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  1. Go for something that can actually be balanced, they don't have the centre bore and most tyre fitters won't know what to do with them
  2. Bad enough working there but worse being stuck there without getting paid 😂
  3. Top work by the AA. 20 minute response time. Sorted on the way home.
  4. I've a flat tyre in the Jimny, like a Gobshite I've not put the wheel brace back in after cleaning it. Anyone close to the Toby Carvery down the bottom of Broadway in Oldham? Otherwise I'll have a pint whilst waiting 3 hours for the AA...
  5. Who takes a wagon up Standedge during drifting snow and a gale. The Jimny was fine, locked in 4wd and mountain goated through the snow but a wagon got stuck coming up the other way at a temporary one way. Myself and a xtrail driver going to work managed to get the wagon to begrudgingly move to the side to let us through. Also not sure where all this traffic is doing on a Saturday morning, usually only pass a car or two up there. The Audi bugged out and the Astra did too. 1638003621571.mp4
  6. New Hey Road in the Jimny was fun* in the Jimny. The M62 was basically bumper to bumper eastbound from Manchester over the hills. So I put my brave pants on and went over the tops. The morning is also going to be fun, but a Saturday should reduce the chance of people crashing on the motorway. Equally as windy but you can't get blown off the side of a mountain unlike New Hey Road as there's barriers to stop you 🙃
  7. Actually, the wee Starlet had nearly 50% more power. 88bhp Vs 60bhp according to Wikipedia. Ford should have put the little 1.25 Yamaha/Sigma engine in it. Would have suited the Ka very well.
  8. I suspect that was down to the size of them, they weren't that quick other than round corners When I had my little Starlet, I followed my Dad to my sister's house. My dad had just serviced my sister's Ka and was driving it back to Drogheda and I was bringing him back home. Cue some "fun", pulling onto the M4. The Starlet, a bigger car was leaving the Ka for dust accelerating up a hill despite both being 1.3s. The Starlet had about 20 extra BHP and twin cams (and was nearly ten years older than the Ka). The Ka was just slow. Just went to show how aneamic the 1.3 endura engine was. Oil filter was also in a stupid place. Probably a hang up from when the engine was mounted longitudinally in a Cortina or something. Suppose that was typical Ford. New clever design but keep the old engine from the previous generation. Where a lot of the Jap stuff was very humdrum paired to excellent engines.
  9. Moving house isn't an exactly stress free. I'd similar, waiting for a fridge to be delivered, paid for a delivery slot between 10-12 so I could do other things. Mattress from another company is on time but the Fridge is late. So I'm waiting in a empty house for a fridge. It didn't turn up until near 2. I was fuming as I'd a list as long as my arm to do and I wasted most the day waiting for a fridge. Hope everything goes to plan @Parky however. good luck
  10. I'd a chap properly dangerously cut my up in the Jimny at a properly marked junction recently. I may have pushed the horn slightly longer than was necessary. They're also rather loud horns, Hella Supertones, they've got a bit of a kick to them, and in the Jimny it's like a terrier having the bark of a doberman. Knob head in a white Seat SUV thing. He stops ahead of me. And gets out. Spotty wee shite probably driving his mother's car. So I get out. Which is never a good idea because I'm not that sort of individual. But I'd had a bad day. I just don't think he expected a 6'4" 15st bloke to get out of a Jimny. I told him to fuck off and get back in your car. which he promptly did and then drove off rather quickly. 😂 Which is just as well as I don't really do confrontation.
  11. A bad MAF sensor won't throw much up on Lexia and it will cause it to run very very sluggish below 2.5k rpm.
  12. Paid £1.52/L for Tesco super last weekend in Oldham. It's the preserve of the Audi now and it's elderly K-Jetronic Everything else is getting E10 even if it's slightly not recommended. There's not a lick of difference in MPGs out of the Suzuki with E10 or E5, it's all 33-35mpg. I do feel like getting a little oil burner for Uber economy on the way to work now. Can feel the cost of fuel now. It's taking the fun out of driving now, constantly watching the speed on the motorway, always trying to hover about 55-60mph
  13. I can't say I know the modern stuff but the XUD and the later HDi DW engines were the best diesel lumps of their time.
  14. I miss my smol renault. I'd a little 1.4 Phase one Clio. Thought it was the shit, it had a rev counter, volt gauge and even a oil level gauge. It failed it's NCT (the Irish MOT) with a leaky steering rack and I couldn't get one at a reasonable cost so I sold it cheap and it's probably bean tins now. Great wee car. It also felt rapid and could handle reasonably well, very planted on the road. Actually I don't think I could get one in Ireland at all, they'd all but disappeared off the road by 2014 and spares in scrap yards had long gone too. Looking forward to see this one on here however, shout us up if you ever decide to part with it.
  15. Another C5 on the road is a good thing.
  16. Good stuff, always wondered what the big DW10 would be like with a Auto box, I can imagine it's rather relaxed. What's it like cruising? I seem to remember the 5spd is cruising at 1950rpm at 60mph. I'd hope the top ratio wouldn't be sacraficed for acceleration. Always a comprimse when you loose a ratio.
  17. I've a 70w lightbar on the front of the Suzuki, it's great for "reminding" people to dip their obnoxious LEDs on their new Audi.
  18. Wonder what the guaranteed value after 3 years would be? 🤣
  19. Top work, where did you get the sandwich plate?
  20. Rented one of those in Poland. Very capable little car. It also seemed well screwed together and drove rather well. I'd actually consider one as a modern. Looks smart too. Edit Actually it was the later Mk4 (Mk5?) Clio, the one for sale still. But still, always had a soft spot for Clios. They're great cars, any generation.
  21. Spurious

    Winter tyres

    There's a good chance if it's an All terrain 4wd tyre with M&S on it, it's probably got a 3 peak winter tyre symbol on it too.
  22. Hope the grinder kicks and he looses his hand. Actually that would be too good for him.
  23. Yes, clever advise, I'm usually in the office if my hours drift over. It was just a lot of 12hr shifts last month and the hours stack up easily if you're not keeping an eye on them. It does have a toll, and I've to be conscious of that. Thanks for the kind words @High Jetter too I can't say I'm very familiar with the acute psych side of hospital, but I know how difficult it is to get sectioned these days and get an acute bed. I do hope she comes out the other side felling more her old self. It's a tough process but at least she'll be getting some form of help despite she may not feel like that right now. Mind has some decent information for families, but beyond that, it's something I am not familiar with. https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/your-stories/how-to-help-someone-whos-been-sectioned/
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