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  1. I'm out. 2.0 n/a with an auto box. All the drawbacks of Impreza ownership without any performance. Nothing used to attract other knobhead drivers like an Impreza.
  2. It's a great idea if done properly and respected. I have one done with proper racking though. Needs to be wider and only two shelves. I normally keep tool carts underneath but it's set for the height of a car bonnet if need be. Also put a beam at the rear lower down for support and one at the front above the lower shelf to act like a barrier to stop boxes falling off.
  3. I've found caravan leveling ramps ideal for this, cheaper than a low Jack. They raise the car a few inches, just enough to get your normal Jack under. Normally about a tenner used. Light weight and can be left outside.
  4. Not me. It seems like a complete waste of time. I know cars cost money and apart from football and holidays it's my main money/time outlet. At times I'll price up what a car cost me and what I've put into it. This means when I sell it, I don't sell it too cheap. I have a habit of fucking cars off if they upset me for some reason and do it cheaply so I don't have to look at them. Better than how I used to be if something or someone upset me though.
  5. That's a lot clearer image👍. I'd agree now 21+4. Good luck getting it sorted. Painful financially etc but should be a sorted car for many years once done.
  6. I think 22nm. Looks like the wrench was set too high if looking at the picture at around 29/30nm. Used this video to check. 26+4, can't quite make it out.
  7. Never been more thankful for a WSW wind direction.
  8. 100 pages of totally enjoyable bollocks. Congrats.
  9. That's not Kev from Chesterfield is it?😄
  10. It's people like you why warnings ⚠️ like this exist😄😄😄 On a serious note, why is the warning hidden behind where the battery would be and not on the front of the packaging. They are a proper bastard to get in though and bloody expensive. My slk takes two of the bastards per fob.
  11. £2000-£2500. Your offer of £250 is about right. If you buy it, take the good bits off and weigh the rest in. You could take it for MOT and it might surprise you, it will probably be far too gone though.
  12. This might facilitate rear entrance pleasure in future. https://www.vectra-c.com/forum/showthread.php?24978-Help-with-a-Signum-that-boot-wont-open
  13. Well bought. Obvious bargain. Includes very dubious stain.
  14. Ffs. I was quite happy living in ignorance.😁
  15. Any sort of link for the key fobs. I'm assuming a cheapo Ebay job. Thanks.
  16. Cracked exhaust manifolds. If you had one worth that, on those miles already I'd say keep it. I wouldn't actively go out and buy one though. 15 years old at 2 grand looks dear to me but I guess that's the market. I'd put money into your Volvo, bigger inside, proper comfy. Not worth the hassle of changing for only a bit newer than what you have.
  17. @motorpunkstarted off a strong rant then slightly* tailed off into a surreal utopia for the great unwashed. Excellent 9/10, would read again.
  18. No I can't imagine there will be massive demand but that is only equalled by low supply (find another etc) Plus it's about the size of 2 or 3 cars bumper to bumper. I'd imagine somebody with a fleet of 2 or 3 might get some worth from it before weighing the rest in.
  19. He said starts and runs. I assume he's referring to the engine, not the car. In fairness he is showing it as spares and repairs. The cats gone would basically remove the repair option but it seems fair enough to me.
  20. 1: Something for normal life, day-to-day general-purpose running-around. Golf R 2: Something to carry four of you over long distances, with a fortnight's luggage. Merc e class estate with a big n/a lump upfront. E63 3: A sports car for when you feel like taking on that Alpine road. 911 turbo 4: A "Classic" that you can take to the shows and maybe even win a trophy with. 1984 911 5: A total indulgence. A car that gives you the same feelings chocolate does. Rolls Royce Phantom.
  21. Brave. Let's hope your neighbour doesn't start a sentence with "Since you".
  22. Avon's crack and perish prematurely. Go with rain sports.
  23. As well as regular roof use. I'd also suggest gummi pflege on the seals all round. Picked mine up from here 18 months ago for a grand and it's an excellent way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.
  24. Speaking of which. It's now ok to not pay in full for stuff. Young lad had £30 on him at a petrol station and put £30.03 in and was rightly asked to pay £30.03. Of course race got brought into it. Do you know what we would all do if we only had £30, yeah I'd put in 25,26, or 29 quid in. That's it, I wouldn't expect anyone to bale me out or blame someone else doing their job. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bp-garage-threatens-call-police-26205227
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