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  1. The classic F1 film “Grand Prix” is about 2 hours too long.
  2. I once saw a Minor on a prefix B plate at Waitrose in Berkhamsted. I’ve literally no idea how that happened.
  3. In all seriousness though did they take a lot of balancing? The red dot should be aligned with the valve stem to minimise the amount of weight they need.
  4. Rod/b


    You ordered the wrong bit yeah? USELESS SHITPIECE
  5. Rod/b


    RLUTZ = USELESS (That’s how it goes isn’t it @Sheefag?)
  6. Has Jimmy Cauty gone into the shit tyre business?
  7. That’s bloody lovely
  8. How fucking much is that UK place charging? Jesus wept!
  9. Austin A35 - Haywards Heath - £850 https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/austin-a35/1476819116
  10. Always remember - a picture paints a thousand words, so make sure your car ads are selling not just the vehicle but the lifestyle your audience aspires to. Here’s an excellent example. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/reliant-rialto-1988-848-cc/1475999076
  11. There must be more Wolverhampton plated Ubers than there are residents of Wolverhampton.
  12. Nor is 99,999km, but its still more than 60,000km
  13. “My” J plate Midi certainly didn’t have a column change. It did have an umbrella handle handbrake though.
  14. No, it was imported from Scotland https://www.rmamotors.com/used-cars/17584467-ford-sierra-estate/
  15. That paint finish on the bumpers is excellent. Whilst I'm here check this out, for sale in Dubai of all places https://uae.dubizzle.com/motors/used-cars/ford/other/2024/3/13/1991-ford-sierra-estate-16l-pinto-featured-2-627---2dabcddb8062490bbfd775c6b8df4479/
  16. Honda Jazz Ford Fiesta Ford Escort Mini Mayfair Proton Razzle
  17. I hope your nan likes it!
  18. It needs whatever the bloke who owns it decides it needs.
  19. It’s going to do LeMons in the USA. It needs some sort of livery.
  20. This has come up reasonably local to me. A touch over 3 grand. https://dubizzle.com/s/DOBEXIb
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