and that was 175 but i dont do what im going for much so fuckit :D

but then did norfolk suffolk coast last month and that was 100 quid for two days - which isnt so bad

the usa thing will probably still happen only just for the one day in and out - bit boonies so has to be car

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had a couple of nights camping, was supposed to be going back home in the morning, but I've just seen the forecast and it's heavy snow all night.

If that's the case I can't see me getting the van off this field (I'd be struggling without the snow tbh!) so I'll simply have to stay here til the snow melts. There's plenty of beer in the fridge and it's 45 minutes walk to Monyash for a mega breakfast. Suits me.

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2 hours ago, chaseracer said:

The Rotterdam ferry is quite useful.

The university has some nice buildings - I particularly like the chemistry dept which has three floors on one wing and four on the extension side- same height buildings though so the floors are ramped to meet up.

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