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  1. My wife had (has?) a major wide on for A30/A35s. I bought her one for her 30th birthday and it came with a complete garage load of spares - windscreens front and rear, lights, pumps, just about enough to build several more, even body panels. Sadly and to my eternal shame, I just couldn't bond with it in any way. I bought an Ital 1.3 to transpose all the mechanicals including brakes, engine/gearbox and even after that, I still hated the little bastard. One afternoon the next door neighbor came home with huge cutter so I cut the roof off the A30. Like I said: I had plans. The 'plan' came to nought though and I ended up GIVING all the spares to the club and flogging the rest on eBay.
  2. The lights only got changed simply because legislation changed. Sizes and visibility from the side and all sorts of shit. You could rely on Tony Crook to change NOTHING without being made to do so!
  3. When my wife and I first bought our house, I was skint, moved to the new area amd didn't have a job so went back to the faithfull standby of flogging motors! We bought a load but at one point we had in 'stock' a Safrane top spec job (though a 2 litre I think) auto and a Citroen Xantia which was a similar sort of level. My wife ad a brand new car and I had the 928 and we both preferred the Safrane (or the Xantia, moods drifted between the two!) and we nearly sold the others and kept the Frogspods. Didn't as there was too much profit in them both but by God, they were both lovely.
  4. Took me a while to spot that Rover was a 2 door. That counts as 'well done' in my book!
  5. I attempted to clean/polish the headights on the SLuK as they were looking a tad dull and manky. I did a half arsed job and then went and bought the Armoral wipes. They did a great job and it looked fine for about 24 hours when it looked TERRIBLE! All spotty and scabby. There must have been some old lacquer on the lights or something as it reated something awful. Sadly, I had also wiped the same stuff on the black portion of the 'C' pillars... with the same results! I had previously ordered carbon fibre wrap for the 'C'pillars as I wanted to give it a try but it took three attempts for me to get the measurments correct, plus I changed my mind and wanted posh shiny CF so I eventually ended up with 1.5 X 1 metres of 3M posh stuff and then the other two lots turned up weeks after the initial orders. Ho hum... These are the before pictures but after I used the Armoral shit... And these were after! Sorry for the mucky car, I did clean it afterwards... should have been before obviously but... cretin! So it was back to the headlights. I used the Autoglym kit I bought ages ago, it has dozens of circular pads which mount on a thing that goes into the drill but as I had killed my drill the first time round, I did them by hand! 800, 1500, 2000 and then 3000 had them looking pretty good and then finally with the polish in the pad and using the last dit of drill got them to a happy place. When they had dried out and everything had calmed down, I used some special polish (no idea what it is, came with a kit I bought to do touch-ups on the bloody Bentley!) and they look ACE!!!!
  6. Had my SLK for 8 months and today discovered how the braake assist thing works, brake normally all is, er, normal, stab at the pedal (like in a panic) and the pedal is rock hard and the brakes are a bit, er frantic!
  7. Polished my headlights... again. Now up to attempt number three. Attempt number two took place last week and I thought it was a success, but I was wrong. So wrong... I polished them and then got bored, read some reports and went and bought the Armorall wipes things that are supposed to be the Bees knees. To be fair, they looked great for about a day then whatever lacquer was left on the headlights reacted and it looked like it had acne, bad acne... So today I sanded them with the Autoglym kit but instead of doing it with a drill, I did it by hand (what a man!) and they came out loads better almost look really good! It was much easier doing it by hand - 800, 1500, 2000 and then 3000, the last stages almost had them shining before I polished them. I can live with them now they look 'proper' and better than spending many, many hundreds on new ones.
  8. I have digestive biscuits after an abscence of 10 days. I am now FAT... but happy
  9. Talktalk e-mail is down and has been for the last 24 hours. Waiting for e-mails, vital e-mails, eBay purchases no less!
  10. Very similar to the one I just bought but mine is yellow and a 100 feet (which is near as fuck it, 30 metres ). I have used these since I moved into the gaff as no storage and these collapse to sweet fa. Good stuff
  11. I love 1100s, never had one though. I have tried to buy one (or a 1300) a few times and every time the deal went flat. Once travelled into te wilds of Cornwall for one and the chap wanted good money for what he said was a 'mint' car. It wasn't mint by any stretch but still worth buying but he wouldn't move on the price which was a couple of thousand or maybe more (memory - senile). I would love one sometime though. I have had an 1800 and a 2200 which are just 1100s on steroids so pretty much the same!
  12. My 116 280 SE was the same colour as your 230. Lovely colour and mine was in great condition as well, perhaps the paint has 'rust proofing' capabilities or it's just a colour beloved of old duffers that looked after their cars? Can't offer any advice on the over cooling issue other than it has to be, the fan or the thermostat or the sendor unit. Much help... not!
  13. I got to that happy point with the Bentley: absolutely everything in top notch perfect working order. So it blew the head gasket and filled the cylinders with water and hydro locked! It doesn't matter what car I have, I worry about the next thing breaking. I don't stop worrying until about a month after I've sold it, yes, I am serious. Yesterday, I started the Merc, put the roof down and turned it off and went back indoors. About an hour later I went out with the mutts, started the car and for about the first 3-4 seconds the idle was above 1000 rpm. It's NEVER over a 1000 rpm! Logic sats that it's because I stopped it during the 'cold cycle' on the injection and then re-started it with excess fuel or utter electronic confusion, but, I have worried about it ever since. It started and ran perfectly all day, no problem, issues or worries. But....
  14. I got all excited and clicked on the link with a view to, maybe, possibly, spending lots of money. I effin' LOVE these things and never even sat in one, it appears to be in Japan which given the current situation, may be a bit of a trek and hard to justify as 'essential travel'.
  15. A jaguar MK X 4.2 auto, Sherwood green with brown leather. FJU 99C. The car I owned for the longest of any so far (8 years) and the one that made a lasting impression as it fell on me when I was working under it. I still have the scar across my forehead though now it is just buried in the multitude of wrinkles, but it's still there and I can show it (for a modest fee) to interested parties.
  16. Took Phoebe and Chester to the park today. I didn't intend to (even though I am reliably informed it is okay to do so) ust meant to take Chuckles round the block. Phoebe however had other ideas and for an old cripple she can be surprisingly sprightly when she wants to be! She was out so fast she forgot her tennis ball... Loads of people down there, dogs aplenty so Chester fell in love with a grey mutt and had a wonderful time and refused to come home, the fat twat! Went to the shop and GOT BREAD! Not had any for ages so I was looking forward to some toast, two slices in the toaster and er, one slice came out toasted the other side disintegrated and the toaster blew up! Big bang and smoke it was like an old Ford with the valve seals u/s in the kitchen for a while. Bugger, and indeed, damn. I was really looking forward to toast (we know a song about that, don't we?) but the one slice I had was forgotten in the rush to sort the kitchen out and it was cold and soggy so got left. well, the aforesaid 'fat twat'ate it actually - waste not want not as my old Granny used to say.
  17. When I went out the other day I noticed a few things which were, er, noteworthy: Police everywhere, cars, estates, vans. In Torbay you can normally go (without a word of a lie) weeks and not see a single Police vehicle so where did all this lot come from? I went through the town centre and while most things were shut up tight there were still the odd people wandering around. I saw two people stopped by a Police car and questioned, not idea what was said but after a few minutes the fols went on their merry way while the PCs went on theirs. I wasn't being nosy: they stopped so far away from the walkers (to keep their social distance) they blocked both sides of the road. When I went to the park (bad person, BAD!) I was amazed at how much everything had chnged in a little over three weeks: weeds everywhere and growing right through the park benches, the fence that demarks the cliff edge was now invisible behind growth and the llandscape had really changed. It seems that in a few weeks the world would forget all about humans...
  18. I've lost a day. I was sure today was/is saturday and it's not, is it?
  19. You can think I'm a horrible old cunt for all you want but I avoid her all the time, not just when there's a panic shopping spree and people going fucking mental. She is slower than continental drift and as devoid of personality as it is possible to be while remaining, basically, to qualify as a human being. I avoid her so I DON'T piss her off or stress her because regardless of my mood, I am rarely if ever rude or obnoxious to anyone let alone someone earning a few quid behind a till. So...
  20. Be a good chap and just pop round and do mine, would you? You seem to do an okay job so I'll let you practice on my car I am so bored I have just done some gardening... well, swept the path and cleared the drain, that counts doesn't it?
  21. Just been shopping. Ooooooooo fuck me what a palaver. Had to queue to get in (which made me grumpy) watched a woman try to park in a space that was (in total honesty) big enough to park a decent size lorry in, she gave up eventually and drove off, limits on everything you could buy, loads of people with scarves pulled over their noses, the shop was filled with pissheads on their daily jolly to ill up on the booze isle, every front page of every newspaper had the same shit on it about coronavirus and Boris's fight with (he's sitting up in bed you know!) it and weeks more of the lockdown. To cap it all, I very nearly had to be served by the slowest woman on the planet but let someone else go in front of me so I didn't have to as her uselessness really annoys me. Got out and set off and some twat bloke waved at me to slow down - I was doing about 15mph! I am not going to survive for long at this rate as my blood pressure will kill me before any virus gets a fucking chance.
  22. No go for it. Please film it for us... To be honest, I know sweet fuck all about that bike but, if you kick it over and can hear air then it's probably a bad sign. When I had my IT465 the crank seals had gone on that and it ran like shit and was a twat and a half (they are ALWAYS a twat to start - they were known for breaking ankles or the kickstart gears when they were running properly!) to start. Having said all that, I don't think you can do it any damage by trying to start it and if it does run, spray carb cleaner around the seals and see if it revs up - mine did! Obviously if the points are there on one end, steer clear as sparks and carb cleaner, not a good idea. It's the sort of thing I WOULD do so obviously a bad idea...
  23. I have a pink shrimp alive and well in my dashboard, a scratch on the drivers side rear quater panel (about an inch long and touched in but still officially there) the discs have gone rusty from sitting around after I washed it, and... that's it! So of one vehicle about 99.9% is working and a shrimp is alive so that sort of counteracts all of that and then some so I'd say: 1 vehicle 102% working. It won't last obviously and the tank is full of fuel and will inevitably 'go off' over the next few months, gum up and the entire fuel system will block or fall apart with E10 and the hoses will rot and the tank (plastic) will deform and fall out of the bottom of the car.
  24. Got this site working prperly at last, deleted the 'Facebook app' I installed to stop Facebook from spying on everything. Worked a treat but this site (and only tis site) scrolled like t had worms of sticky clockwork, horribel. So got rid and I have deleted Facebook, load of shit on there anyway. Another grin: walking with the dog at night is surreal. No cars, no noise, no people. Usually, even at 3-4 am there's someone around yet just taken the dog out at 9:30 ish and it's dead. I like it like this, just want to be able to go out again but keep the 'no people' bit.
  25. I 'want' a new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. There, I've said it. I think they are a touch of allright.
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