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  1. Back onto the 306. Discovered the front passenger wheel bearing was buggered. I had previously checked this a while back, due to my earlier mentioned wheel wobble issue. Couldn't find any play in it. So left it at that. Until I spun the wheel when checking again. It was very grumbly. To save immobilising the car. I got another hub and changed the bearing in it. Changed the hub over and much better now. A quick test drive later reminded me how much fun they were to drive. Still a couple of niggles and the mismatched painted wheels needs sorting out. But th
  2. Most of that merde on the floor came from when I took the outer skin off. Think it was the sill membrane at one point. So next logical plan... Strip as much good stuff off and bin remains.
  3. Right! Whip the 406 into the workshop. Tackle the jobs with aplomb! So tackle the hardest job first. Then everything else is easy! Right!? WRONG! As you can see. It's never a just a small hole. Then the extent of the grot didn't stop there. It's had your typical MOT welding repairs. Slap tin over the shit and tack on and cover with industry standard underseal. Even the near 2mm thick plate for the Jacking point was but a memory now. Gad damn it! Didn't even bother investigating the passenger side. As its the exact same.
  4. That's vast improvement on that interior. Hopefully it's not too much hassle to get it roadworthy again.
  5. Do it! Shitebag if ya dinnae! 😂
  6. Results are in on the 406... Aw, you durty bastid! I'll have a proper look later. Most of the issues seem to be some grot on the sills (typical 406 issue) and wonder how seized that valve is? Bridging the thing should of been the smart choice.
  7. Eh!? 😂 Did you tell him to go away in the end? I once bought a Red ZT 1800 as a potential engine donor. Me. "How much for the engine?" Them. "£150" Me. "For the whole car" Them. "£200" You'll fuckin' dae! Bought the c*nt there and then. Seriously why do people worry about price when it's already low?
  8. It'll be fine*! Shitebag if ya dinnae do it! You've done very well on that. Nice to see A Galant full stop let alone a clean one. More the sitting about its done that'll be the issue with getting home. Also think, it go well enough. Just the long motorway stuff might be buzzy.
  9. Did purchases. Because I was overthinking an issue. Was about ready to replace the wheels on the 306 due to an wobble at speed. Dawned on me. Had I actually bothered to properly look to see if it was just the wheels? Straight away found the drivers rear wheel bearing was actually knackered. Well that won't help the job. Also good opportunity to fit a pair of new dustshields too. Ended up getting full rear hub kits and genuine dustshields. 406 is coming along nicely too. Just need to replace the dry rotted tyres and we are hopefully ready to chance a test on i
  10. At a quick glance. I'd call that SD1 a win. Because its mostly complete. With most of the trim in good enough fettle. But with room to make it better. Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable resto for you.
  11. Stephen's comment has caused my head to hurt. Da fuq is that man on about!? Think yon needs a drip pan for the drivel he spouts. Like the others that have come before. Fair enough leave a comment, sometimes it helps to learn from your viewers what would help the channel. But it seems some are very content on just straight up headbutting their keyboard/keypad.
  12. Shame, but it must be hinging to make it only fit for breaking? Possibly have quite a demand for the parts as they'll be someone needing something. The LS and gearbox will likely sell quickly too? Quite fancy a Monaro someday. But alas, even a shagged one is probably out of my reach money wise.
  13. It's quite close to me. So could be interested in going too.
  14. Got one or two models. But was chuffed to get this one. Very old picture of the only time I looked inside.
  15. Did fixor on 406. Drivers front strut is back in with new spring. Now clears the inner wing. Yay. Freed off front brake sliders too. Double Yay!! But to restore the balance. Daewoo has broken another spring. Front drinkers side. The captain side ones are both still fine. Will price something up or buy a set. Price will dictate that. The above, isn't really news worthy as I realise this is AutoShite. It's the daily routine for shit to break, right?
  16. Ah! That's no handy like. Not the end of the world. Inconvenient however. Shouldn't stop progress though? Like it'll see a test soon?
  17. I'm glad @Split_Pinis getting sorted with getting the Chavalier fixed. Yes, there is much better looking and driving cars. Yet, I like the no nonsense dependability you get from them. Sometimes that's enough. Well it's how I feel about my Nexia. A Car that just does car things is worth having. There is very little that will kill one mechanically. Just the usual rot creeps in. That one is very much fixable by someone who will just get stuck in.
  18. Manged a bonus Nexia shot too. Sounds daft. But it puts a wee grin on my face driving it.
  19. 406 springs. Not a fan of changing them at all! Evil barstewards. Gave up and flung at the local garage to fit. Now to stuff it back in.
  20. Took a shot at the 406 today. It's in need of MOT. Then it can be moved on. Few issues to sort first. Front drivers spring is touching the inner wing. Took the whole strut out and then apart to find nothing out of place. Eh!? Meh! I'll order a spring as it's a bit crusty. Then reassemble. It's had a top mount at some point and it's not had the top hat put back on correctly. Plus the brake caliper sliders are stuck. So think a strip and clean is in order too. Brakes look really good otherwise. Hopefully it will pass without too much trouble after that. Didn't
  21. Me in the general Dumfries direction earlier this year... Who's car is daein its dinger in now...?? Honestly funnest catch up poast evAr. Only as it had a happy ending of sorts.
  22. WinnAr! That is all. Might prove to be a useful impulse buy as it can moving of things and people.
  23. Have many stories of my tomfoolery. But one that sticks in my mind. Coming back from Crail Raceway one weekend. As a passenger in a pal's Cavalier. Going back home, we came to a sharp bend which happened to be a particularly greasy after a warm day and then showers... The car kindly started to kick the back end out. We both became passengers and slid over what was an already demolished stone wall. Somehow the car wasn't damaged bar some bent wheels and we got the car pulled out. Luckily we had two spare wheels. But needed three, Que pal beating the ever livin
  24. A red one? Been eyeing that one up too. Luckily I'm in no rush to buy one. Because the other nugget I wanted in the same way was a Nexia. I ended up with one those. So for now the itch has been scratched 😂.
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