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Found 4 results

  1. Thought I'd start a fleet thread to document the car stuff I've been getting up to, as well as a place to post the spots I've taken. The 'fleet' currently consists of four cars. 2000 Honda CR-V LS This has been in the family since new (my earliest memory is going to buy it with my parents from Derek Warwick Southampton in Feb 2000!), it's nearly on 142k miles now and still going on the original clutch. The temp gauge is temperamental, the passenger window won't go up properly and the first signs of rot are starting to creep in but it's in pretty good condition all things considered. 1995 Honda Civic ESi (EG5) The EG Civic has always been my dream car and I finally managed to pick up a decent spec unmolested one in the Summer. It needs some work and a fair bit of welding to get back on the road but progress towards this is being made (albeit slowly). I'll post a bit more about how that's going later, for now have the front plate. 2003 MG ZR 160 My stage rally car, bought for £2650 ready to rally, intercom and all, back in March 2018. I've competed in a couple of events since then and will hopefully be back out competing in December (budget and COVID permitting). 2014 Hyundai i20 Active Not really Autoshite material (yet!) so I won't focus on it too much, but this shares daily duties with the CR-V. Goes well for a little 1250cc hatchback, handles well and has been very reliable whilst getting good MPG (60 if I really try) so it's rather endeared itself to me. Excuse the photo, my friend took it and I don't have any normal one's I've taken myself! My work takes me all over the south east and sometimes even further afield, so I've had a couple of decent opportunities for some spots too, I'll leave you with these for now. I'll post a bit more about the Civic tomorrow.
  2. Since my life has followed a nearly unrelenting course in project, “good-intentions”, “nice ideas” and general chod accumulation ever since I was about 14, I’ve decided I’d concoct all my projects into a haphazard fleet diary, for your amusement and viewing pleasure. My reports are likely to be sporadic, as and when I find time. Coverage predominately will flit around my current stable, but I'll show some past vehicular activity too. I'll go into each in turn in the coming days and weeks, but briefly for now my current fleet comprises: 1959 Ford 100e. Bought as a rolling shell in 2015. Built it up myself with all-Ford bits: 2.0 Pinto, type 9, GP4 MK1/2 Escort goodies up front, Bilstein 2.8 Capri struts on coilovers, 105e axle out back, RS turbo Recaros. Looks rough as fuck but it's solid and sorted underneath. Some don't like it because it's old, noisy and smelly. I love because it's old, noisy and smelly. Want to build a fast-road head for this soon really, but skint. Hardly needs to be quicker anyway. A lot of work to build, about 3 years, but immense fun to drive. 100% never selling!!! 1991 Saab 900 16v Turbo. Bought last Summer, suspiciously cheap with a hot running issue and a heap of paperwork. I did the head gasket and rebuilt the head with new exhaust valves, stem seals, thermostat etc over lockdown. Also fitted new calipers, discs, pads and hoses all round, and replaced the NSF inner wing/driveshaft tunnel back in February. Embarrassing MOT last month reveals more weldage is needed elsewhere, so that’s next for it and shall be reported in the coming pages 1995 Citroen AX Jive. 1.0 4 spd. Hilarious to drive, immensely French, ripe but not rotten, wearing something akin to a peeved expression. Needs a few odds and ends but otherwise a goer. Back-up car in case my existing daily shits itself or something. Anyone spare a boot latch actuating rod and gear knob? 2005 Clio 182. As close to a daily as I get (cycle to work). Not really Autoshite, or even very “me” frankly, but I’m convinced these are the last proper French hot hatch and soon to be daft-money, so I finally snubbed two years of looking-not-looking at them on eBay and bought this the other week. I'm 27 so many could argue it's a "quarter life crisis". Newest and quickest car I’ve ever owned, so probably not the wisest first choice to exercise modern car ownership. But my current main project, sapping funds and time and social life in equal measure, is my 1963 Ford Falcon 2dr sedan, so I'll post up the progress to date of that in the coming days. or now, here's a seller's shot of when I bought it.......
  3. Take note of the poor things that ended up with my lazy arse. This is going to be a dull disaster but welcome to a random list of the poor unfortunate souls that come into my possession. Currently - '88 Peugeot 205 1.1 GL - '07 Suzuki EN125 2A (TWO WHEELS!?) That's it I told you it would be boring. I'll just not mention the previous 1.2 Clio's since one is perpetually SORN'd as a donor Clio (RIP SLOP FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS AND TATTOOED ON MY LEG) and the other one was moved on to some other 19 year old to probably crash (YOU WERE A GOOD FREN) Previous - SL04PKE - '04 1.2 Clio - Crashed it, now in Valhalla - V36FRN - '99 1.2 Clio - L38WLD - '94 1.9 Xantia
  4. On the way to collect a product from the land of pickled herring and meatballs. Todays transport sponsored by my mothers well worn Daihatsu Charade
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