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  1. I was there that day. Remind me when the days get dark and I cannot play outside with cars to scan my slides from that day.
  2. Park Royal Fleetline on the Walkley service and a Park Royal Regent V heading down Commercial Street. Check out Google Street view for that today. There's a fooking great roundabout just behind those buses now not to mention the Supertram (ignore that monorail).
  3. Now that's an interesting idea, might do that to mine (when I fix brakes).
  4. Ha,ha, my Seicento was passed by them, clearly the tester went for lunch leaving his ID by the machine.....
  5. Imported into the country as basic shells then finished here as TWM wanted a minimum UK content. Think it was Wadham Stringer who were going to finish them off but the job went tits and they ended up being finished off by MB's UK importers at Wentworth, just off J36 of the M1.
  6. Few more pics from between about 1969 and 1972, West Riding this time. We'll start in Wakefield Bus Station with 132, A Plaxton Derwent bodied Leopard Bristol FLF 543, Leeds B.S., and Roe bodied Guy Arab 842, and finally a working Wulfronian, 912. Note the angle of that o/s front wheel.
  7. I bought this on Wednesday, the brakes on mine are shite because somebody has isolated the o/s/r (and removed the wheel cylinder). Parts are fortunately cheap.
  8. Thank fooook I've just bought a Matiz to fill the vacant space in the drive, otherwise.........
  9. Yep, they supplied a batch of L reg ones to Sheffield (one actually is preserved), that had three line registration plates on the back. Except that Sheffield plod pointed out that this was illegal (tractors and bikes only for this) so they had to change them all (yes, I've a pic !).
  10. Not far off. The Jocks liked simple, easy maintenance buses that preferably didn't have engines at the back. Midlands well, if it was built there that was all that matters. London, how fucking complicated can we make something that we can take to pieces at Aldenham.
  11. Don't forget the B20 version of the DMS. A quite pack on the back to keep engine noise down, OK until a diesel or oil leak... I suppose you'll want some B&W pics of Wulfronians in service .
  12. But tight for space but means the MGB Roadster is now in front of it so even used it today.
  13. Yep, saw it this morning, 8miles away, went and looked. Looked roughly as described, albeit "handbrake has stopped working". Bought, home, think handbrake fault is because brake shoes and slave cylinder is in boot !! Bought as long term project as motorhome tow car.
  14. Isn't that @panhard65 land
  15. ^^^^ Covid would be the worst of your worries
  16. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202108206473989
  17. I shit you not, this is the advert, the other pictures are even better !!!! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109057017835 For sale: my beloved Civic. I bought this in May from a mate in a garage, with dreams of the open road. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell my insurers about a little SP50 I got on M62 (yeah) and they demanded another 800. Then some little sausage left a traffic cone base on the East Lancs and a bit of metal came off. Then my clutch went. I cant be bothered to repair it, just to pay twice as much to insure it. This car is built like a Russian tank, and will survive any apocalypse along with cockroaches, gingers and Nokia 3310s. It comes with an authentic 2015 tax disc and a world of opportunity. As you can see it is a total babe magnet. Faded blue. 500 spares and repairs Blue, 5+ owners, £500
  18. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109026908289 £385,
  19. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109026908874 "SCRUFFY CHEAP TRANSPORT".
  20. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202108236567762 £490, May MoT,.......
  21. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202108316814795 "Priced to sell".
  22. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109047001822 OOOOFFFFFFF. (395, wear your Tigers shirt and you may get a discount).
  23. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109036958759 £300 KA in a dealer that I've been within a couple of hundred yards of today. Looks good, shame it's been hiding from the MoT man for a couple of years.
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