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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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20 hours ago, cobblers said:

My left elbow has been giving me grief for nearly a year, when I rested it on a desk or something I got a stabbing pain like I was resting on a spike. I was sure there was a splinter or something but no amount of digging around could find it, but there was definitely a lump.  I'd have gone to the GP but obviously "the event" made that impractical.

Today I finally caved in, glugged a mouthful of gin and got my wife to properly dig at it with a needle and scalpel.

Much swearing and blood later:


Fucking knot wheels!

I kept getting a sharp stabbing pain in my heel every now and then. Really bad, but I’ve got osteoporosis in that ankle from a bike accident, so I assumed the time was finally upon me that the bone was becoming seriously damaged. Went to the doctor, physio etc. This went on for about 7/8 months.

It turned out to be a fucking nail in my boot. Just long enough to poke through at the right angle. Not even a difficult to spot nail either, the head was about 5mm in diameter! If I’d only thought to look earlier!

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45 minutes ago, Agila said:

Woman walking in a bus lane gets a bloke a fine.

All because of her jumper. (Yes she does need more support at her age👀)



I saw this. I'm more than happy to print t-shirts out with random (or your most hated enemies) number plates on them.

This could actually turn into a hilarious prank.

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Someone I know has just posted this hackneyed slice of prime motivational bollocks on their Facebook feed. For reference this someone doesn't work for a living, and as far as I am aware has never worked for a living (incidentally nor does her partner). Her little turd of a baby lion is showing every sign of following in his parents footsteps. 

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3 hours ago, catsinthewelder said:

I don't think the Transits front wheels are on the ground 😂

Reminds me of the time I put my LT40 van on the back of my Dodge 50 spec lift.  A 4.6-tonne Dodge with a Perkins 4.236 over the front axle and no PAS - I could turn the steering wheel with one finger.

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