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  1. Utter bargain .... if you're in Poole!!! £350 2003 Rover 75 2.0 CDTi Connoisseur SE [131] 5dr ESTATE Diesel Manual | eBay
  2. still have a 2nd gen 800 fastback on my wish list
  3. bit of dignity (if u squint) Marketplace – 2004 Rover 45 impression | Facebook
  4. Update ya oldie, or piss ya neighbours off with free electric Marketplace – Diesel generator | Facebook
  5. only for speed demons!! Marketplace – Nippy Norman | Facebook
  6. and another Marketplace – Lambretta J50 Frame And Parts | Facebook
  7. one for the Scooter molesters Marketplace – Lambretta Servetta 200 Frame and parts project | Facebook
  8. @Cavcraft one for you???? Marketplace – Honda mt50 dreg | Facebook
  9. 2.3..... ewwwww could have at least gone for the full fat 3.0
  10. ooooooooh... shiny.....EML on or just cos ignition???
  11. so tempted by this....just a hunch i'd get shafted!!! Swaps or £500 SPARES OR REPAIRS Selling for a friend is he’s 1993 Vauxhall Astra Ls it’s mint inside and out body work is good it’s starts and drives it’s got 110k on the clock No mot 1 owner from new cars been standing for ages chucks out white smoke it’s got old service book and some recites (1) Marketplace – 1993 Vauxhall astra Ls classic | Facebook
  12. Kia Rio, the early estatey type thingy one ?????
  13. Skoda 120, Jawa 350 combination and Fiat126 please......oh and a Yugo 45
  14. Bro in law has identical one....i'm interested but scotchland and lack of Mot means delivery wouldnt be cheap!!
  15. tried messaging and no reply!! Marketplace – 2005 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter | Facebook
  16. May be rusty £795 TRIUMPH TR7 SPRINT ENGINE | eBay
  17. for Veloooor lovers BIN £995 weirdly states Dartford....then states Gatwick??? confused 1991 VAUXHALL CARLTON CDXI AUTOMATIC 2X OWNERS RESTORATION PROJECT | eBay
  18. for all Maestro messers B.I.N. £450 Austin maestro 1275 engine Barn Find Spares or repair b reg Repair | eBay
  19. GIG FAP possibly need this as a sticker giggety
  20. have you done a check on the chassis?? possible damage from previous owners??? or check rear wheels are same distance from front wheels...possibly used orf road and had a disagreement with a tree or rock!!!
  21. after seeing those pics of the interior, has anyone else noticed that Yanks variants usually have well mullard leather in about 4 years
  22. bezzabsa


    just read this from start to finish, I liked how the Bodge exhaust sounded LOL... I also had a Large valve mini head for about 5 years and never fitted it to anything, mate ended up throwing it on his 1440 van - jeez that thing was evil, had been reshelled about 5 times kept ripping them to bits.. are these bigger than a mini on the inside???? I'm also a fan of the 'bus' steering wheels they came with as standard.. reckon a MG MetroTurbo lump needs to be fitted
  23. LOL, think its well known in this area.. bloke next door had 2 RR Vanden Plas for years, then a load of K11 Micras
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