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  1. Looks slightly* better than the P*cers I still have to travel on.
  2. It's going to take something especially shite to beat that as the find of the decade, and there's nine years to go!
  3. "We believe that it is a 1725cc twin carb manual model.". Yep, there's definitely two carbs there. And yes, I would.
  4. Actually, my farther had a Mk II Cortina where the rear springs WERE different lengths. Took the Ford dealers ages to finally work out why it pulled left.
  5. It's this one. Serviced it since I got it, fixed the radio and heater and fitted the rubber grommet to the selector. It still isn't happy selecting gear when cold (turn the lights on so you can see when it actually selects D) but after that it's OK. Odd, occassional rumbling from back that again disappears when been running a bit. It's not getting much use, Mrs BMH banned the dog from it (so the modern is now internally covered in sand, mud and dog hairs) and wanted a smaller car. Tested to August located S73 in the People Republic. I'll miss it, it's my preferred weapon of choice but the drive is overflowing and there are double yellows outside the house.
  6. Last night, after a few beers, I checked on AutoTrader in the sub 500 squid section. Usually it's by price, for some reason I decided to use distance. Today, Mrs BMH has a new runabout. Tested to May, piles of paperwork with it, just needs a bit of tape over the flashing EML. Still think 325 was worth it. Big problem is my car is now on the street in the council estate behind us so something has to go. Looks like that will sadly be the Merc, thinking about a roffle at £6 (which is what I won it for from JohnK), or 300 coins. It's this one. (I'm actually in that pub typing this!).
  7. Lights must be on half an hour before sunset until half hour after sunrise. In 30 zones I think sidelights are still ok otherwise headlights. Years ago, they used to tell you these in local papers and on the news.
  8. Had one as a "free" upgrade on a Matriz as a hire car in Greece once. Hire place didn't seem impressed when I returned it saying next time, I'll have a Matriz. Hateful little thing, couldn't get use the gearbox and felt totally unsafe on the whindy roads. Good luck.
  9. Remember being on a couple of year old Ikarus in Romania back in 1991 where the windows were already being held in with wooden wedges. Good to see progress on the transport mode for the masses of the future.
  10. It's in Dronfield, which for the uninitiated, is between Sheffield and Chesterfield. A sort of, we're posh and should really live in Dore or Totley (really posh areas of Sheffield), but actually cannot afford that, so we'll live in Derbyshire instead (apologies to anybody on here whio lives in Dronfield).
  11. Stagecoach's new app is good as it now gives you live tracking of buses. Just sat in the pub and it looks pretty as accurate for what's going past me.
  12. Here's one of the launch buses back in service locally to me. Actually looks better in the flesh, but that orange front needs some British Rail black stripes on it!
  13. What do people think of Stagecoachs' new colour schemes. https://www.route-one.net/bus-routes/stagecoach-new-livery-unveiled-by-group/
  14. Go Plymouth still have some R reg Wright bodied single decks as I saw one on Wednesday trundling around the lanes of Cornwall.
  15. Shame I still don't have the XJ40 Daimler Sovereign. Given a bit if whellie the lovely green LED displayed used to display about 5 mpg. Probably end up with a speeding ticket if I tried it for 10 miles.
  16. So how difficult/costly is a DIY headgasket job in your drive?
  17. My dad bought one of those new in that very colour. Sold it to sis/BiL and it promptly caught fire in the middle of Lowestoft just by the bridge so it caused just* a little problem or two.
  18. Insurance on the TF, annual storage for the motorhome and footie season ticket for S6 have landed. These are about 5 times my saving on pole tax.
  19. Looking at what's in the background they appear not to be joking.
  20. Haven't noticed the reg but it's been there several months, even moves. Was amusing hearing and watching them shaking the can to 'touch up' the front bumper this afternoon.
  21. There's kwality resprays, cheap resprays, and rattle canning your van in the street. Yes, this morning this was blue. Then across the road, two men.enjoy* changing the timing belt on a Scenic. Added some amusement to being in the park throwing a ball for the dog.
  22. Interesting history on that; written off in an accident and rebuilt. Being the YNV it should have the turbo engine and the 6 speed (Fuller / Turner, cannot remember which box) which for a shit heap Pauxhall means it has a decent turn of speed. Bodies shite though.
  23. I passed a couple of Apple vans with all the gizmos on the roof etc last year on the M5. They were driving like ***ts in the middle lane, sums up Apple I suppose.
  24. Jesus, that was quick. My BGT has been sat by the welder for about 8 years and needs less. That is impressive.
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