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  1. I had a Skoda Scaler as a courtesy car recently. It had a speed limiter but not cruise. So you had to pay extra money just to add the function in SW. I got round it by setting the speed limiter to my desired speed and then just jamming my foot in footwell. Same with the apple car play function, it just said contact your dealer when you clicked it.
  2. I gave the engine bay a wee clean as well as fitting the battery cover kindly supplied by @gadgetgricey The towels on the windscreen are to protect it whilst I was treating the rust on the wiper arms.
  3. After this I put some linseed oil on the black plastic, a great tip I got from this site. Have some before and afters. I did all the side trim and windows frames, I think it’s made a big difference to it’s appearance.
  4. Next up on the list was the air filter. Again not the best access and you have to pop the bumper off to get in. The one I replaced was a genuine Saab one.
  5. What on earth was the thinking behind that?
  6. Yep, contact cleaner and a wee cloth. Be careful though as the silver side clips are very fiddly.
  7. Things weren’t down hill when I tried to remove the sump plug. My Lidl impact gun, and T bar smacked with a mallet would touch it. I even tried my trick of sticking a jack under the T bar, all this did was deform the head even though I was using a six sided socket. You can see the problem in the picture as the plug has ‘GM’ stamped on it and as the saying goes all Vauxhalls are shite. I gave up and used a hand pump through the dipstick tube. Annoyingly enough this was really thin so I had to use a piece of fish tank air tubing. As you can imagine it took a lot of pumping and time but I managed to get the old oil out and fresh oil in.
  8. They key kindly provided by @Saabnut has been working perfectly so I decided to give it an oil change. At first I thought surely to god that can’t be the oil filter I must be mistaken. Only a fucking moron would have designed it like that. Sadly the black piece of plastic turned out to be the cover for the oil filter element. Access was absolute shite, luckily I was just able to get my filter removal tool in as I couldn’t unscrew it by hand. New filter, old filter and last nights tea all in one picture. The new filter came with the two new seals needed to make the cover leak free.
  9. I just picked this up tonight, it works great. Thanks again. I owe you a few drinks for the postage and also I love the key ring!
  10. Ah, that’ll be the card I got through the door today! Thanks so much I’ll get it picked up from the sorting office tomorrow.
  11. Had a game of two halves, I took the mirror switch apart and cleaned all the contacts. When I refitted it, it worked perfectly and I could now adjust both mirrors from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Following from this success I thought I’d have another look at the key. I’d cleaned it previously and it was sort of working to unlock if you kept repeatedly pressing the buttons. I took it apart and cleaned everything again. However this time after reassembling it, it was completely dead. Nothing I could do would make the car respond to it. I took it apart again and found I was getting almost battery voltage across the contacts for the buttons so it looks like some of it is working. I’m assuming whatever part of it was intermittent is now dead
  12. About time, I was getting them constantly when I has having a clear out in the house
  13. My current to do list stands as follows: 1. Sort front bumper as it’s come away on the N/S and looks awful 2. Hopefully clean electric mirror switch as I can sometimes get the mirrors to adjust by continually pressing the directional control, from looking at YouTube this is dirt on the contacts. 3. oil and oil filter change 4. air filter change 5. sort parking sensors, this is a big car to reverse by hope! 6. Change timing belt. 7. replace front sub frame bushes probably with poly flex as it wanders around under hard acceleration 8. treat the rust under the car before it gets any worse 9. fit new front tyres, they just squeaked through the mot I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying smoking around in this, it’s lovely and comfortable and goes very well!
  14. I spent last night giving it a bit of a deeper clean. I know everyone likes before and after pics so here you go.
  15. Would it help if I arranged for myHermes or a similar courier to collect it? The current key has a mind of its own. I cleaned all the contacts in it and fitted a new battery. However it will unlock the car if you sit and repeatedly jab the unlock button. Likewise you can sometimes get it to lock by doing the same dance with the lock button. I’m not sure if there’s a problem with the key or the car. I’d love to sort it as trying to get the car locked/unlocked whilst also herding children and a dog away from the road is a challenge!
  16. And…..it’s a pass! Happy days
  17. Arghh, one of my replacement unions was leaking, a quick nip up with a spanner and the test continues
  18. Also live update I am in the MOT waiting room now! I see from online it’s been almost three years since it’s last mot.
  19. Brakes now fully bleed, special DPF protection plate installed. I flipped the car upside down to make it easier to install. Speaking of which I got the metal clips, I thought they worked like tie wraps but I couldn’t get the little pawl to grip. I ended up bending the end over and sort of half hammering it closed. anyone know what you’re supposed to do with them?
  20. I connected the new copper pipe for the O/S and started running it towards the rear of the car. This was going well until it came to put the final flare on it. My flare tool is excellent in a vice but when I tried to do it whilst holding it, not only was I not able to make a particularly great flare but it also kinked the pipe which stopped the union sliding down to the flare. I had a bit of a panic here but luckily I had just enough spare pipe to cut off the first flare and try again. I managed a passable but again not great flare but at least the pipe wasn't kinked and I could slide the union on it. I chopped the N/S pipe into three bits which allowed me to remove it, my idea here was to cut a piece of copper pipe the right length then I could make up both ends with my flare tool in the vice. This was a nightmare to fit onto the car due to it's length and having to thread it round the fuel filter connections and the round the tank. I couldn't get it clipped into the clips at the rear due to having no access so I tie wrapped it to the chassis instead. Here we have two new pipes all fitted, if I was going to do this job again I would have pressure washed the bottom of the car beforehand, I spent the entire time having bits of crap landing on my face, eyes, falling in my ears, mouth it was fantastic way to spend my weekend!
  21. Next up was the running new lines from the flexis to the ABS pump. I started disconnecting the pipes from the abs pump and I was not looking forward to running the new pipes behind all the gubbings attached to the firewall. I did think I could possibly run them in front of this stuff but I didn't think I would be able to safely hold the pipes in place. Whilst underneath I noticed this connection on one of the two pipes running to the rear (that's the front sub frame shown in the right of the picture). Looking at the other pipe I found it had a similar connection but it was obscured by the front subframe. If I could get both of these to release I could avoid the hassle of trying to route the new pipes alone the firewall. The one you can see above was easy enough to access but the other one was behind the subframe. I disconnected this pipe from the ABS pump and unclipped it from the firewall clips, I then cut the pipe heading towards the rear right at the connection. I was able to just and no more then ease the connection up and get access to it from the inner wheel arch. Luckily both of these connections released ok.
  22. Got some more time trying to get this sorted for its MOT, I fitted my new flexi after blowing up the original. I really struggled to get a new clip to hold the flexi in after having to destroy the original one to get it out. I tried my local eurocarparts, then the local factors and eventually I ended up at Dingbro. Despite being trade only they guy there kindly served me and sold me a pack of ten of the clips for just over £13.
  23. Annoyingly enough my abs unit looked nothing like what I’d seen online. I could see the one nearest the top of the pic went to the front right and it looked like the one next to it went to the front left, so I disconnected these two bottom pipes and screwed in my plugs. What I just found though is this pic on eBay much easier to make out when not at the back of the engine bay. This means I’ve disconnected the front right, something else I’ll have to bleed once I get it all back together! I also found I’ll need a new union as the rear left one uses a larger union than standard ones I have. Presumably to make it impossible to mix the pipes up during production.
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