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3 hours ago, Hertz said:

£400 a month to live in a caravan on someones drive! Listed as a one bed flat lol



£400 a month for a caravan - I want to know whos cleaning the shitter tank out.




So, no electric, no gas and we never did get onto the emptying of the shitter tank

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16 hours ago, MantaGTE85 said:

I may have some VAG knowledge but I didn't know the mk3 GTi had keep-fits in the front. I thought it was only the CL that had them. And most J-plate mk3s had blue interiors I think. Nice car!

I have an M-plate Driver that had keep-fits in it.

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This sad Punto GT was once my Brothers about 10+ years ago. It was a  very clean and completely standard car then.

Since then it's been through various knuckle draggers and about 2-3 engines so I've been told!

£2500 starting bid with no Mot and loads of underseal over rust, shame.

Fiat Punto Turbo 1.4 GT3 mk1 176 project | eBay




Picture 15 of 24

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Add a touch of luxury to your home with this 'conservatory' for £350, Marketplace.

"Selling my shed/conservatory structure with door. It's good as new, I've had it for couple of months, only selling because I have to. It's really good if you want additional storage or dining space area. Made from plastic tins and hardboard so you don't need a planning permission as it's just an attachment to the house. Please message for more info. ALREADY DISMANTLED!"

Can't imagine it took much dismantling, a slight breeze would probably have done the trick.



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