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    Ford timelord

    There was. It was @Philmanns car.
  2. Bought a thing. Jap import SLK 320, 96000 km. Last owner has had it 5 years and done everything on it. Everything works. Coldest AC i’ve ever experienced in any vehicle.
  3. I looked into it 10+ years ago with the guy who ran Streetsafari rallies at the time. We had a few LeMons teams on the Big Apple to Big Easy rally in the States and that sparked it off. Suffice to say the track operators wanted the highest level of H&S stuff adhered to, and it would have been ruinously expensive with all the safety kit in the cars and require all the drivers to have proper racing licences. It didn’t happen. The only way we could have realistically done it was as a 24hr track day - i.e. no racing.
  4. Is it still set to 1111?
  5. You can fit a Ghost device to prevent OBD devices like these being used, as well as key cloning and key theft. It works on the basis that you have to enter a sequence of button presses on the car’s standard controls before the car will start even if you have the key. Bit of a faff but less faff than having your car nicked. https://www.autowatch.co.uk/veh-sec/ghost-2-menu
  6. Nice of them to give a close up on the freshly wobbed and painted arches.
  7. Maybe the owner got up in the middle of the night for a piss and accidentally fell to his death out of the inexplicable upstairs front door?
  8. Modern Toyotas are susceptible to a particular type of theft which i’ve heard of a few times recently. First heard of it when a guy found his Rav4 bumper and headlight pulled off overnight, twice in a couple of weeks, after which it disappeared. Turns out that there is a large multiplug behind the headlight which, if you can get to it, you can use to send a spoof signal over the CAN which unlocks the car and starts the engine. You can even find the “emergency starter” bypass devices for sale on the web fairly easily. https://www.chrisbypass.com/en/products/228-toyota-emergency-start-2017-2021.html
  9. Flipside to this, we had an old bed to get shot of recently, and a charity was looking for furniture for some Ukrainian refugee kids, so we gave it to them. Some stinking fat cunt and his mate came to collect it stunk the whole house out. It smelled like he’d slept in his own shit apparently. As soon as they left my Mrs noticed the back door key was missing but didn’t suspect anything. Charity workers right? A day or so later the local shopkeeper posted on the village facebook group that this fat cunt had walked into the shop, helped himself to two mobile phones the staff had left on the counter and nicked a load of booze. Cue one very rapidly replaced back door lock…
  10. I’ve got my eye on a TT Quattro Sport that they did as a run out model. No back seats, v6 bodykit and 1.8 with 240hp. It’s a Jap import to the UAE, but LHD, so most likely Euro market where it was called Club Sport. And it’s black so it doesn’t look daft like the other QS. Dealer here doesn’t know what he’s got, and he's pricing it like a 180.
  11. Rod/b

    Ford timelord

    I used to love the KLF when I was growing up, but their post KLF antics shown in the documentary, along with the whole painting of Phill’s car, makes me realise what a washed up pair of narcissists they really are. I don’t think they though that in destroying KLF at the Brits, they’d actually struggle to stay relevant afterwards. I don't buy the whole “tired of fame” thing because they did everything to stay in the public eye with the “edgy” K Foundation awards stuff immediately afterwards and the burning of the money. Was quite refreshing seeing them doing the Q&As after the “burn the million quid” film showings, and be called out as cunts. Trying to control the narrative with the 23 year embargo in the contract on the Bluebird too - they knew then nobody cared anymore anyway. The documentary didn’t really show either of them in a great light but Drummond seems to be a monumental asshole in particular. The whole peoples pyramid thing is a bunch of bollocks too. TLDR: Drugs are bad, m’kay
  12. The house i sold this time last year is LIDERALLY 30 seconds from that bridge.
  13. Have we had this mk.1 Sierra 2.3 DIESEL yet? Appears to have been photographed at FOTU https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255658252008
  14. Prime Sport Quattro replica donor that yellow Audi
  15. What the fuck is he on about?
  16. Rod/b

    PPC Magazine

    I like the way JLR have built a long feature wall with branding on it at the roundabout at Fen End where all the alleged spy shots are captured…
  17. Rod/b

    PPC Magazine

    The website has already gone offline
  18. No, this thread is for the most part quite entertaining. It’s the coterie of tedious cunts who can’t help filling it with dull irrelevance I’ve got a problem with.
  19. Fuck me, this thread has turned to weapons-grade dogshit.
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