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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Guest Hooli

Glovebox: Fancy name for a horizontal bin .


I have a copy of that somewhere. It was moderately amusing





I've still got my copy somewhere...

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Went to see a Police Dog Hogan gig last night, which always raises a grin - brilliant if you enjoy west-country Americana.  Jamie Freeman excellent as always in support too.


I particularly enjoy the current PDH merchandise and couldn't resist buying a tea towel.



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Leaving the National Extortion Centre, I was annoyed that I'd failed to acquire a free parking pass. As I got near the payment booth, I noticed that despite a huge abundance of people in hi-vis, they weren't actually checking tickets, so I just left.


Then I saw this. Happy times!


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Are you going to cowley on the 8th?


Below is an updated version of the previous post. If you're interested in taking part, please note any revised times and locations.



Practical Classics magazine is celebrating 70 years of the 2CV by restoring a 1954 car, found in a garage where it had been since 1975, by James Walshe, their Deputy Editor, self-confessed Citroen nut and 2CVGB member.

Hopefully you will have already read about this car in Lucy Cutler’s Ripple Ramblings (Lucy has been providing James with invaluable help & advice to aid the car’s restoration from day one) and the 2CVGB’s stand will be near to the stage at the NEC at the Restoration show 23rd – 25th March to support the celebration as the final stages are completed on stage.

After its completion, on Sunday April 8th, the PC team will be driving the car, along with a Morris Minor (which also celebrates its 70 anniversary) from Cowley Oxfordshire to Paris, home of the 2CV. All 2CV owners are invited to meet at 10am at the Cowley factory car park, OX4 6NL where there will be group photos taken that will appear in a forthcoming PC article. Then there will be a one hour convoy drive to The Living Rainforest, Hampstead Norreys, Thatcham, RG18 0TN. After that the cars will head for the coast. We already know that members of the MMOC will be supporting their car at the Cowley start and afterwards and it would be great if we could give James and his team support by as many 2CVs as possible joining him particularly at Cowley for the photos and the convoy.

Let’s give James a good send off and see if we can get a big turnout like we managed for the 40th anniversary in February at Leamington Spa!

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That Prelude looks very nice. They're definitely a car on my list of things to own one day.


My grin is seeing a few older things out and about after a few days of drier, milder weather. Poor quality dashcam pic's (sorry, no beardcam for me):



1986 Talbot Samba Style (954cc) by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr


This was nipping around the West Norfolk countryside. Surely a known car?



1984/85 Ford Granada Mk2 by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr


It was on black plates and had chrome arches.


Unfortunately, because I'd got the card out of the camera and hadn't put it back I then missed getting a shot of an L-reg Volvo 145 when I was out on a short drive the next morning. But still good to see.


All of this inspired me to rouse the Laurel from its winter slumber. After a quick fluids check it started-up quite happily, I topped the tyres up then used it for dad's taxi duties last night. Turned out I was in good company, as there was a Fiat 500 (proper old one) in the car park. Turned out I knew the owner, who'd kindly donated a pile of Datsun/Nissan HBOLs to me last year. He's a bit of a small car enthusiast having just last year sold a Zundapp Janus restoration project and he'd bought the 500 fairly recently.

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