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On 14/01/2023 at 19:36, 3VOM said:

Both except for the footballers

Expensive. Not posh. If you want posh, you need Alderley Edge or Chelford, or Prestbury. or Mobberly. 

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7 hours ago, Ian_Fearn said:

Ok, it’s low LOW mileage but really? Say it had 30k on the clock, might it be worth £1500? So a 5k example, maybe £5k? What am I missing?


I think I saw this at Smith and Sniff last year. It is minty fresh but All The Money!

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17 hours ago, Spurious said:

Chevronics generating some drama on Twitter as they're selling a Xantia activa with a cat C write off without telling anyone... 









There is a large file of history

Just not the actual history where it's been in an accident and repaired. Snide as fuck.

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19 hours ago, horriblemercedes said:




Fucked PT Cruiser. MOT expired in 2019. £1600

The advert is fucked too.


Recent MOT Failure (Sept) - Full details available. Comfortable & Safe with expansive Family Features built-in. Has always run well. Next MOT due 05/10/2019, Blue, £1,600

Recent as in Sept 2019.

Failure list



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1 hour ago, ProgRocker said:

Does this belong in this thread? I love the colour.

Datsun Skyline. £30,000

Product photo of 1979 Datsun  Skyline


I reckon that'll be this one, owned by a guy with a bodyshop in/around Norwich:

1979 Datsun 240K GT (C210) c.2000/01


1979 Datsun 240K GT (C210) c.2000/01

Took these photos when he visited me 20-odd years ago.

If only I'd kept one or two of the similar 240Ks I had.....

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