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  1. To be fair 8000 quid is now only just about enough to do a weekly shop in Waitrose and fill the car with petrol so the price seems about right.
  2. Fucking wisdom tooth has been growing sideways out of my gum for about a year with no issues but in the last week it seems its got infected so now i can’t open my mouth properly. And its eid so everywhere is shut all week. AND it turns out my health insurance provider has just cut all the decent dentists from its network so it’s pay and reclaim FFS. This could be spendy. They’re cunts for repaying out of network expenses. What’s worse is i’m in the middle of some practical dive training sessions and i think i’ll have to postpone at my cost once i’ve had the tooth removed while it heals.
  3. And, lo, the Red Bull soapbox event was born.
  4. Rod/b

    Ford timelord

    They really do come across as a pair of utterly insufferable pricks by the end of it all.
  5. Rod/b

    Ford timelord

    Just watching “Who killed…”, is that @Philmannscar in the drone shot about 10 minutes in? edit - just clocked the plate, yes it is. Awesome.
  6. My Mrs once swapped a bottle of Southern Comfort for one of these.
  7. All these Norfolk- registered dangly mirrors makes me wonder if they’re easier to operate with webbed hands.
  8. Not Ian Thomas @ VMS Mold is it?
  9. Love how they’ve retained the original backbone and handbrake tbf. 😂
  10. Attention @Motown @ThePollittis at it again
  11. He’s advertising a “new shape” Lincoln Navigator that’s not only the old shape, but a facelift and engine change from being the last of the old shape. Verdict: BELLEND
  12. There’s a bloke who lives near my place in Warwick who’s got a bungalow surrounded by various mk V Escorts and MGFs, all up on axle stands with bits missing. No evidence of any actual working examples. I’ll see if I can find a a Streetview
  13. Took the Kia in for a service, it’s first post-warranty period early this morning. Went to pick it up this afternoon and the fucking head unit has bricked itself. “Oh yeah, we were going to ask you about that. It needs taking out and sending to Dubai for repair….”
  14. I wouldn’t get your hopes up then. They just act as an agent and don’t keep any stock of their own. I’ve not heard good things.
  15. How quick do you need it? I’m coming back to UK at the end of the month so if they can get it to Abu Dhabi i’ll bring it with and post it when I get back. Way the post works here it’ll probably be quicker too, unless its being couriered.
  16. Quite reasonably i’d say
  17. It wasn’t even a professional coupé conversion… This just goes to emphasise how short the saloon doors look on the coupe.
  18. Wind it in, old bean. Rules is rules, and the rules say “no porn”, and i didn’t post any. It’s situations when the admins see as it their place to go past the forum rules when they’re giving it the typical admin little Hitler that always causes issues here. Nobody asked the admins to administer user imposed thread-level arbitrary content requests.
  19. In fact i’d go as far as to say that @Mrs6Cyou’ve overstepped the mark, unless you consider a pair of tits to be Pornography, which is a bit Mary Whitehouse pearl-clutchingly prudish.
  20. Jesus wept. There wasn’t even any bifter on show.
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