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  1. This is brilliant. Autobahn near Bremen today; At first I thought he was an old Adolf who had accidentally joined the motorway, then it scarpered off up the road, when I caught it up and overtook it was some bloke grinning like a maniac. 🇩🇪😂
  2. Yeah. It’s crap but handles so well.
  3. A very discourteous courtesy car.
  4. Amongst Belgravia’s endless G Wagens and Range Rovers… god this is awesome.
  5. Leave it all. Less bother for the mods. Just delete any hateful stuff [insert own EV punchline here]
  6. Another fave of mine from Scotland
  7. That stupid headlamp mod. I wonder if the driver has duct tape over their eyes to give them the same ‘mean’ appearance.
  8. £36 spent. Fight me, you crusty Longship of shite!
  9. Not this Saturday, no Sir. Will keep you in mind next time we have a session on it.
  10. Want to support this hopeless cause? We’ve got expensive brakes, suspension, fire system and roll cage to pay for. Oh, and shipping this crap-heap to America. Wildly optimistic link below. Thanks; https://pay.collctiv.com/out-on-a-slim-9218
  11. Need to check the tyre pressures on your Rover 827 or FSO?
  12. Famous spot. Well documented and in use until not that long ago.
  13. Recent one from me. I love this place.
  14. Oh man I’d LOVE to do that 😂👍🏼 PS - Thanks for buying. I spent an absolute fortune publishing them and it’s great to know people actually bought them. I have a googlemap with the locations of c.850 old garage sites marked on it. Didn’t want to make public due to bearded explorer type scumbags turning up and spoiling things.
  15. Ta. Link! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-Rich-Duisberg/s?rh=n%3A266239%2Cp_27%3ARich+Duisberg
  16. Brilliant thread. Hello from a fellow Lotus owner. Do you read Absolute Lotus? Some great info on there (I write for this mag, albeit on Elise stuff). Keep up the good work @Oi_Oi_Savaloy!
  17. Thanks. I did the same on my old MX5 and it was fine, trackdays and all. 👍🏼
  18. @St.Jude - that’s so kind. Quick reply as I’m flat out here but I 100% agree on doing the bare minimum. We agreed only to upgrade front brakes which took us down a horrible rabbithole of weird parts and rusty doom. No welding as no MOT needed, but ANY help we can get in shorting this Rover would be massively appreciated. I filmed a thing with JayEmm about the car last night too. Will share when it’s live.
  19. Thanks, you’re right. We all have mental day jobs and the car is miles away from home so it’s difficult to get everyone together, tools, parts etc during daytime. I think we’ll fit the original uprights and swap out just the hubs. I’m watching the calendar and stressed to shit that we’ve barely started and have way too much to do…
  20. Started work at 5pm yesterday, climbed into bed at 2am today. This bastard shit heap is putting up a fight. I’m at the point of giving up - we fitted larger discs, callipers, and new uprights but need to build some shims to make it all fit and when it finally plonked back on its wheels the tracking and everything is a foot out. The damn thing is totally wonky. We are tired and fed up with this thing. Not sure what happens next.
  21. Dunno if any of you are on Twitter but PetrolTed (chap who founded PH, lovely person) is sticking a Yamaha V8 into an Amazon. Gotta love an old Swede.
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