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  1. That's lush! I don't do FB and the link shows no other pictures than the one above, probably a good thing....
  2. Am I the only one looking at these pictures and worrying about rust?
  3. And we’re in print! This issue of CRM mag - https://classicretromodern.com/product/pre-order-issue-18-exclusive-subscriber-edition-now-on-sale-in-the-shops-on-1st-december-2022-free-pp-uk-only/
  4. That must represent 100% of the TR7s sold to France, ever.
  5. Why bother looking? Wait until it fails again, it'll be easier to find a fault then and, if you are lucky, maybe it won't do it again anyway. Anyway.... Tempra, that's an Autoshite kinda car, tell us about that.
  6. Got a thread on it? It's just the kind of cool but dated, retro rubbish I would buy with my eyes shut.
  7. 210k on the 5 series, the only non-consumable part replaced was the alternator recently. It even handles nicely in a squashy sort of way, original suspension up front and original air suspension on the back. I had a Passat with 510k km on the clock when I was in Norway, need to find a pic of the old dog, used to drivee it on snow chains up mountains.
  8. Applied only to those in central London, and on benefits, and disabled, or something.
  9. Looking for a christmas gift with the whiff of four star? Amused by the fact that National Petrol once gave away model Smurfs to loyal customers, with a batch accidentally made from poisonous, leaded paint? Like pictures of shite old Lada and Yugo dealerships and manky petrol pumps? Miss 3D petrol? Amused by my sometimes-sober postings on AutoShite and want to read proper books by me? Does the picture below make you feel kind of fuzzy in your downbelows department? Each of the following shite books about such garages has 50-100 places in them. Written and mostly photographed by me they are organised into regions; SUPER Midlands and North of England, then there's SUPER South East, SUPER South West, SUPER Wales and SUPER Scotland. I went to Cornwall, Scotland and Dudley and all points inbetween photographing places that were closing down, being redeveloped into a bastard Tesco Express or just plain old forgotten about. Genuinely, thanks to those who buy a copy. Yes, I hate Amazon too but their print-on-demand service means I make a couple of quid in royalties from each one sold, and they're printed in the U.K. Happy Christmas.
  10. Thanks 'nut. Yes, and I appreciate you asking, no problem, just mention MotorPunk and stick a link in.
  11. Some pics from a recent discovery on my travels - once a busy Saab dealership, now a one man band business clinging on to life like a late autumn leaf. The owner allowed me to take some pics and was a lovely chap, I thought you shitebags might like the pics taken from the yard behind his business. I'm no Saab geek but came away with the horn for a 900 T16. Parts everywhere... Love this pic... Lots more pics here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/out-and-about/american-saab-scrapyard-explored/
  13. He's not in Littlehampton way is he? Weirdly I stumbled over a little workshop there last weekend with a couple of friendly guys who import US stuff, he mentioned he'd sold a very similar car to this recently, it was an "autoshitey" kind of place with some lovely US metal, an Audi RS2 and other cool bits.
  14. Yeaaaah! More pics from todays NEC show here https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/uncategorized/pics-classic-motor-show-nec/
  15. Would smaller boobs be nicer? (They are pretty big, and it’s scrabbles a bit on full lock, but it’s a small car which makes the wheels look chunkier than normal, if that makes sense. Ride quality is superb, tyre noise is a bit much.)
  16. Sort of. But not really. This is an Emira.
  17. V90+924=perfect two car collection. I think I complimented you on Twitter for this. 👍
  18. "How do I get my leg from hereski, on this chair, to the front bumper of a real car, in full scaleski?" (Great pic btw)
  19. BMW has my favourite livery, and the postcard (if you can make it out) was secreted by me in a rival's car, which soon broke down and left them out of the race. I am an evil genius.
  20. I feel you’re right, but on the other hand the safety gear is all mandatory and top notch, cages are built to a spec, and the organisers are pretty sharp. People do race other stuff in the U.K., right? I’d love to see it here.
  21. Antler spoiler. Why didn't anyone else think of this?
  22. It's a chandelier, which lights up at night. There all completely, totally, mental.
  23. Anyway... I'm just back from the US and it looks like I've lost track of this - I only know the owner/keeper from the pub quiz, and the quiz has just been canned and the pub is now up for sale. I could go door-knocking (small village) to track it down but, honestly, it's not one for me. If it resurfaces and one of you sick bastards Vauxhall Viva fans wants to pick up the baton then I'll put you in touch.
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