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  1. Golf engine, to be fair…
  2. Just means you don’t stop…. But with less effort…….
  3. The “‘originality police” will be around in the morning…..😂
  4. Scotland 1713….. nearly a quarter past now……
  5. It needs floors. Rest is surprisingly good. 903 cc engine runs from a can. All panels are straight and rust free. Bought it with every intention of doing the floors, and then running it as is. Could do with a paint job, but perfectly fine “ as is”. Nice ones are £12k plus, been quoted about £1200 to get floors done, and get it sorted and on the road.
  6. You could buy this for half of the price of that Metro….
  7. Now for sale…. Looking at a Consul Capri tomorrow….
  8. Most of the issues are caused by totally inexperienced call centre staff…. Not necessarily their fault, as they are taught to ask the same questions of every caller, and under no circumstances use any initiative….
  9. I left working for the AA five years ago ( recovery driver) back then, we handled pretty much everything “ in house”, with very little being subcontracted. Not any more….. both RAC and AA increasingly subcontracting work out, members increasingly paying a fortune for very variable standards of service
  10. Out of interest, have you tried bypassing the light switch?
  11. I had a nasty aftermarket glass sunroof. Made the hole a lot bigger, and putting a bronze polycarbonate panel in
  12. Rear compartment being lined with this….
  13. Thought they had belts….
  14. Even if you tell the AA that you have, say, a “ gearbox issue”( I.e. it’s physically fallen out of the car… ) they’ll still send a patrol to “ verify “….. then two hours later recovery truck will turn up
  15. Deciding to do away with the screen rubbers, and flush fit the glass was the trickiest bit. Front screen meant welding in a new support structure, on the rear we sectioned the rear tailgate, and moved it up ( hence slit) that slit is going to be the aperture for the new rear light clusters.
  16. Many flakes… hopefully large ones….
  17. Other mods…. Flush fitting front and rear screens, two door conversion, door handles shaved ( door poppers) custom rear lights… and some other shit I’ve forgotten
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