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  1. Mighty Car Mods still making fun content whilst not taking themselves too seriously. Made the Civic drivers day here 😁
  2. This. I've been to a job where a hooded e-scooter wanker clipped an old boy who then fell and broke his hip. e-scooter wanker disappeared into the ether never to be seen again, police on scene gave the shrug of shoulders and said they won't be able to find him. Hip fractures present massive problems to older folk.
  3. Ah, the Darwin barrier is super effective. Edit: broken scooter too 😃
  4. I've been completely puzzled as to why my windscreen wasn't cleaning right. Always leaving a grimy haze after using the screenwash. I initially thought as the car had been parked on the road for the last five days, it was a result of the salt wagon going up and down the road. The rain last night had cured it. Or so I thought. Used the screenwash again today and it started hazing up again. Then I figured it out. It was diluted adblue in the wash bottle. I'd mixed adblue for screenwash in the dark shed last week, both in grey bottles. I'm an idiot.
  5. This is what happens when you clip the gate and rip the sidewall of the tyre. £90 gets liberated from your wallet. Well it actually got two new tyres as the spare was fuck all use really. £180 later on 2 Yokohomas for the Jimny. Expensive weekend 😔
  6. Yea Oldham and Holme Valley MRT have been busy too up here. Predictably it was a knob in an Audi probably thinking "quattro yo" and ran out of talent.
  7. Spoke to the neighbours who was walking the dog, apparently they had a friend who left MEN Arena in Manchester last night and they only got to Leeds at 0730. I'm glad I left early yesterday from work, the Renault is on summer Nexens which are getting a bit sketch in the weather now.
  8. Pretty much my case. Went out as far as Marsden, road was shut beyond. That and the other cross pennine routes are shut and the M62 is doing it's best impression of a cold car park right now.
  9. Loving the silence that a good snowfall brings. Nothing stirring. Sitting watching the flurries from the office window before I head for bed.
  10. Genuinely, short of living in the Highlands, this is as much snow as we've had since the fabled beast from the east. It's been snowing constantly since about 12 hours in Huddersfield. There must be about 3-4 inches of the stuff now. I was out earlier in the Jimny in Golcar. It's going to be kaos in the morning. Already seen a Honda Jazz that binned it, taking out two parked cars here. Kirklees council have the snow ploughs out, but the local first bus was stuck on Manchester road for a while. Tomorrow is going to be fun. The Jimny is very sure footed in 4wd, it's like a different car when it's in 2wd in the snow, where it's a bit twitchy and tail happy. Either way, roll on the journey to work tomorrow!
  11. Looks like it was updated. That certainly wasn't there yesterday morning.
  12. Chevronics generating some drama on Twitter as they're selling a Xantia activa with a cat C write off without telling anyone... https://www.chevronics.co.uk/1997-citroen-xantia-activa-series-1-2-0-turbo-5-speed-manual/?v=79cba1185463
  13. Aren't they actually half decent, made in Japan. Sure they're OEM on something...
  14. It's also passed it's MOT. Winner 🏆
  15. https://twitter.com/Sandford_Police/status/1627237991474253825?s=20
  16. Fecks sake. I would have thought that Japanese cars used a DIN flare. But no they don't. Predictably I don't have the right tool.
  17. How would sir like to be under a 15 ton Caterpillar without it having any foundation or bolted to the ground.
  18. It’s actually fucked and if not available for scrap value it’s not worth it. I’m betting it was a trade in that they got burnt on and now are trying to burn someone else
  19. Going to have to properly get under it and see where the MOT man isn't happy with the rear brake pipe. It's the one pipe supplying both rear brakes, there's only dual circuits on the front. Apparently it's the pipe before the rear regulator running along the chassis.
  20. Looking a whole lot better now. 2x springs replaced this afternoon/evening. Lots of chassis wax where it needs to go. Surprisingly, no stripped or rounded bolts. Plusgas and 24hrs makes all the difference. The Lidl ugga dugga helped I'm sure too. The rear shock came free without too much fuss. It's a shame I'd literally only last week changed the exhaust and had it apart which would have made access a whole lot better, but you can do them on the ground without taking anything other than the two securing bolts off. The top bolt is tight for access, you just about have enough room to get the 1/2" ratchet in there. Just. But it came out in the end, in fact they all did and enough to reuse them all with a bit of wire brushing and copper grease..
  21. For example, the Megane wears 205/55/16s, a common as muck tyre size. Kumhos/Avons £64-68 corner. Triangles/Runways/Livelongs etc £55-58 a corner. £32 in the difference. People spend more on take out coffees in a month...
  22. The price between a Uniroyal/Nexen/Hankook/<insert mid range tyre brand> and some utter trashy cheapo tyre is often not that much and is probably the cost of a decent bottle of wine. They are, had Konmoran on a rental Europacar Clio in the depths of winter in Poland and they were great.
  23. So making some progress tonight. Some. This is certainly a job where having a two poster lift would be ideal. And would have quicker too. It took a bit of creativity, wooden boards and axle stands to get this far. My axle stands aren't long enough for 4wd use. Drivers side spring won't take much to get out, I'll try strip the other side and see if loosening the passenger side ARB link will let the live axle it drop a wee bit further. Otherwise danger compressors will be needed from somewhere tomorrow. Probably to get them on but only needed to shorten them slightly. Hopefully.
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