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  1. Crap pic of a great workhorse. Yeah, dented.
  2. It would be easy to post up my old company car, Honda Accord, which did 60k miles a year and was bounced off the limiter every gear change and only randomly serviced as I was so busy.. only a failed window regulator in 3 years... fantastic car, but it was a new car, and therefore hardly Autoshite stuff. Same for my classic Fiat 500 (my avatar), it's brilliant and has cost me nothing, but it does 50 miles a year so hardly fair to hold it up as a beacon of reliability when it's a toy. No, I nominate this as my best all-rounder. BMW 525d, manual, SE spec. I bought it with 80k on the clock just under 4 years ago and it's now on 191k. These are supposedly moneypit trouble but in 111k miles it has been great. It gets routine services at a BMW specialist. Aside from routine servicing it has needed DPF clean, a parking sensor has failed, and the wiring loom in the boot hinge had to be resoldered which had caused the remote central locking to misbehave. That's it. The dent in the rear 3/4 was me maneuvering in the dark and hitting a plastic bollard. It has averaged 44.8MPG over that distance, does 0-60 in about 8 seconds and had 180ish BHP. The rear suspension is airbag stuff and it's on big soft tyres (I get those free) so just silently whumps over potholes and speedbumps. It cruises up and down the motorway silently and I honestly don't know what I'd replace it with, but.... ... it's on the original clutch and flywheel, and the flywheel now has a rattle. This will be a big job. And there's a vibration at 60mph and under heavy braking which I am pretty sure is lower control arm bushes. And it needs a service in the spring. And the battery is original. So I think there's a bill of maybe 1500 quid on the horizon. But if I flog it as is, it'll only attract tracksuits with bond villain accents and oil-in-water trickery with offers of "free handred mate coz it eez fooked" nonsense - and I'll have to shell out probably ten grand for a similar car without the miles. So I think I shall reward it's faithful four-laps-and-more-of-the-earth service with a proper service and rely on it for a bit longer.
  3. I wrote about the MQB platform once and ended up making this. Supposedly different cars but all the same tedious VAGness.
  4. There's that constant, incessant, almost-but-not-quite inaudible, horrible whine. From both car, and owners.
  5. He gave me a free pen. “We’re doing some marketing, look, it has our logo on it!” he said. Lovely chap. He had a Bibendum which he’d painted in Huskvarna colours on a shelf. My kinda place.
  6. The owner was lovely, he sent me lots of old photos in the post (which I returned after scanning) and was so patient on the phone when I was researching things. A shiter worked there (can’t flippin’ well remember who, now) and was also helpful.
  7. Once from the Scottish edition of the book. I took this in Thornhill, it was once a Saab dealership and now is a service centre for chainsaws. The chap there was lovely, I could have spent hours nattering about old Swedish stuff, although I was worried he'd demonstrate his timber-lopping skills on my wooden wonder parked outside.
  8. The noise around Teslas makes me angry - it's just a car, not the second coming of christ, or a cure for cancer.
  9. I’m binning off my DPF in protest 😁
  10. I am really, really getting the pip with local garages. Garage 1 - BMW specialist, been using them for 10-20 years, he's now winding down for retirement, now they don't want to touch diesels. I've had a small electrical fault (parking sensor), nothing to do with engine... "no mate, sorry". Last job he did he left an oily black bootprint on the cream-colour luggage cover "was there when you dropped it off", bollocks was it. Garage 2 - BMW specialist. Started using them after the bother above. Generally OK but took them 3 goes to fit discs for some reason, I had to keep taking it back, last time they finally got it right they gave the car a courtesy wash and left some weird stain on the paintwork where some cleaning agent dripped. I'm not too fussy as it's a workhorse, but c'mon. Garage 3 - BMW main dealer. I had a new BMW given to me (don't ask)... it was supposed to be full of fuel but wasn't, that cost me a few quid to fill and they gave my car a valet as an apology (not needed, but thanks anyway), they managed to pressure wash lacquer off (size of a beermat) off the plastic rear bumper. Again, it's not some garage queen, but it pissed me off. Garage 4 - The village garage - Fiat needs a clutch slave fitting... "engine and gearbox out job mate"... is it bollocks. They've had it a week and the car hasn't moved. Just be honest! I am particularly narked at this as I occasionally drop off goodies for them as a thank you for other (paid) jobs. Garage 5 - VW specialist, GF has been taking her car there with an intermittent flat spot when cold. They've just been fitting parts and hoping it works. It never does. I went and gave them an earful for not attempting to diagnose it, and just charging her megabucks for parts it probably doesn't need - "not our fault mate, there's no codes on the code reader, what can we do?"... I fucked them off for that lazy nonsense. Garage 6 - welding place, went bust, lovely guy but clueless what to charge. I always tipped him. Made no difference it seems. All I want to do is have a local place than can diagnose instead of bullshitting and then fitting parts and guessing, I don't much care what it costs as long as they're honest. I'm doing more work on the cars at home when time allows, but why can't I find somewhere to take my money and do a proper job?
  11. Cool stuff! Can I ask where that is?
  12. I missed this sign when I was there in the summer. In winter you can just about make it out.
  13. If you go down to the woods today…. You’ll find a properly rotten old garage with some great chod … (I took these pics today, the location featured in the South East version of the book).
  14. Old one of Leicester. The same spot now is an utterly depressing shit hole. I can't believe how lovely the city used to be;
  15. Ran out of electricity? I used to use rent-a-wreck in Norway, fun in the winter in the mountains in some shagged old Ford.
  16. 41.5 MPG. That pisses me off. It shouldn’t, really, but it has been 45.1MPG for the last 100k miles … until the bloody garage reset it…
  17. Alpina. What a fantastic old thing. It had that smell, too.
  18. Price excludes engine and gearbox which he’ll sell you separately. The tosser.
  19. Ah! You! And we’ve actually met before and didn’t recognise each other! 😂 Sorry - was a flying visit as the missus has sniffed out the cafe.
  20. I also saw a train. And I left a MotorPunk card on a Renault 25 which I think must belong to one of us lot, and I waved at a beige VW camper in the road nearby who probably wondered who the weirdo in the modern BMW was.
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