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  1. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202311184074435 Kwality pictures.
  2. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202311143934223 Anyone fancy putting a Mini in their name ?.
  3. Found a US Pro 10mm combination spanner sat there smiling in the road at me last night when I took the dog a walk. Useful for taking the battery off the Matiz for its regular charging.
  4. Missed this earlier, so have a couple that happened back then.
  5. The old Kai Tek airport in Hong Kong, flew into there a couple of times in the 90's. You really could see what people were watching on their TVs if you sat on the right hand side as the plane banked sharply right between the tower blocks just before landing. That's a freighter version of the 747 though above the KMB Alexander RH bodied Olympian.
  6. Those door handles are ideal to tie yourself onto whilst standing on the running boards and wielding a sub machine gun whilst passing through your favourite local 'area'. If only I had, the money, or a sub machine gun (my 'mate' is only allowed slightly smaller weapons, possibly because of his GBH conviction).
  7. I know AutoShite has turned into a sort of woke fest, but FFS, let's get back to the old days... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202311063688500
  8. We borrowed an ex Manchester one for a local enthusiasts tour some years ago. Was actually quite pleasant to drive but the biggest amazement was how little fuel the Gardner engine used that day.
  9. Keep up with the updates, they are interesting. I was there for the end of the RTs, was it really 44 years ago ?
  10. Relive my yooffee by changing head gaskets on a 470 on a Saturday morning without having to refer to the service manual for the tightening sequence or torques. Those were the days.
  11. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310303461978 Change from 600 quid.
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202309202174942 Thousand quid two wheel drive ULEZ victim owned by the same person for the last 20 years. Checks bank account then looks out of window at lack of driveway space. Bollocks
  13. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310213216439 There are 2 error signs on the dash: the engine one is a usual Volkswagen engine thing, most cars from those years will have those on; then the airbag light came after I switched off the front passenger seat airbag as I had to put a child seat there and had to turn off. Anyone knowing these cars will know that those do not affect either the mot or safety. Honest people looking for a decent runner that does over 50 mpg in town and not being fussed about the dash lights will buy. Obviously I'm not an "honest person"
  14. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310253341368 They say a picture tells a thousand words, "Non runner", want to risk a grand ?
  15. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310253341707 At least they didn't hide it's previous use .
  16. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310263356634 Is it @AnnoyingPentium who's our Fabia botherer ?
  17. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202106163872272 "V5 PRESENT has 3 OWNERS with SERVICE HISTORY 8 STAMPS in the BOOK 2 MAIN DEALER STAMPS & MOT till 21st JANUARY 2022. *MOT EXPIRED* MOT FAILED * SELLING AS IS * , Next MOT due 21/01/2022, Good bodywork, Beige Full leather interior - Good Condition, Tyre condition Good, Metallic BLUE, 3 owners, SECURE this CAR with a DEPOSIT - VIEWINGS STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT - * PART EXCHNAGE YOUR OLD CAR *, £1,000" Given why it failed, Wonder if they would px it for a used bean can?
  18. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310072752577 Confidence inspiring single photo ad.
  19. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202207318316016 1k Skoda.. Next MOT due 14/06/2023, Last serviced on 03/06/2013. So that 10 years without a spanner on it has nothing to do with "Bottom end knocking" ?
  20. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310243305424 Rare zebra stripe 520 that's "ready to drive".. "flywheel making slight noise but still drives fine"
  21. Yep, there's a bit about it at the station up the road. Here's a current shot, The train back to Liskeard is a pleasant ride and involves the crew having to swop ends and operate a set of points.
  22. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310223229591 "I'm not a mechanic", arrrhh, those classic words
  23. "We've given you the Ford today as you know how to slow down using the gears as the brakes aren't working properly", classic greeting when I signed on one morning. As for Bedford gearboxes, at least with the front engined ones you can get the gear lever out and stick a crowbar in when needed.
  24. Interesting that they are all Lundinium registered rather than Scarborough or Falkirk.
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