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  1. Remember the top ones in service with Southdown, just look back a few pages on here for my B&W pics
  2. Top picture, to me sacrilege, it's got a BL front hub bearing cover, not an AEC one Second picture, I've driven a Chinese 6 version (twin front steer but single rear wheels) of one of those (ex Shell tanker) that was a recovery vehicle. A proper fucking "Man's" truck, no power steering, heavy clutch and lots of gears that were there when you realised where they were hidden. I may* have completely blocked Battersea Bridge during an attempt to restart a Neoplan double deck coach with it.
  3. I lived there in the late 70's, has it improved ?
  4. A new wheel cylinder cost me £8 and a set of shoes were about £15, so yes.
  5. "Handbrake has stopped working, think spring has come off", said the Hungarian lad I bought it off in Sheffield.
  6. Would they actually get that far without breaking down ?
  7. Rear brake shoes missing and a slight* mod to the hydraulic system. Oh, and why use a split pin when a nail will do ? Both on the Matiz I bought last year.
  8. That's one of those autonomous buses that's being tried in different areas and countries. Stagecoach have a full size one on trial near Edinburgh. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/driverless-bus-arrives-in-inverness-272726/
  9. I've a very strong feeling that my MGB Roadster is exactly the same. I've had to weld quite a bit underneath that was wob and underseal.
  10. Jesus, I bet you wished you'd not had that itch to own a midget now. What's the chances the other side is just as bad ?a
  11. That cab looks to be off a Japanese small truck, Mitsubishi/ Fuso ?
  12. By an MG F/TF instead. Plenty of Metro bits in it and a sight cheaper and better. If you don't like the engine behind you just drive it backwards.
  13. Fuck me sideways, there cannot be many of those heaps still running in service these days. Honestly haven't been in the cab of one of those for over 40years.
  14. Nottingham by the look of that bus and the old trolleybus poles and span wires.
  15. One of our employees hit a steel stantion with similar results, although, allegedly he was only doing 15 mph at the time.
  16. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202206066515877 "Average bodywork". £399, October MoT so plenty of time to get polishing.
  17. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202206066514943 £375 Golf with two weeks test then needing a close encounter with a sparkly stick.
  18. Just further up that road was a big sign erected by United Auto (that's one of their Bristol LS's with ECW body) that said, IIRC, "Drivers must engage 1st gear NOW and keep in that gear until the next sign", or something similar. At the top of the hill was a sign telling you that you could change gear. I well remember the first time I saw that, some 44 years ago, and dropping my Duple bodied Reliance into bottom. It flew up, but I daren't risk changing up. That LS has just come down the hill and there was an identical sign at the top (vacuum braked buses didn't always stop!), hence the smoke, as it's been in 1st all the way down using the engine for braking. Nowadays buses have retarders and auto boxes.
  19. Former LX03 EEH, new as London General's WVL116, a Volvo B7TL with Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini bodywork, now with Unipessoal LDA (Impactjungle), Castelo Da Maia, Portugal.
  20. Those are the ones that came with a length of wood to wedge the throttle pedal down as they were fucking heavy and hurt your legs IIRC (I wasn't involved in anything like that, honestly).
  21. I saw a "recreation" of the original Batmobile driving through Henley on Friday morning. I was on my way to the car carrying various bags so couldn't get my phone out. I assure you it was; a), shite b), I was sober. c), I laughed.
  22. https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/wythall-busfestgaydon-and-leyland-national-50th-update An event for all you Leyland National lovers. Obviously, I'll not be allowed in with my 5 gallons of petrol. Nice selection of presenters..........
  23. Neepsend, a name that sends shudders down the backs of us older Sheffield entusiasts. Basically an East Lancs tax loophole IIRC. There were tax incentives on offer for new businesses in Sheffield and EL set up Neepsend to build bus bodies as there was a large demand in the early 60's. I remember talking to a former employee who told me that nobody there had ever built one before, and you could tell. Boy were they wank, just imagine ELs usual shiteness, then add 50%. When the tax incentives ended, so did Neepsend and production of shite bus bodies went back to Blackburn.
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