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  1. My uncle bought one on a v plate brand new. I hated it, he loved it. Years later a mate had one and loved it, he said it would pull anything. It literally snapped in half one day though. He sold it for very good money. Owners absolutely love them.
  2. I'd probably be checking all fuses and going through them all. Starting on the main likely suspects. Anything relating to ECU etc.
  3. CASH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mandatory-mot-testing-to-be-reintroduced-from-1-august
  5. I use these. Not miracle workers but take the edge off.
  6. That video was ace. Excellent purchase.
  7. Nope. DJ agila played a top quality impromptu hour long set courtesy of the premium audio in the ex spec civic to the enthralled crowd. Favourites were Rita Oral who went down well and Miley Cyrus. Not forgetting x factor legends Sam Bailey and Rebecca Ferguson.
  8. After cleaning the dash in the civic, out pops "Just Great songs 2014". I haven't used the CD player since buying it from @jamiechod. It helped pass the time in the queue for the recycling centre.
  9. Agila

    eBay tat volume 3.

    He sounds a bit like me lol. I think the guy just wants the motor gone without hassle. Realises as much as he hates ebay it's possibly the best place. Although he doesn't want to tolerate or except ebay idiots of which there are many. Unfortunately ebay/gumtree/facebook turns you into a person like this. He's just waiting for the right 1 or 2 buyers and has to play the game.
  10. I saw this yesterday at Speke. Apparently it's a BAC mono. The guy had the helmet on and trade plates on it. Looked and sounded ace at only 30mph in traffic on a dual carriageway. If you fancy one prices start at £165k.
  11. You will ruin the originality of a fantastic example that you have. That car is ace. Simple.
  12. I need to do this to a few of mine. Can I ask what paint you used (make, colour etc) and how you applied it. The result you have had look great. Thanks.
  13. Excellent purchase. Nice colour combinations and massive practicality with a good engine. Winner.
  14. Strangely I had similar on a 2002 v70 t5, ex police car. Clarke impact gun you have never touched it. (Only thing mine has ever failed on) Took it to the garage and it snapped an impact socket. New impact socket and a scaffold bar 10ft long did it. Thankfully I was doing a brake job and could drive it to assistance. Must of been done in house by Humberside Police or a tyre fitter who doesn't like police. Weird.
  15. Type in mot failure in ebay, gumtree etc. Loads for sale. Or spares or repairs Also a scrappers won't sell you one. That's how they make their money. They can afford to sit on the parts and have economies of scale.
  16. You probably would technically make more money breaking it for parts Get it for close to bridge money as possible and take off the easy and good bits. Weigh the rest in. Out of those options break or repair I would choose neither. Both sound like a complete waste of time and effort. I'd only repair a car if the resale cost was guaranteed to be a lot more when fixed. It's too much effort for something that low in the market.
  17. This. Clearscore is good but a bit weird how much it knows.
  18. Didn't they use a hearse? Sorry.
  19. iunderstandthatperfectly
  20. Agila

    eBay tat volume 3.

    That's like advice telling people not to look but they do anyway. I got half way down and had to stop to avoid a similar fate. I think I got away with just a headache. Get well soon.
  21. Agila


    You can go on the Toyota website and put your vin in. This may tell you more info.
  22. Agila


    Probably airbags
  23. Sent me a PM when you get bored of it. Timing as with everything needs to be right though.
  24. Absolutely. Boring but a decent enough big car for the money. Depends if it fits your needs well. I'd find it hard to pass that deal up.
  25. A quick goggle suggest dani Dyer from love island. Daughter of actor danny Dyer.
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