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  1. What on earth would be the justification for the price of that Corolla?
  2. I would love to make my first trip to a FoD event, and hopefully that will happen this year - but it won't be this time unfortunately. So lots of pics and news please people...
  3. I'm trying to educate myself about multi vehicle (and multi driver) insurance policies, to try and make things a bit simpler for me. May I ask what policy you have that has such a stipulation please? Thanks
  4. What do you mean by that @KitKat? It's a pretty unusual thing... if you're saying you don't often see the words "Ka" and "rust free" juxtaposed, that's definitely true. It would make this example a good candidate for putting into storage for a few years, with "future classic" status in mind.
  5. Especially since for those who are committed to old cars, the alternative is to go for something even older to take advantage of the classic exemption. I know it won't happen but I'd love it if Londoners started chopping in their ageing cars for properly old stuff; it would make the streets of the big smoke much more interesting.
  6. There are some proper characters in Street...
  7. Thanks old chap, it looks like the fellow is thinking of passing it on within that forum, but I've made a topic on here and if there's support for your plan we could approach him.
  8. I'm not going to say much at this point, I'll bung in a link that @BorniteIdentity supplied and see what kind of a response it gets from shiters before deciding on the next step (if any): https://the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=317604
  9. @BorniteIdentity can we have a link or something then please so I can have a look?
  10. That Saab could be a megabarg barge for someone?
  11. Tongue and groove dashboard, fantastic!
  12. This lot are so bad that it's impossible to satirise them without overdoing it. In the most recent Spitting Image run, I was struck by the fact that the Priti Patel dummy was actually less unpleasant and sinister than the real thing.
  13. "Great winter project" that Pug apparently - better get a wriggle on then. Lovely car
  14. That could be quite a lot of fun; I don’t know what the dimensions or the weight of a thing like that would be but I imagine taking possession of it would require the winning bidder to use proper haulage bods, at (presumably) not inconsiderable expense.
  15. I believe it’s what photographers call the golden hour; that time at dusk when even the most ghastly chod looks at its best due to the moody colours being just so.
  16. Surely it’s pretty clear a car isn’t abandoned whilst all those three things are in date? Was it legally parked? - because if so it seems like a clear case of having been illegally towed. I know people aren’t travelling as much as usual at the moment, but unless someone knew otherwise, the owner could easily just be unwell or away or something.
  17. That’s seriously disappointing to learn; she was pretty much my first ever crush back in the day. Now I’m ancient but I still like ginger laydeez, which I put down to the fond memories of Carol Decker blasting out “China in Your Hand”
  18. Hope you feel better soon @SiC.
  19. Maybe as things should be opening up soon we could do another South West Shiters’ meet? I’m actually quite proud of being part of what must surely be the shittest forum meet-up ever undertaken. Details are up thread, but basically I lured some shiters to my house on the outskirts of Dartmoor and we went in convoy to the motor museum at Moretonhampstead, only to find that it was shut (the owner’s mother had just died) so we just went to the pub instead! Horrified to dig the thread out and learn that it was seven years ago now - maybe time for another go?
  20. Ah, good old Olney. Nice to see that place is still going. I remember them filling the cars by pumping over the pavement, with people walking underneath.
  21. I’d love to come and meet some shiters but it won’t be possible this time. It’s a long way from where I live in Devon, though annoyingly I need to be in East Claydon during the week after. Some things just don’t _quite_ work out..
  22. Sorry if this has already been asked, but how can I edit and/or delete my signature text please? I only see the signature when using an actual computer rather than my phone as I usually do, but I'm aware that it contains a list of cars that I no longer own...
  23. I have been enjoying this thread very much and if you think the car wouldn’t mind going to another bit of Devon I might well take it on.
  24. The Dolomite Sprint must have been just about the pinnacle of the British car industry. When pub bores are going on about how crap Maxis and Allegros were, a yellow Dolly is a very good response indeed.
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