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  1. What is a "top voucher"?
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/909405063?
  3. No, but they have changed a lot since June 7, 2013. Or hadn't you noticed?
  4. It was meant as a humorous aside. Unfortunately nobody on here has a sense of humour anymore. Do YOU have anything useful to say?
  5. Sorry, I should have read the whole history of this. If she already has cats you should tell her to leave yours alone.
  6. What's your address? Anything interesting in the shed?
  7. She likes the cat. Why not let her have it?
  8. There is a section on here for "Modern Shite".
  9. Strange, I've got one (2005 model) and it is reasonably nippy and handles like a go-kart. Great fun to drive.
  10. Let's leave it now. He has eventually apologised.
  11. So none of them add anything to the site? They all break the forum rules?
  12. You need to look through all my posts before you cast aspersions.
  13. Please be more specific. A lot of my posts are trying to help people or make them laugh. Which ones warrant a ban?
  14. What has been done to warrant a ban?
  15. I'll tie a branch to my head tomorrow. So where shall we meet?
  16. Not that I remember, Bob.
  17. When shall we meet? And if it's to be thorough you'd better bring the horse.
  18. Blimey, is partner an offensive word now? Husband and wife are partners in marriage. What's a shiney?
  19. Haven't you got a horse outside?
  20. I'd much rather keep responding. It amuses me.
  21. Carry on making an idiot of yourself then.
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