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Great number plates - got any?

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As a proud owner of a "wanker" plate, I absolutely love them.

Paul Daniels used to own MAG1C which he had on his Roller (I used to live up the road from him)

Another local had CEL1A which I liked the idea of.
There are lots of "BO55"es around Hertfordshire.

And of course my favourite. I'm really proud of this guy. Owns the registration 5TU. I'd pay serious money for that. What you'd be proud of, is that it was previously on a shitheap of a Toyota Corolla (honest!) and more recently, it's been put onto a shed of a 15 year old E Class Merc.

A friend of mine dropped this on Facebook earlier.


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29 minutes ago, horriblemercedes said:



Guessing with my powers of deduction and the power of glasses on the end of my nose R11GSB?.

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2 hours ago, willswitchengage said:

Unsurprisingly doesn't even appear on the DVLA website.




shows up fine in my end :) as explained bellow, one thing to keep in mind is the modern front specifically has O and 0 and I and 1 look the same

which means you can some fun as O OO and OOO are all valid registration letters,





so for example 1OO and 10O would look the same on a modern plate!

(well technically it would be 1 OO and 10 O so the spacing would give it away, but private plate people clearly dont care about spacing LOL)

On 06/05/2021 at 16:23, Wack said:

Spotted a Grey Bentley Bentayga on the M6 today 

The numberplate was 20 , that was it, just 20 

Funny thing was I'd not noticed the underpinnings were Audi until then , he changed lanes 3 times then exited at J20 without indicating once 


On 06/05/2021 at 16:48, LightBulbFun said:

looks like it was 2O (not one issued in period I dont think, so one generated and flogged off by the DVLA themselves I think, only a few county councils issued reverse single letter registration marks in period)


the modern day post 2001 number plate font specifically has 1 and I and O and 0 look the same hence why it looks like 20


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no pictures as I was driving (now thats not something I often get to say LOL)

but during my driving lesson today saw a few 

T66YEL and T200YEL on a couple yellow cars the later of which was actually branded "Yellow car" (and cut me up for added points)

I can only assume Niko Bellic got tired of Liberty city and Moved to London to start a private hire company...

then I saw JAN170R on what I assume was a Janitors van

and then finally (funnily enough given the discussion above above) OO745 on a 1970's Aston Martin V8 Spaced as OO7 45

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Might of mentioned it years ago.... 

Saw D1, was on an Audi 200 avant type thing in Ewhurst, Surrey. Now on a 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost but not seen locally since as one doesn't frequent the leafy lanes of Surrey much nowadays 

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