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  1. Expensive Top Gear satnav These must be worth about £20 max as a functional device.
  2. Surely he'd have UVA11U on plastic digit plates, then angle the 1 s together to make a V? ISTR A111GEL on a big Merc driving around South Wales in the 80s and they did this on the middle 1 to get their surname, Angel.
  3. Bumtree Skoda Roomaster If not a scam, this could be a bargain. £111.11 obviously not the correct price, £1111 would still be cheap. Northern Ireland. £150pa Tax. I would contact him myself if I had any sane way of getting it.
  4. I actually took the photos at a show in 2017, but I noticed he had a fresh MOT on it recently. What is the exact law on welding and suspension components, and does it still need an MOT?
  5. Fleet reduction time

  6. Found this whilst perusing locally available shite on Facebook. Royal Mile, Scotch made tyre for Volvos? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/541936424793910
  7. On the subject of kit cars, perhaps the burnt out floorpan and engine could be combined with this. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/201165339378990 Rear engined rat look Caterham, anybody?
  8. @bunglebusSome rare parts there! This Bugatti owner could benefit from some suspension components.
  9. Just found a Spanish shiter #clasicosenlacarretera on youtube and he has some excellent shite videos, including this red 2 litre Ghia which was pretty much exactly how I remember ours with the obvious LHD and yellow fog light differences. I had forgotten about the LED car graphic on the dashboard that indicated the doors being opened/closed. IIRC, there was also a snowflake graphic in the middle for when the temperature dropped a bit. Look out for his Mk1 SEAT Ibiza 1.2 GLX with the lovely alloys. The Spanish climate is so much more forgiving than ours. I have subscribed and watch with the subtitles on, and can catch about 10% of what he is talking about with my non existent spanish.
  10. Done a pay. In memory of my late father and his first Sierra, a brand new red 2.0 Ghia NFB526Y. The first car I ever drove and learned the hard way what opposite lock was, three days after passing my test. Mark
  11. Sorry, probably a bit late, but any Lupos there?
  12. Spotted on the high street in Newport today. Words fail me, so could somebody else help me explain WTF is going on here?
  13. They're back. I bet they don't take their trolley back in the supermarket car park too.
  14. If you're quick, you can also double down on your investment with the seller's bargain 10k "private" plate. That's not just unique to eBay, it's the only HEA16Y PL8 in the UK M8 (+R.R.P)
  15. Love that silver cab (is it the one on the FFF plate?) and I'm also feeling a bit concerned about the close proximity of that building work to the cars. Still, nothing a nice bucket of soapy water, a big yellow sponge and a bottle of Mer couldn't solve back then. My car is a green cab, and was supposed to be the penultimate to come into the country. The last (a silver one I think) was nabbed by a VAG exec. All according to the original owner who I managed to contact about 20 years ago when I bought it. It was registered in March 1979, but built around August 78. As the inspection service was done in November 78, I am guessing it was hanging around the showroom for a while? Love the rally clip, that little Honda!
  16. The Mayor of Newport's cars outside the Civic Centre.
  17. Hi @dan95x and welcome from another VW licker newcomer. Sounds like your grandfather was a great man and by the looks of it, I own a car that probably has his DNA on somewhere! I'd be very interested in seeing photos and records of the dealership from the late 70s! Mark
  18. Came for footage of old VWs, didn't disappoint! Got me thinking that my Beetle came from somewhere in the midlands, but the number plates have Karman of Barnet written on them. So I went to check the handbook. Christ, it's a small world.
  19. All previous auction prices are published online here.
  20. I would like to think this post of mine last month helped that plate find it's rightful owner. Weirdly, I spent most of yesterday looking for early Espaces after hearing a recent Gordon Murray interview on The Intercooler Last Blast podcast. It was one of his 6 favourite cars, and he has had 3 of them. Perhaps you have one of his old cars! I know of a chap that works at my local Volvo dealer (Abergavenny), has had several MK1 Espaces in the past. I will look him up in the new year to see if he still has any spares or old cars. I believe he has a farming background, so they could still be in existence.
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