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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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29 minutes ago, Wack said:

It is very tight if you've got no spacial awareness


I know quite a few like that. I have a family member who used to insist that, an admittedly narrow, road was too small for her car, which was why it was scratched on both sides. My sister could drive a bus down the same road without touching the hedges.

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8 hours ago, Wack said:

Has anyone else noticed how many people seem unable to judge the width of their vehicle , they'll come at you in the centre of a road when there's  bags of room to get two cars through 

I have no words 


Statistics suggest that insurers should be questioning the council on how visible the bollards are. 

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7 hours ago, Wack said:

It is very tight if you've got no spatial awareness


That looks very tight for a normal road. I'm having difficulty with judging the width of my new car* and on a number of occasions due to paranoia about scrapping the alloys have ended up parking about a foot from the curb. 

* turns out an Astra J (mk6) GTC is wider than an omega. 

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2 hours ago, warch said:

Theres a 6’6” bridge somewhere as well.

Round the back of Halfords in Hereford there used to be a rail overbridge with a 6' height restriction and a 6'6" width restriction.  I used to work at Shark Motorcycles just by it and had to duck to walk under it.  They removed the bridge deck about 10 years ago but the supporting walls are still there.  I wouldn't try driving a van bigger than a Berlingo through.


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