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Best fleet


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Good question. 

Because last year was good. As I owned the following at one time. 

306 Rallye 

Daewoo Nexia

Toyota Altezza 

Opel Astra 160iE 

Vauxhall Corsa. 

This year I replaced the 306 with a Nova. 

So peak time for the fleet for me. 

Well, or maybe about ten years ago. I had a C20XE swapped Cavalier and a Nova. That was good too. 

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To me that question is a bit like which is my favourite child 🤔 

I guess i like all my cars or I wouldn't have bought them.

I've got my pretty okay Fleet at the moment just need to put some of them back on the road.

On road  is Audi A3, bmw 320,  colt,  hc viva,  and lancer, 

Bmw330,  Starlet, 305,  audi 90, escort mk1, mgb, colt mirage, Daimler,  galant,  205,  gto and fourtrack  all presently off road.

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Current fleet is very nice bar the daily: Corsa C 1.3 diesel, Jaguar XJR6 manual and NB bog standard MX-5. Would be nearly perfect for me with a less tired daily. At one point I had an XJR6 auto, Jag XK8 on LPG, Range Rover P38 diesel and Lupo SDI. That fleet was very fun, but a lot of work.

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Well let's see...

Second half of 2008 I had: wife's 06 Suzuki Ignis (bought new); 1962 Cadillac Sedan deVille; 1991 Chevrolet Lumina 3.1 sedan; 1987 Volvo 740GLE estate, auto, 2.3 injection, 7 seater.


2004: 1990 Chrysler leBaron convertible 3.0; 1980 Buick Century Limited; 1988 MG Maestro 2.0i; wife's 1997 Hyundai Lantra estate.


Mid 2012 in Cyprus: 2002 Vauxhall Brava 2.5td crewcab pickup; 1972 Ford Granada 2.5 GXL; 1987 Bertone X1/9; 1966 Austin A40 Farina in bits; and to replace the X1/9, 1983 Metro van 1275.

I've had a load of fun with old cars!

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Can't remember the year but at one point had a Daimler xj40 and a MK1 mx5. Combined value of about 5 quid bit I fucking loved it being young at the time.

Current fleet has most bases covered I think: Discovery 2, TVR Chimaera, xjr6 manual and a Civic for the daily. I only don't prefer this iteration because of the Civic...

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My best fleet is my current one, but 2002 was my utopian motoring year, I had two fully roadworthy cars and no company cars, I commuted and also had three holidays all over Europe in the manual Cortina 2.3 Ghia estate below and also occasionally travelled to work in the TVR, I used the TVR mostly in the nice weather, usually around the Brecon Beacons or Cheddar Gorge getting up at 4am on a Sunday just to go for a drive. In 2002 I did 16,000 miles in the Cortina and a couple of thousand in the TVR. I sometimes wonder if I need any other cars but I love cars.


Sorry about the crap wheels and number plate on the Cortina, I had not long bought it, they were eventually put right.

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Can't remember exact dates but around 2011 when I got a chunky redundancy payout would have been when the fleet was probably at its peak - BMW E3, Nissan Stagea and Reliant Scimitar plus various moderns and the fleet stalwarts (with a lower case "s") - 164, Renault 6 and Innocenti.

Mind you, in 2009 or so I had a Cadillac STS, PB Cresta, Saab 900 T16S and Alfasud at the same time.  And then there was that memorable weekend when I picked up a Rover 2600, Citroën CX and Morris Minor all in the space of two days.

Ah, those heady days when cars were cheap...

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In ~2005 I owned a VW T25 Syncro Westfalia, Xantia V6, BX GTi 4x4, BX TZD Turbo and a 2cv.

They were all in really nice condition and all road legal. Didn’t last long mind you, it was killing me financially.

Came across a picture of the 2cv today and bonus T25 just showing (which I had forgotten about)


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Summer before COVID bit:

2008 Bini on a remap with low (but not that low) profiles - hard ride but awesome on the corners

2010 Subaru Outback 2.5 n/a petrol CVT, lush, wafty dog transport /trailer towing beast

2007 Berlingo 1.6 HDi - craptothetipcar

1998 MGF 1.8 VVC, bit of a hanger queen but when it was flying - ooooh 

2013 Pug Boxer Pony Pantechnicon.

Like you say, back when cars were cheap....

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About 25 years ago: The beige 135Ric and the orange/red 105 were mine. The green 130LSE was my son's. The 105 was my favourite.  I had a MKVI Regal in my garage as well, and it is still there, roadworthy since 2005.

We have had two other Rapides, both black, and an orange 120LSE, so may have had an addiction problem. 


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