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  1. I've also been a fan of centre caps. So much so. I have a set of MK3 Astra Sport steelies with the correct centre cap. Only found on the 1.6 16v's. I had to fit them to an Astra I had a while back. Tempted to get them wheels onto the Corsa when it's done.
  2. I'd practice your welding first. That's a useful skill regardless if you sort the 309 or not. Also, I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you to not sort the 309. I'm welding up a Corsa B FFS πŸ˜†!
  3. Always wondered if I was asking too much for my 9-3? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144244561840?hash=item2195a557b0:g:ht4AAOSwVo1hZeg0 It appears I'm not 😲.
  4. This! I had a cup brush on my grinder actually run up my arm! Luckily (or not) I was wearing a thick jacket and welding gloves. But this in turn grabbed and twisted the sleeve on the jacket around quite bloody tight! That was very scary!
  5. What a honest looking little van that is. But yeah, I'd be firing in loads of rust prevention of some kind into that real soon.
  6. Wish I had known (or I had bothered to ask) this before ordering the parts πŸ˜‚. Never mind. Got the sump fired in and used the correct sealant. Found by removing two subframe bolts and jamming in a small bit of wood, I was able to sneak the sump back in. Once I had thrown back together and removed the fuel pump relay. Just so I could wind the engine over to build up oil pressure. Then started up and we're all good. No leaks and no weird noises. Well if I had fitted a exhaust clamp correctly. That's nowt though.
  7. Joys of cars being stood about. Specially on something that wasn't known for bearings to last long in the first place. Tis a shame, that you were unable to finish. But! Let's put this in a positive light. I'd say you've done bloody well there sir!! To turn this car around in next to no time and to make it that far is a huge achievement in itself.
  8. Sump out. Just a simple five minute job*. Was worth dropping it. Typical B205 fashion, there was crud in the pick up pipe. Should be another simple 5 minute job* to get it back in. *Funny lies you tell yourself*πŸ€ͺ
  9. Been giving these serious thought. Altezza RS200. Just like the idea of the BEAMS lump, but still a practical car I can still use. But I'm a fickle bugger at times, so ideas could change at anytime.
  10. What could possibly go wrong!? Some times the random purchases end up being the best ones!
  11. New pipe on. Filled up with fresh ATF. Bled. Success! Car taken up the road. It's quite nice. But I see how a map would liven one up too.
  12. Oooh EeeTurtysicx! I likes a lot. Nicely bought sir. Worth getting one now, before the good ones are mental money thanks to the drift missile mongs.
  13. Teacakes! Suppose the rest is alright eh? πŸ˜‚ Seriously doe. I'm looking forward to see the end result.
  14. Last couple of nights work. New pipe bought. As most will already know this is a common problem on these cars. Which meant taking it's face off. Very easy to do for even someone who hasn't done one before. Hopefully this weekend it'll be done. As it's not much use peeing ATF everywhere. Have also stuck an order into Neo Bros. For a service kit, new PCV valve and sump O-rings. I fully intend to drop the sump and clean it out. As I really don't want to rattle the shells out of this car.
  15. Have been looking through the Noobtune FB page πŸ˜‚. Even a simple remap would make it a good bit more nippy.
  16. New addition to my collection. I'm officially blaming FB marketplace! 9-3 S Turbo. Good running B205, 88k on clock and has a power steering leak. Didn't need it and REALLY shouldn't of bought it. However I did. Shall replace the rotten PAS pipe I found and take for a quick drive. Then see if it stays. Oh the wheels suuuucccckkk. Would of preferred the standard steels and trims instead. Unfortunately the last owner binned them!
  17. Like for show. Sad react for weather.
  18. That's opposite of what a buyer had off me today. Message fellow. Chat to him via messenger. Then speak to him on the phone. Arrange money, transport to pick it up. Turn up. Check over car, discuss money person to person. Was cheeky (in my mind) and offered a price. Buyer agreed. Do a buy. Bring car home. One Saab 93 Turbo Coupe. It's really not hard. You either want it or not. But I've got one major problem now... I actually didn't need another car. Oh fudge! πŸ˜‚
  19. I have in the past used another outer panel to make an inner one. Learnt that one from the @4wheeledstool fella from here. It at least gives you something to work from anyway.
  20. Jeans grow tight at the sight of this. Well purchased, you lucky sum of a biscuit!
  21. Going to give that a watch! But sounds like a better idea than shoving in a ReidChap. Just because it'll not be either reeking or leaking it's engine oil everywhere! *A good C20XE powered B is actually a very surprisingly quick little car!*
  22. Had another welding session at the Corsa. Manged to buy some new outriggers. So on with those first. Then finished off closing in the rest of the chassis rail. Followed up with a tidy up session with a flappy disc and the powerfile to neaten the job. With a good dose of Buzzweld Rust Encapsulator to protect it all. Inside of the new panel was coated with R.E and Buzzwelds WAR undersealer to hopefully keep it solid for another lock of years to come. Now onto the passenger side next. The rail is also rotten. However I did get a complete new replacement rail with another outrigger. Again I spent some time firing in some R.E in the double skinned part. I'm hoping this side will be easier. Then again, we shall not hold ones breath! πŸ˜‚
  23. 1+ for Buzzweld. I like the R.E and the WAR undersealer too.
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