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  1. Sorry to hear of your problems, Allan. Stay well.
  2. That would have looked alright if they’d mounted the rear screen a bit lower. It’s too close to the roof as it is.
  3. Never mind the Crown Vic, that’s a Ford Timelord in waiting behind it…
  4. I thought they’d actually mounted the cap up on the back seat of that barried mk1 for a second. I had visions of someone climbing into the back and getting ultrazapped in the back of the neck like a cow at an abattoir.
  5. I’ve never seen anyone use their truck ramps as a bridge so they can drive up the trailer and across onto the flatbed. Is that ‘a thing’?
  6. Approaching: Vauxhall Astra SCRAPPAGE
  7. 2000 Volvo V70 for 575 quid in Kenilworth anyone? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1543361526013357/
  8. That must twist more than Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys at a 24 hour sponsored twistathon.
  9. Just had to change one of the zenon headlight bulbs on the F150. Being a large vehicle with tons of room under the bonnet, obviously this operation involved removing the entire headlight unit, to allow for extracting two tiny torx head screws holding the bulb in in the depths of the unit, dropping them inside the housing, swearing a bit, breaking the plug on the back of the bulb, swearing some more, take it all indoors, magnetizing the torx driver, fishing the TINY FUCKING SCREWS OUT THEN REALISING THERES A CUNTING BRACKET ON THE FUCKING DEAD BULB IVE JUST CHUCKED IN THE SHITTING BIN AND FISHING THAT FUCKING FUCKER OUT OF THE DISCARDED SPAGHETTI FUCKING SAUCE TO FIT ON THE NEW FUCKING BULB BEFORE FIXING THE PISSING PLUG AND SCREWING THE WHOLE BASTARD LOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Gotta love a quick, easy job eh?
  10. Rod/b

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    A mate of mine had an early one when it was a few years old. It looked smart enough but i always remember the engine sounding like it belonged in something a lot older. Which i suppose, in a way, it did.
  11. Rod/b

    LED bothering

    I’ve got some of those new-fangled so-called “dual filament” LED stop / tail light bulbs in the F150 which, being a yank, means they also serve as the indicators. They work perfectly - i’ll dig out the details and post them here. The LED bulbs in the reverse lamps are also a vast improvement on the standard bulbs too, but I’ve never got the white / amber combination LEDs to work in the front marker / indicators though.
  12. Is this the one that’s only done about 20k miles?
  13. Not too bad. Was that a big hole in the sill at 0.59 too?
  14. What are the headlights from? Marbella?
  15. I’ve worked where i work now for five years. In that time across six lifts they replaced all the metal buttons with plastic ones because of static and more recently to touch-free sensor ones because Covid. Unfortunately you have to get your hand so close to the sensor that the static arcs across and zaps you so thats just great.
  16. My older brother had a goods lift do this to him, didn’t chop him quite in half but caused some serious back injuries. It turned out the staff where he was working had tampered with the door sensor as it had kept cutting out. The employer got an eye watering fine, all done behind closed doors as they admitted and settled it.
  17. Is that bodykit made of balsa wood?
  18. I remember a rumour back when these were current that the engine was loosely based on an old Peugeot unit so that could explain the 205-ness.
  19. Would this save a load of fucking about https://www.rexbo.co.uk/klokkerholm/sidewall-0522581
  20. Have you spotted what is playing on the stereo?
  21. Astonishing levels of bodgery! I love the pile of detritus by the Chevette at the end. I wonder how much it weighs?
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