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  1. 280286718_714831359713362_3827112594659380209_n.mp4
  2. I'm guessing no container and a rusty spot on the patio that wife will certainly notice
  3. Nice too inside. Sat in the back of an Uber one and it wasn't a bad place to sit. Infotainment looked good too.
  4. 900mg of Aspirin. Just don't bang yer head
  5. Who on here was selling all purpose cleaner/degreaser on eBay? My Google Fu is failing me.
  6. Even better if it was it's issued plate and it was just luck. Seems right for an A reg?
  7. Dad's in Ireland, have ordered bits to him and he's brought them over. Though a steering rack might be too much through hand luggage with Ryanair 😅
  8. Felt tired and frustrated leaving work than rolled the window down, the birds are beginning the dawn chorus and sun is rising. Everyone else is in bed and I'm trundling home with a beautiful view. Can't go far wrong
  9. Collection thread? Or photos at least
  10. Genuine steering rack is cheaper than I thought. https://shops.audi.com/en_GB/web/tradition/p/steering-444419063a-10?search_term=&sort=PRICE_DESC&category=118966
  11. It shares a lot of braking parts with the B3/B4 80, the C3/C4 100, the B3 Passat and the Golf II. Rear brake discs are specific to the 100, not unobtainable, Autodoc have them. Being rear discs they should last a good long time. The Alternator is the same off a 9N Polo. Water pump is same as various VW/Nissan's/BMWs Service bits are off-the-shelf at ECP, they even had a clutch slave cylinder in GSF. The only difficult to get bits would be some of the K-Jetronic bits, like the metering head (need a 5 cylinder one), the steering rack and the central hydraulic pump. You can get them but they are big money, new steering rack is a £300 part. Audi Tradition do sell a lot of the more tricky bits but they're even more expensive. The 5 pot engines have a long life, they were even in the T25 Vans at one point.
  12. Nothing in it that I'm not too concerned about. The wings needed doing 2 years ago. Still need doing. The back box is blowing, know about that. Maybe a custom back box. I'll have to investigate the drop link. Wheel bearings? Not worried about. The timing belt could do with a change I'm sure, it seems to have a 2015 date code on it, but I've nothing to prove when it was done actually. Could have been 2017 or 2018, who knows... It looks fine on inspection.
  13. This is absolutely true. The only thing that would perhaps improve it would be electronic fuel injection but on the flip side you would loose the entire mechanical nature of the 100. It's simple enough to work on. There's loads of spare parts and this is down to VW throwing the parts bin at it and the continued popularity of a lot of classic VW and Audis. The C3 100 kinda rides in the coattails of the likes of the GTI Golf where there's a big following They're still not silly money and have escaped the usual VAG scene tax due to being big and "boring"
  14. Optional Fog Lights, headlamp washers too. It's an odd spec, fog lights, sunroof but 14in steelies and velour seats (right choice though)
  15. The drive to work The drive home from work, catching the sunrise, empty roads, had to avoid sheep.
  16. Work. Spending 5 hours in the back of the ambulance with a racist abusive 80 year old. Absolutely draining. He'll get a lovely warning on his address now, elderly or not I've lost my tolerance for it. Finished late, but I got a beautiful sunrise over the peaks, almost like karma, some good had to come of this. The Dark Peaks are wonderful this time of year 😌
  17. The knowledge of some people here is fantastic. Light bulbs. Who knew they could be interesting. Off to watch more Bigclive on YT.
  18. Yea, they're taper rollers, supposed to have a bit of slack in them rather than too tight, I'll have a look at them but it's not an advisory I'm going to loose sleep over.
  19. Also, it's a summer's anniversary for an MOT. No faffing in the winter changing a brake caliper. Winner
  20. A pass is a pass. Another years ticket.
  21. Is there anything worse than the anxiety that comes with waiting for the MOT man to finish. Aaaaargh
  22. Going to give it a little shakedown run in the morning, making use of the driving to a pre-booked MOT exemption, it's not been out in months, throw some fresh 97 octane in it and cross my fingers.
  23. Booked this afternoon, asked the garage where I got the Primera done (and it's clean sheet) what they had available, expecting two weeks away and was told "how does tomorrow at 3 sound" Stay Tuned 🫣
  24. Why on earth do people expect a discount for cash. I've to drive to the bank, feel on edge whilst I've 4k in my pocket and then the bank needs to make sure it's not monopoly money. I'm not a dealer avoiding the taxman. Bank transfer all day.
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