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  1. Never underestimate how long a word "overcompensating" is. They obviously didn't have enough space to write "you're" either. Double fail.
  2. When parked next to a modern Focus at work it looked smaller. Checked online and it was lower and narrower. It was only the length that was bigger and that wasn't as much as you think. Says more about bloated moderns than anything.
  3. Woman walking in a bus lane gets a bloke a fine. All because of her jumper. (Yes she does need more support at her age👀)
  4. Some mad robot dancing. Crouchy has got some competition.
  5. Other discrepancies are available. Exterior?
  6. What makes them middle class? 😁 *runs off to hide.
  7. Boo, boo, boooooooo. I'm actually quite happy it was a hoax. Gives me hope for humanity. All I needed to go do was go to Edinburgh to disprove it. Simple😁 says the tram company.
  8. Any Edinburgh shitters doing a collection want to have a go on the tram pedo? No? Thought not.
  9. My only hope is they both start bragging that it was obviously made up and both have perjured themselves. We'll see I guess. The other thing is next time she won't be so lucky as within 6 months it will definitely happen again. I'm sure the police will be on the look out and she will have a few random* stops 4 children in the car as well.
  10. Somebody avoiding a drink drive conviction. 1. Have a crash. 2. Go to a friend's house. (As you do) 3. Drink 2 pints of Vodka. (As you do) 4. Not guilty. Shamelessly celebrate outside the front of the Court. About as plausible as Shaggy. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/accountant-claimed-she-downed-two-122621208.html
  11. Ring a ding ding. Anybody want to steal some poor saps pride and joy? Absolute ****. *reported.
  12. Or B16. B16 OAF, passat man was a classic.
  13. That's going to transform the car. Lovely colour too.
  14. Agila

    Poorly VRS

    You iz top mekanik m9. If I ever buy any bastard vag shite I know where to bring it. What's your address again?? 😆
  15. Shit just got real. Personally I did very similar, left UK insurance at Doncaster to do class 2. I'd try and work the odd day around your current work. See if you can maybe do 3 days a week of your current job and leave availability for a bit of agency work. Doing 15 hour days will be a shock that's for sure. That's not the hard part though. It's having 9 hours off then doing it all again the next day. You'll see very very quickly why there is a massive shortage. Good luck.
  16. That's a lovely bargain that's had some money spent on it. When a mate first saw my label maker he typed out "sad c***".
  17. 1. Ford Granada on an E reg. Bought from a guy called dodgy Dave, a banned drink driver who made off from the police. Paid 2 pints of Sam Smith lager. Also had to pay £15 for a new headlight as he crashed into a wall when he made off from the cops. Around 2005. Got followed home by the cops once. 2. Free Rover 400 at around the same time. Leaking water pump. Obtained from a fella who got into gambling debts and did a flit. 3. Felicia £250 on an x-reg, a cracking little car. 4. Current Yaris £350 2003 110k from this parish. 5. £100 Ford ka on a 2005 around 2013.
  18. Other sand paper and smoke alarm shops are available. I suggest she goes into store as you are working away all week and picks up what's required.
  19. £6.20 👀 I've bought a few cars cheaper than that. Which reminds me that I'll have to update the cheapest cars thread. Chodest of chod speed.
  20. Are you lurking in the bloody bushes or summat? 😆
  21. Agila

    Winter tyres

    Only ever used them on an is200 lexus (153bhp so not massive) It was like night and day difference for me on proper winters, used all season stuff on an old cougar and they were shite. I also added 4 bags of sand to the boot and that seemed to help massively as well.
  22. While I was out at Toyota I saw this tasty Lexus. £73,300. Kept my hands in my pockets. Also a 66 plate yaris for over 9 bags. Glad I had my £350 snotter.
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