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  1. LCBS originally I'd guess. Restoration may be easier than you think, there's going to be shed loads of panels, glass, seats etc available very shortly in a railway scrap yard near me, hopefully.
  2. I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.....
  3. If you could travel back in time, I'd have made a note of the reg and chassis details on my grandfathers. Sadly it's not possible, I just remember when he died in 1968, my dad saying they simply told the government and they sent a man around to collect it and take it back.
  4. Perhaps you have now found out why there are so few are left? Seriously, I'm sure it'll be just a minor* electrical fault, you'll be laughing about it in the pub by errrrrrrrr...
  5. Holbay Rapier, just like mine, virtually same colour, but mine had doors. Still had it when I met Mrs BMH 35 years ago, although that's not her.............
  6. My green GLS never attracted any women like this (possibly because if they had sat on the bonnet they would have fallen through it due to the rust).
  7. Oh, aren't modern scrap yards boring. No standing on the bonnet of one car whilst trying to remove bits from the one in front and above. Bloody health & safety. As for the motorhome. Just love to buy that and stick "Vote Green Party" on the side. 7 1/2 litre US petrol should doooo wonders for global warming.
  8. Ha,ha. There was a company that imported the Indian (well it said TATA on the front) built versions, chucked the engine away and fitted an electric motor. They gave "us" (I was then working for a multinational company that may* have been called TATA) one to try. Fortunately I was on holiday when the internal PR machine interviewed those who drove it. My sidekicks comments of fucking death trap, slows down when you put the radio on etc was turned into "these are the way forward".
  9. Moved into my current house on Friday 13th December, 1991. As this year there's a Friday 13th December that's 28 years. Hope everything goes well, you could always suggest the 13th......
  10. As a former Cinq owner that is an absolute fucking steal at that price. Would you accept £251 for it??
  11. When I consider that I never paid more than £500 for any of the buses I owned .....
  12. The stupid thing is that those RV8 bumpers are probably worth more than the rest of it. Garage already has one in slightly* better condition, otherwise........
  13. You need a thread gauge to check what it is as I'm going to be totally unhelpful and ask if it's British Cycle Thread. Logically, can you get hold of old Fiat 500 drums as they will fit the pcd of the original half shafts, it's just if they will fit over the shoes etc.
  14. Humm, just up the M1 from me, what's the chances of getting it home without being stopped by plod?. Nice selection of newer Saabs in the background.
  15. I just love the "Police, Camera, Action" shots that some people manage to use in adverts!
  16. The middle of Lidl has turned up trump's again. Two quid each, except the sanding belts, a quid.
  17. Modern campers, like cars, have got bigger and heavier so, amongst other things, fuel consumption has suffered. My 11 plate Ducato / Swift did about 28 to a gallon, the 14 plate Ducato / Autotrail barely managers 25, hence why most of us sit in the sip stream of waggons !
  18. When MCW went tits up Optare (or Charles H Roe as I remember them in a previous life) bought the rights to the Metrobus and Metrorider from the receivers. Yes, the Spectra was DAF engines, but never put your house on "every one".
  19. Reminds me of my first lesson back in 1973 in a Hillman Hunter ( or was it an Avenger), drove both anyway. "Can you tell me the speed limit on this bit of road?", the instructor asked me. "30". "So why are we doing 40?". Mind you, I had driven my dad's Mk III Corrina on private property before being 17, not to mention a Park Royal bodied Leyland PD2 around an old airfield at 15!!!!
  20. Even without the interesting distortion effects, I bet driving that in a decent cross wind will need you to use the portaloo a few times!!
  21. Ha,ha, thank you, errrrrrrr. Anyway, sis lives down there, no doubt she'll be delighted* to fetch it up north for me then I can wrap it in Xmas paper and drop it outside your place, you know that you said you fancied a second car !!!!
  22. It was excellent to meet you Xtriple, the fact you live 10 minutes walk from my place in Torquay, like dogs, cars, and gives me an excuse to talk b*ll*cks just adds to the fun. The paperwork these days at major companies is dire. Up north, remember my conversation about how long it took build the houses across the road (?), those tyres would be changed in about 15 minutes. It was though a pleasant afternoon, will see you next time I'm back.
  23. That Karrier looks superb, who was it new to?
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