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  1. Reject it and buy mine……
  2. “ Oh, sir wanted a lemon….. my mistake”……
  3. If they’re local, go and sit in reception with a “ your dentist is a slum landlord” placard…..
  4. Get this or this from me…. Both at 50 mpg, and both very cheap
  5. If weather permits, use it as much as possible. All cars hate not being used, and develop weird faults just to spite you
  6. So about two weeks work for most of us then…..😂😂😂😂
  7. Infinitely preferable to the hell hole that is Bridgwater “ services”
  8. Most modern stuff has appalling ride quality…. Becos Nurburgring….
  9. Bizarrely enough, every electrical thing ( even the clock!) works, and that other Scimitar malaise, cracked dashboard top, is not in evidence Can anyone who knows how invert these photos for me?
  10. Seen it…. Left deposit . Paint is shot…. But it’s not crazed or cracked
  11. Looking at it Friday… fully expect to buy it…… £6k
  12. Middlebridge ones are now fetching 5 figures in “ average “ condition. This is a SE6b with Middlebridge mechanical bits….. 2.9 efi, four speed Auto, power steering, coil overs all round and a few other refinements
  13. Small caravan, garden trailer …. It’s a bit difficult to find a definitive towing capacity for an SE6a.” Middlebridge Scimitars survived until the very late eighties….
  14. “Bodywork is up and together “ rather than “ down and in pieces”…..
  15. Vauxhall gearbox failure…. Mine’s done 260k miles and appears to be as sweet as a nut….. Apparently, they won’t tolerate ( for long) being shifted between forward and reverse unless you are absolutely stationary. Probably goes for any auto box, but the number of times I’ve seen people ( when parking) not doing this is A LOT
  16. Not quite….😂Two similarities… both British from now defunct manufacturers…….
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