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  1. @Spottedlaurel- pics of Bagheera please!!!!!!
  2. Porsche trackday at Goodwood. Saw this brace of beauties in the paddock. Forgot to take any more pictures of Porsches after this.
  3. I made a Carfection film on YouTube with one. It was great fun.
  4. Made at Nedcar? I wrote a chapter in this book about the 'quality' of that place. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-quality-control-balls-ups-factories/dp/1532719795 Loving your 480!
  5. The Corsa feels like everyone who worked on it, from design to production, absolutely hated their life and hated their product.
  6. This is my take on it, too. Here's the worst I 'owned' (press fleet blag, admittedly)... My expectations were so high! The Aston was brand new, but had some weird brake/electrical issue, sounded good but didn't feel fast, was ungainly to drive, heavy, ridiculously ostentatious, stupidly expensive and just plain horrible to drive. I gave it back a day early as I felt like a twat driving it. I thought I'd feel like James Bond. And the best? My 299 quid Metro which I drove to Africa, as I expected it to be crap, but it was brilliant.
  7. Great thread. I follow David Jazay on Twitter who similarly documents street scenes of Dublin.
  8. Weird signing a form with next of kin details.. anyway, done! Here's a tiny, terrible picture of a tiny, terrible car. Our car. It's currently having a new gearbox fitted and some replacement ARBS. I'm actually looking forward to the weather there, it's going to be cold and the car has no heater. Anyone got any shite tips for the race, or for spending some time in Boston?
  9. Sent by a mate in Derby. It’s not fancy, Derby, is it?
  10. Grumpy. Traffic in the South East of England. I had to go from north of Leicester, to north of Portsmouth this week. I nearly always follow the recommended route on Sat Nav that takes the least amount of time, knowing that it probably means a few miles more on the journey. Anyway, you might think that the above route the nav would suggest something like - M1, M25, M3, right? No. Due to insane traffic (midweek, midday, no rush hour) I went via the M5. That's the motorway from the West Midlands to the south west. I drove past Worcester to get from Leicester to Portsmouth. Fucking Worcester. Still a bit of traffic and some nice roads, but what a convoluted journey due to traffic. Nationalise the railways and buses, please.
  11. Magnificent! Looks so clean and tidy! More details, please!
  12. You eat Rakkefisk, Lutefisk, Whale and other disgusting things, but that...
  13. God tur! I am going to guess at an IFA - I've seen a few in Norway and suspect they worked as Taxis, way back. Where in Norge will the car be?
  14. Merc 190, no MOT for years. Worth saving?
  15. Nice. Just up the road from me. Engine Yard at Belvoir is a good spot for a coffee nearby.
  16. A bit of VW-bashing from me in the latest issue.
  17. I didn't know about the funky steering, that saves 6-point-turn hassle, I suppose. These latest RRs are just so big... how the hell does it fit in a regular parking space, or drive down a lane or housing estate without twatting off everyone's mirrors? Even my 5 old series is too long for my garage.
  18. Haha! You arse! You’ve ended up in a field instead of half on double yellows, half in a disabled bay, with your tango’d WAG just nipping into Asda for dog food for the French Bulldog and some antiseptic cream for that tattoo on your neck that went gammy, before you drive back to your newbuild paid for by a contract extension for next season playing for Manchelsea Town Roving Uniters FC. I bet you feel proper stupid. Yes, I have a bit of a hangup with new RR stuff and am very judgmental. Fight me 😉👍
  19. Most odd. The camper has been there forever and looks absolutely bollocksed, but had an MOT. The R5 is new but clearly ancient. The Sprinter is usually there. I think someone lives in the camper, owns the Renault, and works with the Sprinter. I hope they’re ok.
  20. Can I ask where that is? DM me if you’d prefer. I’ve no intention of pillaging owt, am just curious.
  21. I know there's some weird hangup in some European countries about hatchbacks being less desirable than saloons, as hatchbacks hint at practicality, apparently. Maybe that.
  22. @Schaefft- Jeff (speedycop) is a legend, I’d love to race with him at some point, we have swapped emails in the past. His Honda Accordian was magnificent. He got close to getting a TV deal some years ago, I can’t believe how quickly he works to finish madcap designs.
  23. Thank you kindly, Sir. Car, yes. It's participating in another race in a few weeks and if it survives, then it's mine. Well, I get a share of it. It's mechanically excellent and well-suited to track use, caged etc, but cosmetically it is completely shagged out. Will reveal later as I don't want to jinx it. Previous cars I've admired at Lemons have included the RoLex - a Rover SD1 with a Lexus engine swap, and the ChoTus, a Lotus Elite with a Chevvy engine swap. 'My' car is a bit more sensible.
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